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How to Discover Your True Calling | A 6-Week Topical Bible Study

This Bible study will guide you on how to discover your true calling! Take the plunge to find out the meaning of your life. This is a truncated FREE Bible study. Please refer to the links provided in this study to purchase the full version. Enjoy the ride!

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Interactive Resources Provided in the FULL Bible Study

Many interactive resources are available in the FULL Discover Your Calling Bible Study. Aim to do as many of the elements as you can. This will ensure success!!

  • Full Weekly Devotional Content 
  • Full Daily Devotional Content 
  • Daily Bible Reading Verses
  • Additional Verses to Learn More on the Daily Topic
  • MORE Daily Bible Study Questions to Cement Your Knowledge
  • Scriptures to Dig Deeper in the Word
  • How to Find Your Calling Printable Worksheet and Instructions
  • Teaching Copy (Completed as an Example for Leaders)
  • Full Leader’s Guide – Complete with Weekly Questions and Tips
  • A Spiritual Evaluation of Your Time with God
  • Insights in How to Do a Word Study, Topical Study, and Character Study
  • Character Studies to Deepen Your Understanding
  • Practical Advice on How to Discover Your Calling
  • A Complete Bible Study on How to Determine God’s Will for Your Life

How to Use This Bible Study

In this 6-week topical Bible study, do as many elements as you can (listed above). Remember that the efforts you put into this Bible study will have a direct impact on your success! 

For the full benefits of the Bible study, be sure to grab the FULL Bible Study on How to Discover Your Calling. You won’t want to miss all the goodies that come with this study. Check it out!

What You Need for This Topical Bible Study

While working through this topical Bible study on how to find your spiritual calling, there are some key tools you should know about and use.

  • Your Bible
  • A Notebook, Pad of Paper, or a Journal
  • Colored Pens, Pencils, or Highlighters (optional)

The Purpose of This Bible Study

The ultimate purpose of each person involves sharing love with others. As you do this Bible study, your calling will light up your life and those around you. Seek out HIS Will for your life as you grow into your role in the Kingdom of God, and see something truly beautiful happen.

You won’t want to miss it!

If you have not yet snagged the FULL Topical Bible study on How to Find Your Spiritual Calling, be sure to grab it! It will change everything. Read the following learning objectives to see what you can expect from the study.

Learning Objectives of the FULL Discover Your Calling Bible Study

  • Learn how to successfully identify God’s Will for your life, seeking what HE longs to provide for you over the world’s expectations through the story of Joseph.
  • Discover the benefits of choosing HIS Will over your own – gaining peace and finding assurance that your purpose is part of His plan. Naomi and Ruth are enlightening here!
  • Understand the beautiful benefits of waiting on God to reveal your calling – learning to focus and being patient, as Noah did when he was waiting on the flood.
  • Unearth new ways to trust God and His plan for your life by studying Rahab, a woman who once lived a shameful life but is now a part of Jesus’ family line!
  • Know how to discern God’s Will for your life through prayer, Bible study, the Holy Spirit, and more through a brief study of 1 Samuel.
  • Return to God’s Will or begin anew as you find excitement, hope, and joy in your calling! The story of David will warm your heart and strengthen your resolve on this journey!


For this Bible study, you will need to have an eager and willing heart and be ready to embrace and learn from God’s Word. 

In each day’s Biblework, you will be given the verses from that day’s study to read. Those verses will need to be read for the day. There will be additional reading in God’s Word that you should aim to do, as well. 

Please note: Some questions will come from both places – today’s verses and additional verses.

The Digging Deeper section will give you a bonus activity that will involve you taking a closer look at the lesson or viewing it from a different angle. While it is optional, you will learn more and grow further by doing as much as you can. Typically, you get out the effort that you put in! 

Week 1 – How to Identify God’s Will – Joseph

Are you ready to identify your calling? Can you feel the excitement? Goosebumps or butterflies in the tummy might happen as you let go of your fears and embrace what God has planned for you!

Day 1 – God’s Will is Often Beyond Our Understanding 

Read the story of Joseph in the chapters below. Record your insights, and answer the questions that follow.

