Love others and love yourself by doing volunteer work or following some awesome self-help techniques.

80 - what to do when someone hates you

What to Do When Someone Hates You (11 Clever Strategies)

What are you to do when someone hates you? First, you must think about whether it is truly hate. Often, people feel jealous or envious but don’t really hate a person. Second, there will be cases when someone hates you, so what should you do? Finally, you may wonder, how can you best deal with someone like that? In this article, we are going to cover some clever strategies to deal with situations when someone hates you. With these top strategies, you will come out ahead. If you are the individual who hates another person, we’ll talk about that, as well.

how to find the right volunteer opportunity - hands joined

How to Find the Right Volunteer Opportunity (A Total Guide)

Finding the right volunteer opportunity can mean the difference between a negative experience and a life-long ministry. If you are questioning if you are doing enough, then this article is essential! Learn more about why you should get involved as a volunteer, how to balance your volunteering commitments, and why finding the right volunteer opportunity is important. The eight-point checklist will teach you how to find the right volunteer opportunity step-by-step. You can use your passion to make a real difference in someone’s life today!

project linus - blanket afghan

Project Linus – A Charity to Love (Free Blanket Patterns)

If you feel called to enrich the lives of children in a lasting way, Project Linus is a fitting charity for you. You can learn what Project Linus is and why you should get involved. Plus, included are many free patterns to help you out as you proceed with this charity! Learn how Project Linus provides security, warmth, and comfort. Whether you wish to give gifts of new, handmade blankets, donate money, or attend an event, there is sure to be something for you with this worthy cause! Using your crafting skills today, you can join Project Linus and all the good this project is doing! Find out more in this article!

71 - Shriners Children's Hospital - teddy bear

Shriners Children’s Hospital | How to Help Burn Victims

Do you have a passion for helping children who are suffering? Have you wanted to reach out to children who have sustained burns? Shriners Children’s (formerly Shriners Burn Center for Children) is making great strides in pediatric care and burn treatment. Shriners Children’s is a wonderful charity if you want to help children who have endured the impact of burn injuries. Learn all about the Shriners’ medical center and how you can get involved so that you can make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. You can have a huge impact by getting involved with Shriners’ hospitals!

59 - the mother bear project - teddy bears

The Mother Bear Project | How to Help Sick Children

Do you wonder how you can help children in developing countries affected by HIV/AIDS? Have you heard of the Mother Bear Project but were not sure what it was? Do you want to use your creative gifts for good? This charity is ideal for a person with a creative and giving heart to reach out and help! In short, The Mother Bear Project is a non-profit organization. The Mother Bear Project aims to provide comfort and hope to HIV/Aids positive children in emerging nations by presenting handmade teddy bears to these children. Learn how you can get involved today!

benefits of volunteering - butterfly

The Top 50+ Benefits of Volunteering (Free Volunteer Log)

You have decided to read about the top benefits of volunteering. Why give back to society? You may wonder what’s in it for you! We all have selfish ambitions from time to time, and this causes us to seek out what’s truly best for us, not what’s best for those around us! So, why do people volunteer? Consider one of the many reasons listed in this article before you sit there stumped as to why people spend their time volunteering. There are MANY reasons you should give back to your community, including making a difference in this crazy world! The benefits of giving back are really endless! Don’t take my word for it, though; don’t rely on my opinions to convince you to help others. The number of benefits backed by scientific evidence is overwhelming. Read more about the hard evidence that supports volunteer work and how you can get started!

72 - helping the homeless

Helping the Homeless | 25 Ways You Can Start Today

Do you feel a calling for helping the homeless? Do you have a passion for aiding those who find themselves in circumstances almost too dire to bear? It can be overwhelming to look at the size of the homeless population; you may feel helpless. However, there are so many ways you can start helping the homeless today! There are ways you can aid the homeless without even leaving your home. For example, did you know you could knit hats and mittens or sew blankets? There are countless ways you can make a lasting difference in someone’s life. No matter what your skill is, there is a way for you to start helping the homeless. Think outside the box. Read this article for more information on how you can change the lives of the homeless now.

61 - second chances thrift store - delisa with storefront

Second Chances Thrift Store | Serve with Love Locally

Second Chances Thrift Store is the ideal charity for you! And this post will tell you all about what this thrift store is, why you should get involved, and exactly how you can do that! Second Chances Thrift Store is a non-profit organization in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. They provide new and used furniture, clothing, and more at thrift shop prices to recently released convicts as a way to aid them in starting their lives over. In addition to the merchandise available, they take a personal interest in their customer’s society rehabilitation through guidance, support, ministry, and prayer. They also aid the homeless through the same ministries and opportunities. Learn about the many ways you can get involved today!

