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attributes of God

The 21 Memorable Attributes of God You Should Know

Have you tried praying the attributes of God? Perhaps you have wondered why there are different names for God. Praying the attributes of God can drastically change the way you relate to the LORD. When we discuss the attributes of God, there are specific questions we are trying to answer. We are looking to understand the nature of God through who He is, what He likes and dislikes, and how He interacts with His people. God makes Himself known to us through His Word, His relationships with us, and His creation. With the help of this article, you can gain insight into God’s nature and begin to look for ways to get to know Him intimately by understanding His attributes.


How to Grow Spiritually with Your Spouse (5 Genius Ways)

Since marriages aren’t usually strengthened as a result of a tragedy, what’s the best way to grow spiritually with your spouse and have an amazing marriage – at the same time? Let’s look at some possible solutions in this enlightening article, which will give you 5 amazing ways to grow spiritually with your spouse! Learn the top secrets today! You won’t want to miss this!

What is Christian sex? people hugging

9 Christian Sex Taboos | What Is Really Allowed?

What is Christian Sex? We’re diving headfirst into one of the least discussed topics in church today. What does the Bible say about sex? What are Biblical taboos? Talking about sex can be uncomfortable, but we need to get serious (while having some fun). We will tackle what Christian sex is and what the Bible allows. The benefits of a healthy sexual relationship and how to create boundaries are also on the list! If you have a desire to honor God in every possible way, including in your marriage, then this article is for you!

15 types of grace

15 Awesome Types of Grace You Need To Know About

Have you ever wondered, “what is grace?” Have you ever asked, “what are the types of grace?” Grace is something we cannot live without! Grace cannot be purchased nor earned. But grace is a concept that many struggle to understand. This article should help clarify things! It will provide the Biblical meaning of grace and look at scriptures on grace and love. Also, this article will cover the importance and benefits of grace in Christian life. Get excited, as you learn how to demonstrate Biblical grace to the world!

what is my spiritual calling?

What Is My Spiritual Calling? (15 Clear Ways to Find Yours)

Have you asked yourself what it is God wants you to do with your life? Have you felt lost and without purpose? You may wonder, What Is My Spiritual Calling? This article provides you with 15 ways to discover God’s calling in your life. It also explains what a spiritual calling is, why it is important to know your spiritual calling, and the benefits of knowing your spiritual calling. Learn how your spiritual purpose, spiritual gifts, and your spiritual calling all work together to build the Kingdom of God.

how to build a relationship with god part 4

How to Build a Relationship with God (20 Ways) – Part 4

If you wonder how to build a relationship with God, this series is ideal for you. In How to Build a Relationship with God (Part 4), we give you another five ways you can grow closer to God. We will explain how to grow closer to God through obedience. We also discuss how important it is to worship God only. You will gain insight into why you should make an effort to get to know God and how to honor Him. Understand the difference between serving God and serving this world. Make small yet significant changes in your spiritual walk that create a lasting impact.

how to listen to god

How to Listen to God (11 Genius Ways to Hear God)

One thing almost all Christians will admit to wanting to hear is the voice of God. But how does He speak to us? How can you prepare your heart to hear God? Can you learn how to listen to God? Our lives today are noisy and busy. How can we expect to “hear” from God with all of this happening? Our prayers come across as one-way streets. We lift up our voice and petition God for everything we feel we need and want and then effectively “hang up.”

discover your spiritual purpose

25 Exciting Ways to Discover Your Spiritual Purpose

Whether it’s your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual life, you’ll want to understand your spiritual purpose. Learn some exciting ways to discover your spiritual purpose with the tips in this article! You’ll want to have a solid grasp on your spiritual purpose also. Your spiritual purpose is your “why,” while your spiritual calling is your “what.” When you feel discouraged or out of touch with the meaning of your life, you’ll need to embrace your spiritual purpose (why you were called). Discovering your spiritual purpose will bring you new insight and help you fulfill your higher calling – your spiritual role in life.

how to build a relationship with god part 3

How to Build a Relationship with God – (20 Ways) – Part 3

If you want to know how to build a relationship with God, this series is for you! There are plenty of action steps that you can take along the way! The key to having a relationship with God is to be honest, live a Christ-like life, and more! This series will give you the right action steps to take so that you can apply the words to your life. In this article, we will talk about how to grow closer to God by trusting His plan for your life, talking to Him in prayer, serving others, attending church, and fellowshipping with other believers.

how to build a relationship with god part 2

How to Build a Relationship with God (20 Ways) – Part 2

If you are looking for guidance in your spiritual relationship, this article is for you. In How to Build a Relationship with God (20 Ways) – Part 2, we break down a further 5 amazing ways you can grow closer to God. We will discuss how you can grow closer to God through praise and worship. We also provide valuable attributes in listening to God, spending time in His presence, and ways to offer God thanksgiving. The How to Build a Relationship with God series is ideal in teaching you to make small yet significant changes in your spiritual walk that create a lasting impact.

