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Love God

Love God - red rose with Bible

Love God is where you will get everything to help you grow closer to God. We’ll cover ways to study your Bible, including the S.O.A.P. Bible study method and how to pray for beginners, so if you don’t know what to say to God when you pray, we’ve got you covered!

What’s great about Love God is it’s for everyone! It’s not meant for Bible scholars or those who are perfect. I’m not perfect, and I’m sure you aren’t either! Only Jesus was perfect. The goal here is to give you awesome, practical advice on how to build a solid relationship with Jesus Christ.

In the Love God area of this website, you can learn how to pray, discover how to read and how to study the Bible, including many different methods for studying the Bible, and how to develop spiritual friendships and relationships with other people.

Love God will even cover information about Celebrate Recovery, a Christ-centered recovery program intended not just for addicts but for anyone who has a hurt, habit, or hang-up that’s keeping them down in some way – which includes everyone!

The hope is that in the Love God section, you will find practical advice and ways to grow closer to God and build a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ, something that will only change your life for the better. Imagine being able to improve your life through faith!

Believe in the Word of God and trust that He has a plan for your life, no matter what it seems like right now. Keep in mind that “This too shall pass,” and you’ll be able to conquer anything that comes your way.  Love God and watch the magic that He can bring to your life.

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