69 - soldier pen pal (1) how to make a soldier penpal - letter writing supplies

How to Make a Soldier Pen Pal | (with Free Template)

Maybe you have been hoping to find a military pen pal, but don’t know where to look. Perhaps you are wanting to know how to make a soldier pen pal but didn’t know how to get started. This article will cover some of the reasons you should write to a soldier, a step-by-step guide on how to make a soldier pen pal, some of the top pen pal organizations you can use, where else to find soldiers to write to, what to say in a letter, letter writing tips, and more! If you’ve ever thought about supporting our troops by writing to them or just want to make a pen pal, you’ve come to the right place. With the help of this article, you will learn how to spread cheer and goodwill to those who need encouragement the most right now. Also, you can grab a copy of the free printable Soldier Pen Pal Letter Template in the free resources!

57 - how to deal with gossip - 2 girls whispering

How to Deal with Gossip (23 Dynamite Ways to Win)

Since the majority of people spend about an hour a day gossiping, it’s important to know and understand how to deal with gossip, especially if it’s directed at you! If you wonder what gossip is and why people do it, you’ve come to the right place. Not only will we define 23 ways to deal with gossip, but we’ll look at the harm it can do to people if done with malicious intent. Plus, I’ve compiled research, tips, and ideas on what to say to someone who is gossiping about you! If you want to improve your life by stopping gossip, you’ll find the right tips and tricks in this article. Enjoy the ride!

encouraging words for someone in jail - woman writing with feather pen

Encouraging Words for Someone in Jail | Share Your Faith

Learn how to share your faith with prison inmates, what to say, how to address your envelopes, and general guidelines when writing a prisoner. Plus, we’ll cover inspiring words of encouragement for someone in jail and lots of encouraging Bible verses for you to share! This way, you will know exactly what to say when you craft your amazing letters of encouragement for someone in jail!

66 - scottish rite for children - woman and child

Scottish Rite for Children | How to Help Children Today

Do you wonder how you can help children have strong and healthy bones? Have you heard of Scottish Rite for Children but are not sure what it is? If you have a passion for helping youth that may have been born with a bone deformity, orthopedic condition, or related neurological and learning disorders. In that case, Scottish Rite may be the “right” charity for you! Learn what Scottish Rite for Children is, the treatments offered at its facilities, how it is changing the lives of children, and how you can get involved. This year, the hospital is celebrating its 100th anniversary. That’s a century! The hospital still proudly helps children live without limits today! Getting involved with Scottish Rite for Children is incredibly easy! There are many options, from monetary donations to volunteer opportunities!

67 - operation gratitude

Operation Gratitude | How to Honor Soldiers Today

Operation Gratitude is a great way to make a difference in the lives of our military and their family members! This organization also supports veterans and first responders! Do you feel a strong desire to minister to soldiers and unsung heroes but are unsure how to reach out to them? Do you want to thank them for everything they do but do not know how? As military personnel continually step up for our freedoms, you may be wondering how you can get involved. Guess what? Operation Gratitude may be the answer!! Consider the ultimate sacrifice they are making with their lives, and think about checking out Operation Gratitude today! This worthy cause offers various ways to aid from monetary donations, supplying care packages, setting up campaigns, and virtual volunteering.

64 - military care packages - flag and soldier with packages

Military Care Packages: A Unique Way to Show Support

Do you want to support soldiers both within the United States and while they are stationed overseas? Do you feel called to minister to the military but aren’t sure how? Have you considered sending a military care package to a loved one but don’t know what to include? If you want to show support for the marine corps or any branch of the military – soldiers who are making sacrifices to ensure freedom for all, a military care package is a perfect solution! This article will not only provide you with creative ideas for making a military care package, but it will also include multiple charities that create and supply care packages to the troops in all branches of the military! You will walk through the entire process – from creating a military care package to shipping it! This article will even go over what to include and a list of restricted items.

63 - how to send a care package

How to Send a Care Package | Your Complete Guide

Have you ever wanted to send a care package to someone but didn’t know where to begin? A care package is a perfect way to show your love to someone far away, but it can be overwhelming if you’ve never made one before! If you are lost when it comes to care packages or find them overwhelming to create, you’ll find the solutions in this article, as it will break down how to send a care package, the correct shipping instructions, the different types that you can make, and more! It’s important to understand what a care package is and who usually gets them so that you’ll know what to send. This article will take you on a step-by-step journey through the process, sparking your creativity and providing you with essential information so that you can send the perfect care package!

