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Celebrate Recovery Lesson 5: Turn (Free Study Guide)

An exciting part of recovery and spirituality happens in Celebrate Recovery Lesson 5: Turn because you learn how to turn your life over to our Lord, Jesus Christ, through trusting, repenting, and understanding His place in your life. Celebrate Recovery lesson five (Turn) is fantastic because you see how simple it can be to just trust God and turn problems over to Him. In this lesson, you will find relief as you stop carrying such a heavy load on your back. You’ll be able to do this because you trust in the Almighty One and know that HE has your back! That’s really all you need!! In Celebrate Recovery lesson five: Turn, we jump to Step 3 in Alcoholics Anonymous and Celebrate Recovery; we’ll also move ahead to Celebrate Recovery’s principle 3. Let’s continue the journey on the road to recovery!

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