76 - biblical modesty - how to be a modest woman - woman

What is Biblical Modesty? | How to be a Modest Woman

Have you ever wondered what Biblical modesty is? Have you questioned what you have heard preached and what the Bible says about how to be a modest woman? Modesty is equal to simplicity and humility in life. However, modesty is more than just the length of your hem or whether your shoulders are showing. Modesty is a mindset and a lifestyle that applies to men and women. Should women not be held responsible for what they wear? Should we not care about modesty? What does the Bible say about modesty, and whose responsibility is it? Let’s look at some practical answers to Biblical modesty and how to be a modest woman. We’ll go deeper into what the Word of God says on modesty and how to apply it to our lives.

how to build a relationship with god part 1

How to Build a Relationship with God (20 Ways) – Part 1

Do you desire a closer relationship with God? As you learn how to build a relationship with God, you will have spiritual growth that affects your life in many ways. Being closer to God is something you should strive for. After all, we will be spending our lives with Him forever; why not spend as much time with Him today as possible? Part one [this article] will cover a few topics, but stay tuned to learn more about how to build a relationship with God so that you will get the full picture!

58 - how to be a good christian friend - 2 girls

How to Be a Good Christian Friend (Key Traits & Secrets)

It’s important that you understand the characteristics of a true friend if you are going to build a friendship that lasts. Christian friends are awesome because you have shared values, and you know that you can share your secrets with them without receiving harsh or unhelpful judgment. Instead, if you build the right kind of friendships, you will have friends that act out of love. So, what is a Christian friendship like, and what are the characteristics of a great friend? This article will look at the traits of a Christian friend and key tips to building a Christian friendship. If you want to know how to be a good Christian friend, you’ve got the answers here!

75+ Spiritual Goals Examples and Free Goal Worksheet - clipboard

75+ Spiritual Goals Examples and Free Goal Worksheet

Are you excited to set spiritual goals but need some help? Have you always dreamed of growing spiritually, having a stronger relationship with God, and spending more time with God, perhaps on a daily basis? This article has tons of spiritual goals examples and instructions for our FREE spiritual goal setting worksheet so that you can set your goals and accomplish them! The free printable will help you with your purpose in life! Setting goals that match your spiritual health, desire, and mindset are crucial to you as a spiritual person. Using the right strategies, ideas, and examples from this article will help you realize success with your spirituality. You won’t want to miss out on this exciting journey as you go from someone with no organized goals to having them all written out in an achievable way! Develop your beliefs and religious desires onto a path of effective goal setting.

70 - spiritual goals - pink desk

Spiritual Goals | How to Get Started (with Free Worksheet)

Do you have a desire to grow closer to God? Do you want to be more productive in your outreach and prayer? Have you experienced failure with spiritual goals in the past because the results were not what you envisioned? What are spiritual goals, and what do they mean to you? Spiritual goals are important in your relationship with God. As you study your Bible and pray, you will find yourself wanting a deeper connection with the Holy Spirit. Learn how to set and achieve spiritual goals, understand more about why spiritual goals are important, tips for setting God-focused goals, and ideas for powerful spiritual goals. Consider taking notes or using your journal while committing to this exciting journey!

spiritual marriage - couple just married

Top 25 Traits of a Successful Spiritual Marriage + Free Worksheet

If you are looking for the top traits of a successful spiritual marriage, you may be wondering if your marriage is up to par, wishing you had a spiritual partner, or wonder how to turn your relationship around. These are all great points that will be answered in this article. As we look at what it takes to have a winning spiritual marriage, we’ll look at science-based evidence, Biblical principles, tips to make it happen, and reflective questions for each point in the free study guide.

how to encourage someone and why you should do it

How to Encourage Someone (And Why You Should Do It)

When your friend is down, it can be tough if you don’t know what to do. Understand how to encourage someone and why you should do it (the facts). We’ll cover the best ways for you to lift someone up when they are feeling down. I’ve even got a collection of great encouraging motivational quotes, Bible verses, and other valuable resources for you to use, so you’ll know exactly what to say! Plus, I’ll answer the most frequently asked questions about encouraging and inspiring someone, so you will master this subject in a short period of time!

how to encourage someone - red roses

How to Encourage Someone (What You Need to Know)

Understand how to encourage someone with examples of what to say and easy steps you can take right now to lift someone’s spirits up. Plus, this article has tons of encouraging Bible verses and insights you won’t want to miss out on! We will actually cover steps you can take to encourage someone today, and there’s plenty of valuable resources included! Learn more in this exciting article, covering some great tips you won’t find anywhere else!

how to build a spiritual friendship - girls by the ocean

How to Build a Spiritual Friendship for Your Life

If you are wondering how to build a spiritual friendship for your life, this article will definitely give you all of the information that you need to succeed! We’ll talk about what is involved in a spiritual friendship, how to make a lasting spiritual friendship (all the secret ingredients), and answers to frequently asked questions about friendships and life. We’ll also look at the spiritual quotes on friendship in the Bible. Build a lasting bond today!

how to make a spiritual friendship for life - friends

How to Make a Spiritual Friendship that Lasts

Make a spiritual friendship today by understanding where to make Christian friends, how to share your faith with existing friends, and the many ways to make long-lasting friendships. You can share your faith by leading by example, showing true love, and sharing your beliefs. None of these things are easy! However, you can make long-lasting relationships with a few key tips. In this article, we’ll even go over the most frequently asked questions on this unique topic so that you can make and keep friends today!

how to make christian friends - group of friends outdoors together

How to Make Christian Friends | Benefits of Having Friends

Learn how to make Christian friends today to receive blessings that will far exceed your expectations. Real friends are there for you when you need them, people you can rely on during the highs and lows, and the ones you share those precious moments with. Learn what a Christian friend is like, how to make a new friend (a step-by-step process), tips on how to be a good friend, Christian friendship quotes, and Bible verses relating to friendship.