37 - how to encourage someone - flowers

How to Encourage Someone (100 Unique & Easy Ways to Encourage Others)

If you want to know how to encourage someone, you are in for a treat with the 100 best ways to encourage others! That’s right! This will be listing 100 things you can do to improve someone’s mood, cheer someone up, or lift someone’s spirits – whatever you need to do! In these points, we’ll cover everything from a simple smile to learning someone’s love language. Plus, there are added valuable resources that will help you encourage others!

48 - help animal shelters - woman with dog

10 Ways To Help Animal Shelters Using Your Unique Talents

It’s often sad to think about the many homeless animals sitting in animal shelters waiting to be adopted, especially if you have a full house and cannot give a new pet a forever home! However, there are things you can do from the comfort of your own home to help animal shelters and make a difference in the lives of homeless cats and dogs! Another clever way you can help animal shelters is to bake dog or cat treats from home and take them to your local animal shelter to some very excited fur babies! No matter what skill you have under your belt, there is a way that you can make a difference at an animal shelter! You just have to be a little creative by thinking outside of the box or by reading this article for more ideas on how you can help animal shelters using your unique talents!

47 - patience and understanding - zen rocks

25 Easy Ways to Improve Your Patience and Understanding

Are you striving to learn to improve your patience and understanding? Do you want to be a more calm and collected person who can handle any frustrations that come your way? The good news is patience is a virtue that you can develop and it doesn’t take a very long time to do so if you practice and work at it. Having patience can make you happier, better adjusted, and more understanding – someone who is able to achieve goals with ease. Patience allows you to stay calm when you are in a difficult situation, and you can practice being patient, becoming an expert over time. Reduce your stress level and watch your frustration cease to exist by looking for ways to be more patient! In this article, we’ll cover 25 ways to achieve patience and understanding – practical and easy things that you can start doing TODAY!!

43 - threads of love - sick child baby

How To Help Sick Infants With Threads Of Love (Free Craft Patterns)

Do you wonder how to help sick infants with Threads of Love? What is Threads of Love, and why should you get involved? Do you want to know how to get started with this charity? This article will cover it all! We’ll answer all of those questions and more! Threads of Love is a non-profit organization in the United States and London that provides clothing, baby blankets, and other handmade items to sick infants or premature babies. They also provide burial gowns for those infants who did not survive their intensive care. There are many benefits to helping Threads of Love; plus, it’s very easy to do! You can help them by donating materials, praying for them, creating homemade items, and so many other ways. Why not get involved today?

how to encourage someone and why you should do it

How to Encourage Someone (And Why You Should Do It)

When your friend is down, it can be tough if you don’t know what to do. Understand how to encourage someone and why you should do it (the facts). We’ll cover the best ways for you to lift someone up when they are feeling down. I’ve even got a collection of great encouraging motivational quotes, Bible verses, and other valuable resources for you to use, so you’ll know exactly what to say! Plus, I’ll answer the most frequently asked questions about encouraging and inspiring someone, so you will master this subject in a short period of time!

32 - declutter for a cause - motivation to declutter - plant and minimalist background

Declutter for a Cause | How to Find the Motivation to Declutter

Learn how to find the motivation to declutter in this value-packed article! Join the efforts of Declutter for a Cause, a non-profit organization that will help you donate your decluttered items. In this article, you will read about Declutter for a Cause, the benefits of decluttering, explore my secret formula on how to declutter, and discover the top 10 ways to get moving and decluttering your home! If you are stuck because you are overwhelmed or stressed about the mess in your home, this article is perfect for you!

how to listen better - why listening is important - person talking

How to Listen Better: Why Listening Is So Important (10 Reasons)

Understanding why listening is so important is crucial because you need to want to learn how to listen better, or you will not try to improve this important skill. In this article, I give you dozens of tips on how to listen better. You won’t want to miss out on this one! It has very important tips, suggestions, and examples that you’ll want to know if you are to succeed at improving your listening skills! What do you have to lose by checking it out? You might as well read this value-packed article today!

how to encourage someone - red roses

How to Encourage Someone (What You Need to Know)

Understand how to encourage someone with examples of what to say and easy steps you can take right now to lift someone’s spirits up. Plus, this article has tons of encouraging Bible verses and insights you won’t want to miss out on! We will actually cover steps you can take to encourage someone today, and there’s plenty of valuable resources included! Learn more in this exciting article, covering some great tips you won’t find anywhere else!