Day 1 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: Genesis 37; Genesis 39

Answer these questions:

  1. Why did Joseph’s brothers want to get rid of him?
  2. When have you experienced persecution or difficulties? What happened?
  3. What has God revealed about His big plans for you?

Day 2 – God Sees the Big Picture

Read Genesis chapter 39:19-23 to see the role that God had for Joseph. 

Day 2 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: Genesis 39:19-23; Philippians 4:6-7

Read the following additional verse(s): Matthew 6:25-34; Matthew 16:23; Romans 8:28 

Answer these questions:

  1. How did the Lord respond to Joseph being in prison?
  2. Have you ever seen God’s plan more clearly after a trial has taken place? Explain.
  3. Are you starting to see God’s Will and your calling? What do you see?

Day 3 – God’s Way is Best

Get to know God by reading the Bible. Today, read Genesis chapters 40 and 41 to answer the study questions. 

Day 3 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: Genesis 40-41

Answer these questions:

  1. What happened to Joseph at the end of Genesis 40?
  2. What do you think it was like to be in a position of authority (Genesis 41) after being a prisoner?
  3. What changes do you need to make to work more for the Lord over mankind or self?

Day 4 – God’s Will Provides Eternal Blessings

Think about God’s promises and provisions as you read Genesis 42-45.

Day 4 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: Genesis 42-45; Psalm 37:4; Joshua 22:5

Answer these questions:

  1. What are some ways we can please the Lord?
  2. What are some of the blessings that God has provided for you?
  3. What have you learned about God’s promises?

Day 5 – Your Purpose Found in God’s Will

Does Psalm 105:16-22 change how you view what happened to Joseph? As you will read today, God is always working behind the scenes. What commandments are you struggling with, or in what ways are you having issues with obedience? Meditate on today’s verses.

Day 5 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: Ezra 1:5; Psalm 105:16-22; Mark 12:28-31; Philippians 2:12-18

Answer these questions:

  1. Do your deepest desires align with God’s direction? If you need to, pray for a change in your desires.
  2. Are you seeing how to connect what you are passionate about with God’s Will for your life? Explain.
  3. How does your calling impact the lives of non-believers? What does it do for their spiritual walk?

Week 2 – Why Follow God’s Will? – Ruth and Naomi

This week, we will look at the benefits of following God’s Will, specifically a sense of peace, learning to make better choices, receiving blessings and a sense of belonging, and the joy of having a true purpose.

Day 6 – Receiving Peace through Your Calling

As you read the story of Ruth and Naomi, realize that the more you trust God, the more peace you will experience inside. Let Him do His job. To confirm that you are following your calling, look for a sense of calmness and continue to hope that your journey will be revealed in time.

Day 6 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: Ruth 1-2

Answer these questions:

  1. In what ways were the women suffering, based on Ruth 1?
  2. How were they beginning to see blessings in Ruth 2?
  3. How are you starting to see the glass half-full?

Day 7 – Changing the Choices We Make

In Ruth 1:16-17, we see Ruth make a critical decision. When you face choices related to your calling, are you giving God excuses – how you are “not in a place” to fulfill your God-given mission? God is always at work in our lives, and He works for our good, too (Romans 8:28).

Day 7 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: Ruth 1:16-17; Romans 8:28; Genesis 6:22; Genesis 12

Answer these questions:

  1. What did God call Noah to do? Why? What was Noah’s response (Genesis 6:22)?
  2. What were the promises that God gave Abram/Abraham in Genesis 12?
  3. What are some difficult choices you’ve had to make, and how did they turn out?

Day 8 – Receiving Acceptance or a Sense of Belonging

In many places, it has become more and more popular to be “accepted” by societal norms. Ruth was a Moabite – an outsider by all accounts. How do you think that affected her self-worth? One beautiful aspect of having faith in Jesus is that He loves and accepts us as we are. 

Day 8 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: Ruth 1-4; Genesis 19:30-38

Answer these questions:

  1. Why were the Moabites enemies of the Israelites?
  2. Have you ever felt like an outsider, as Ruth did? What happened?
  3. How have you felt a tug on your heart on what your calling might be? List any signs or signals you have seen.

