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Sharing Life and Love is all about loving God, loving yourself, and loving others. You can love God by sharing your faith, developing Christian friendships, praying regularly, studying your Bible, and having the belief that God is there for you through thick and thin. I hope to help you along your path to heaven, to enrich your life with resources, and to guide you the best I can!

You can love yourself by learning more about yourself, developing your skills, and caring for yourself in the ways only you know how to do. But I get ahead of myself! I have only started this blog in 2021, so I haven’t quite covered all of the topics in my cookie jar! I hope to help you with many self-improvement topics, including things like listening and emotional intelligence.

Finally, you can love others by helping people in need. You can do this by providing resources or volunteering your time. There are many ways you can use your skills and talents to help others. My hope is that I can help you with your journey to find these opportunities. You just need to find what works best for you. You may discover that your calling in life is to serve others, as Jesus did when He was here on earth.

I always spend a lot of time learning a topic before presenting it in a blog post. That means I do lots of research before putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, as it may be), so you know that you are receiving quality content every time you read anything that I’ve written.

My goal is to help you on your journey, wherever that may be, in any way I can. I find it very fulfilling to help others, and I hope to help you with one of the topics I’m covering on loving God, loving yourself, or loving others. If you’d like to learn more about my writing or how to hire me as a writer, head over to my personal website, Michele Kelsey.

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How Prayer Can Improve Your Life (The Truth)

Did you know prayer can improve your life? There are so many ways! Improve or start your relationship with God by talking to Him through prayer! That’s just one benefit of prayer! There are so many that you will have to read this article yourself to learn of them all! To give you a taste – this article will talk about how you can have your dream prayer life and answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. What are you waiting for? Experience something magical today!

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Celebrate Recovery Serenity Prayer | All You Need to Know

Have you heard of the Celebrate Recovery Serenity Prayer and how it can improve your life and recovery? It’s a powerful prayer used in 12-step recovery programs, like AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). This article explains its meaning, awesome memorization techniques for learning the prayer, and my personal story, as it relates to the different parts of the prayer. Plus, I answer frequently asked questions about this fabulous recovery tool! So, come discover all the secrets in this article, and be enlightened by a prayer that has served thousands, and find out how it can help you!

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How to Write a Letter to Someone in Jail

Learn how to write a letter to someone in jail so that you can bless the lives of inmates with your encouraging words. It can be overwhelming if you don’t know what to say. This article will walk you through the encouraging words you can write to prison inmates! Plus, there are tons of tips included on how to communicate best with inmates, inspirational quotes to include in your letters, Bible verses you don’t want to miss out on, and suggestions on exactly what you can say! You have everything you need to get going!

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