how to write a letter for someone in jail - woman writing

How to Write a Letter to Someone in Jail

Learn how to write a letter to someone in jail so that you can bless the lives of inmates with your encouraging words. It can be overwhelming if you don’t know what to say. This article will walk you through the encouraging words you can write to prison inmates! Plus, there are tons of tips included on how to communicate best with inmates, inspirational quotes to include in your letters, Bible verses you don’t want to miss out on, and suggestions on exactly what you can say! You have everything you need to get going!

letters of encouragement for prisoners - woman writing

Letters of Encouragement to Prisoners (How to Write One)

You can write letters of encouragement to prisoners. Just read about my story and how I began this ministry. Plus, I let you read the letters I send to inmates, so you’ll know exactly what to say. Included in this article are tips for writing your letters of encouragement for prisoners, where to send your letters, and positive, inspirational quotes to include in your letters! What else could you need to get started?

the snuggles project - cute kitten cat upside down

How to Help Animal Shelters with the Snuggles Project

Learn about the Snuggles Project, which helps animal shelters by providing homemade blankets for animals staying there. Consider sewing, quilting, knitting, or crocheting a blanket for these poor fur babies! With the Snuggles project, you can donate your homemade items to animal shelters that participate in the project and little dogs and cats waiting to be adopted will have something warm to sit on or curl up with! See how you can get involved today!

declutter for a cause - minimalist home with words

Declutter for a Cause | How to Get Started (Free Download)

Join the effort to declutter for a cause where you can declutter and give back! Learn all about the art and fun of decluttering, and experience a whole new atmosphere at home and work with a simple view. In this article, we’ll cover decluttering the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, toys, closets, and more! Plus, we’ll talk about where to donate your belongings and answers to some awesome questions about decluttering! Also, there’s a big bonus – a free download checklist for you to use while cleaning and organizing!! What are you waiting for?

how to write a soldier a letter of encouragement Sharing Life and Love - computer and office supplies

How to Write a Soldier a Letter of Encouragement

This article will show you how to write a soldier a letter of encouragement. This way, you can write awesome cards and support letters to those who don’t get mail! This is a wonderful cause that will bring you rewards you never dreamed possible. You might even find your calling in volunteer work by learning what I have to say on the subject – Bible verses, sayings you can use in your letters, and so much more!

knitting hats for charity - hat with heart on it

Knitting Hats for Charity | Your How-To Guide

Are you interested in knitting hats for charity? Make a difference with a worthy cause and find the right volunteer opportunity for you to use your knitting or crocheting skills today! This article has everything you need to know – where to donate knitted hats to, military charities that accept knitted hats, free knitting hat patterns, and instructions on how to knit in case you are a beginner! Also, there’s a freebie list of other knitting charities you should consider knitting for. Crafts are so much fun!

how to find the right volunteer opportunity - hands and the earth globe

How to Find the Right Volunteer Opportunity

Are you looking for a way to match your skills and talents with the right volunteer opportunity? This is how you can do that today! This cool matching website is like magic. It finds your particular skills and talents and identifies the perfect volunteer job for you – from home, from anywhere! It’s sensational – don’t miss learning about this! It could change your life for the better in so many beautiful ways! Why not take a chance and read about it?


How to Start Writing to Soldiers (My Story)

Learn how to get started doing this charity work and how you can make a difference in the lives of the members of our military who are stationed overseas by sending support letters or even care packages. You can even read what I wrote to soldiers, so you can include my words in your letters if you wish to. It’s a very simple way to give back to those who need to hear positive words of encouragement from those of us who support the troops!

how to volunteer be an elf all year - hands with a heart

How to Volunteer and Be an Elf All Year

You may think that you do enough volunteer work, but did you know you can easily do more? Check out some of the ways you can be an elf all year today! Get involved in the right volunteer opportunity for you! They are everywhere! Find out how you can give back today! With the cool ideas that I’m going to tell you about, you can find just about any job imaginable as a volunteer job! You wouldn’t believe how you could help from home!

cat rescue - cute cat on red carpet

How to Help Cats and Kittens with a Cat Rescue

Are you looking for a place to volunteer but can’t go to your local animal shelter to help out? Check out this kitten and cat rescue, where there are many opportunities for cat lovers to enjoy volunteering from the comfort of their own homes or help in their local community if they live in New York. In this article, we’ll take a look at Tender Loving Cats, Inc. Their mission is to reduce the community cat population through trap, neuter, return, and rehabilitation of homeless cats and kittens for adoption. Learn how you can get involved today!