Day 9 – Following God’s Will for Real Purpose in Life

Are you living your dream life? If so, ask yourself a crucial question – Are you following God’s Will with these pursuits? Is this what He wants you to do? Are you producing spiritual fruit? Read Galatians 5:22-23. Read the end of Ruth. What fruit did she produce?

Day 9 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: Ruth 3-4; Isaiah 55:8; Galatians 5:22-23

Answer these questions:

  1. How did Ruth demonstrate her fruit to others?
  2. What fruits of the Spirit are listed in Galatians 5?
  3. In what ways could your calling produce fruit? 

Day 10 – Recognizing Your Purpose as Part of God’s Will

As you read the end of Ruth, did you find the family tree at the end of Ruth 4 to be a surprise? Read Matthew 1:1-17. What role did Ruth play in our eternal lives?? Having a purpose in life can help you pursue God-focused goals as you seek His Will above everything.

Day 10 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: Ruth 4; Matthew 1:1-17

Answer these questions:

  1. As you consider what your calling might be, what sacrifices will you need to make?
  2. What actions did Ruth take to live up to her potential in order to fulfill her calling?
  3. When has God turned an adverse condition into a blessing for you?

Week 3 – How to Wait on God’s Timing – Noah

When we look at the story of Noah, we can see Noah’s calling, why he was called to build the ark, how he fulfilled his calling, and what the result was. Noah did a lot of waiting. He didn’t always see things perfectly clearly. He had to trust and wait on God. What patience!

Day 11 – Building Patience in Waiting on God’s Timing

With your spiritual calling, you might need to wait for God to reveal it to you – something that can take time. God is very patient with us. He wants all of His people to have a relationship with Him above all. Think of how you can be more patient as you wait for God to reveal your calling.

Day 11 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: Genesis 6:1-7; 2 Peter 3:8-9

Answer these questions:

  1. In what ways are you craving worldly things over a relationship with the Lord?
  2. In what ways are you waiting on God? Has your patience grown because of this? 
  3. How have you remained faithful in the pursuit of your calling?

Day 12 – Experiencing Hope and Excitement While Waiting

Often, we see “waiting” as a sort of punishment. Read Genesis 6:1-8. If you are still waiting on God to reveal your calling, (1) make sure you’re not missing clear signs that He’s sent your way, (2) consider how you could use your passions for His glory, and (3) pray diligently.

Day 12 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: Genesis 6:1-8; Romans 12:12; Romans 8:24-25; 1 Peter 1:3

Answer these questions:

  1. How did hope or anticipation play a part in Noah’s life?
  2. If Noah did not have the hope he did, what might have happened?
  3. In what ways are you excited or hopeful about your calling?

Day 13 – Staying Focused as You Wait

Building the ark took perseverance, dedication, and loyalty to God. Read the specific details that Noah had to follow in Genesis 6:9-21. How did Noah respond to God’s specific instructions on how to build the ark? Read Genesis 6:22. How are you staying on your mission from God?

Day 13 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: Genesis 6:9-22

Answer these questions:

  1. Why do you think Noah was willing to do as God commanded?
  2. What distractions get in the way of your calling? 
  3. What can you do to steer clear or minimize distractions from God’s Will?

Day 14 – Knowing That Waiting is Worth It

Waiting can be brutal or pleasant if you know you have a reward coming. Finish the story of Noah in Genesis 7-8. What’s interesting about his journey is that he continued strong even through his old age and trials. He didn’t waver. How are you preparing for hindrances?

Day 14 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: Genesis 7-8

Answer these questions:

  1. How did Noah show loyalty to God and persistence in his tasks? 
  2. What types of roles is God calling you to fill? 
  3. Are you listening to hear this information from God?

Day 15 – Seeing Purpose Revealed in Waiting

Read Genesis 9:1-17. God confirmed all that was promised to Noah with a sign. What was that beautiful image? Noah did not get that sign in the beginning; he received it at the end. Is there a clear sign that you are waiting for? Seek Him above everything, and it’ll all come together!

Day 15 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: Genesis 9:1-17

Answer these questions:

  1. What was the rainbow a sign of?
  2. When have you experienced a blessing by waiting on God?
  3. In what ways could you trust God more as it pertains to your spiritual calling?

