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Are you ready to take your Bible study to the next level? Are you interested in online Bible study? Do you long for a deeper connection with God? Do you wish you could have the fire in you that you once did?

If you answered YES to those questions, you’ve come to the right place! We are so excited that you are able to join us in this life-changing adventure! Growing in your walk with God will certainly benefit your life in more ways than one!

Why Study the Bible in an Online Bible Study?

These in-depth Bible studies will help you grow spiritually and deepen your relationship with God. Plus, you’ll learn how to apply the Bible to your everyday life, and it will help you grow in your love for God and for others.

How It Works

New Bible studies will be available here. Please check this page often, as we will update it with the latest Bible study information. 

Some of these Bible studies will be featured in an online Bible study group, where you can discuss what you are learning, make lasting friendships, and even win prizes from time to time!

Most of these Bible studies have a free version with the option to upgrade if you wish. These are digital products. Nothing will be mailed to you.

Online Bible Studies at Sharing Life and Love

As you learn about the various versions of the online Bible studies we offer, you are encouraged to provide feedback and open your heart to get the most value from this experience.

1. How to Build Your Quiet Time with God | An 8-Week Psalms Bible Study

You won’t want to miss this study, as both heart and soul were poured out to make it happen. Truly, it was all the Holy Spirit – divinely written! What better Teacher is there?

If you struggle with having a successful quiet time with God, this study will help you build this time with God – step by step! As you walk through selected Psalms, your intimacy with God will grow.

You do not need to have any prior Biblical knowledge to take part in this study. As one reader stated, it’s “an excellent Bible study for both the beginner and seasoned Bible student.” Others have been quite wowed by the study. 

You can explore more details and grab your copy of the FULL devotional Bible study here – An 8-Week Psalms Bible Study – How to Build a Quiet Time with God.

how to build your quiet time with God image with details included

To go through some of the questions and a condensed version of the Psalms Bible study, try the free version – FREE Psalms Bible Study.

2. How to Discover Your Calling – A 6-Week Topical Bible Study

Maybe you have a grasp on your spiritual calling or God’s purpose for your life. Maybe you already have it all figured out and need no assistance! However, if you are like most people, you need a bit of spiritual guidance to figure out where you belong in God’s Kingdom!

If you are still wondering what God’s Will for your life truly is, this Bible study is exactly what you need. You’ll understand the benefits of learning this information and how to wait patiently for God’s timing – which is always so much better than ours!

During the last half of the Bible study, you will learn how to discern God’s Will for your life – discover your spiritual calling (why you were created). This will give you both purpose and motivation.

If you have fallen away from your spiritual calling and need help returning to the place you know that God wants you to be, you’ll love the end of this Bible study. We’ll talk about how to return to God’s Will or how to start over with your calling if you have gone astray.

You can learn more and get your copy of the FULL 6-week devotional Bible study here – A 6-Week Topical Bible Study | How to Discover Your Calling (with an accompanying Your Calling Worksheet and Leader’s Guide).

how to discover your true calling bible study and all the details

To see a few of the questions and a brief version of the How to Find Your Calling Bible study, try the free version – Free How to Discover Your Calling Bible Study. Please note that this abbreviated version of the Bible study is not in-depth and will likely not give the full effect that is intended by this Bible study.

3. A 5-Day Goals Bible Study

Learn how to achieve God-focused goals (or any goals or New Year’s Resolutions) with this 5-day Bible study! You’ll walk through many of the Scriptures and prayers of the Bible.

Explore what your passion really is and what you need to do to accomplish the goals you are called to. Find lasting motivation and an enjoyable ride on the Bible study train (Is there such a thing?)

You can learn more and snag your copy of the 5-day interactive Bible study here – A 5-Day Topical Bible Study on How to Accomplish Your Goals (with an accompanying goals workbook).

accomplish your goals with this bible study

Due to its length, there is no free version of the Goals Bible Study. However, we have articles on How to Achieve Your Spiritual Goals, Examples of Spiritual Goals, and a FREE Goals Worksheet.

4. 9-Week Ruth Bible Study – Coming Soon!!!

The Ruth Bible study will be like no other. You certainly will not want to miss this one, so be on the lookout for future Bible studies like this on this site!!

As we continue to add content to this site and publish more Bible studies, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

What would you like to study next??

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