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Michele Kelsey is a Bible scholar and happily married mother of 3 kitties, Fiona, King, and Princess. She is passionate about knitting, writing, her faith, and organizing – to name a few!

Michele has 3 degrees, including an MBA with honors. She loves learning and self-improvement! In fact, Michele is always looking for new ways to do things. Her career is as a freelance writer, which keeps her extremely busy, but she loves it!

She shines as a professional writer, always working with clients to achieve their goals. Michele always delivers 100% original, high-quality SEO content. She can help any small business succeed with her writing skills.

Michele writes blog posts, does proofreading, copywriting, resume writing, and much more! She knows how to implement SEO tactics properly, so she’s definitely worth hiring. Be sure to get on her waitlist so that you can get service right away. See the links to hire her at the bottom of this page.

The high demand for Michele’s writing comes from her values, originality in content, ethics, and high-quality content. She beats every deadline and passes Copyscape every time! She puts quality over quantity every day of the week!

Michele has 100% customer satisfaction and has been a writer her entire life. As a creative, well-rounded writer, Michele has many strengths. The one thing she struggles with is having a good balance between work and home. Her kitties and husband need attention, too!

While King doesn’t typically need much attention from “mommy” since he’s older and disabled, he doesn’t often come to her for love, but he can be a handful as he is getting older in age. With a cracked skull, you’ve got to give him points for trying in this crazy world.

Princes, the middle child, is a trip! She loves to get petted on the belly and will give you Eskimo kisses if you ask nicely. She’ll even sing purrs if you pat her on the bottom. She knows all kinds of tricks, but usually, she figures out ways to get into trouble! She’s been ornery since the first day she was adopted at the shelter! Her name suits her well!!

The baby of the family is Fiona Glennanne, named after one of Michele’s favorite shows, Burn Notice. Fiona is the only one who still plays with toys, enjoys attacking brother and sister, and sleeps with mommy every night. Trying not to play favorites is hard with this cutie who almost died as a kitten, tilts her head, and coos!

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If you have ideas for articles, want to learn more about Michele, or have questions for her, please use the contact form, and she will respond promptly. She doesn’t need recognition or anything for this website because her passion is to guide you on the right path – toward heaven and toward making your dreams into reality!

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