Week 4 – How to Trust God’s Will – Rahab

Before we are able to submit to God’s Will, we must have faith. If you look at the origin of the word faith, you see the words believe and trust there. We must believe in our God and trust that HE has a plan for our lives – a purpose that will matter. Courageous Rahab had real faith.

Day 16 – Risking It All For God

Read Joshua 2 for the story of Rahab. It’s important that we do not allow fear to prevent us from doing God’s Will. Your calling might be an unpopular choice, but if you step out in faith like Rahab, you will see how God plans to use your faith and abilities in wondrous ways. 

Day 16 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: Joshua 2

Answer these questions:

  1. What was Rahab risking by protecting the spies?
  2. Why do you think Rahab had the courage that she did?
  3. How are you allowing excuses, hindrances, or barriers to stand in the way of your calling?

Day 17 – Giving Up Who You Once Were

In Joshua 2:1, we learn that Rahab was a prostitute. We have to strip ourselves of the baggage we carry. Learn how to give up the old and put on the new in reading Colossians 3. Verse 10 tells us that we receive a new nature. God knows your past and has the perfect calling for you!

Day 17 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: Joshua 2:1; Ephesians 6:10-20; Colossians 3

Answer these questions:

  1. What encompasses a worldly mindset over a godly one?
  2. What did you learn from Colossians
  3. What do you need to let go of? What are you ready to embrace?

Day 18 – Sacrificing for God

Did you know that you are one of a kind? Read Joshua 6, paying close attention to verses 21 through 25. How did Rahab’s story end? How are you blessed right now? Where do your special talents lie? God will bless you, and He always provides for those who are faithful to Him.

Day 18 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: Joshua 6

Answer these questions:

  1. Whose lives were spared, according to Joshua 6?
  2. What areas are you thriving in? 
  3. How can you use them for God’s glory?

Day 19 – Trusting God When It Hurts

From Joshua 2 and 6, we learn that Rahab was quite courageous. She took a big risk by allowing those spies to hide in her house. She was a trusting, fearful believer in our God. She likely had to overcome some great fears in order to be so brave.

Day 19 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: Joshua 2; Joshua 6

Answer these questions:

  1. Why might Rahab have felt anxious? 
  2. How can you relate?
  3. What are your persistent anxious thoughts or fears?

Day 20 – Knowing the True Value of Choosing God’s Will

Read about Rahab in Joshua 6. We don’t know at this time how our legacy, our words, our actions, or anything else we do will impact the world once we are gone. We do know that God loves us (John 3:16) and wants us to fulfill the roles He created us for (1 Corinthians 7:17). 

Day 20 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: Joshua 6; Matthew 1:1-17; 1 Corinthians 7:17

Answer these questions:

  1. Who was Rahab in relation to King David? To Jesus?
  2. How can people use their gifts to show love to unbelievers?
  3. In what ways are you trusting God with your calling?

Week 5 – How to Discern God’s Will – 1 Samuel

Are you excited to learn how to discern God’s Will for your life? I’m excited for you!! Start with prayer. Let God know you have a willing and eager heart. Be sure to pick up your Bible so that you can learn more about God and gain valuable wisdom! He will reveal the rest!

Day 21 – Seeing God Speak Through Prayer 

The Bible is full of beautiful prayers. Read 1 Samuel 2:1-11 for Hannah’s Prayer. The Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13) can certainly give you the best pattern for prayer but do not strive for perfection when praying. Use prayers in the Bible as examples. The most important thing is your heart. 

Day 21 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: 1 Samuel 2:1-11; Matthew 6:9-13; Matthew 6:21

Answer these questions:

  1. How were you taught to pray? 
  2. What did you learn from Hannah’s Prayer?
  3. How are you praying about your spiritual calling? List any revelations.

Day 22 – Learning God’s Will by Studying the Bible

Studying the Bible will increase your knowledge of it, but the real key is to apply what you learn. Read 1 Samuel 8. The people had many excuses for wanting a king, but what happened? See 1 Samuel 13:13-14. Are there any excuses keeping you from the Bible? Get rid of them!

Day 22 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: 1 Samuel 8; 1 Samuel 13:13-14

Answer these questions:

  1. What Bible study excuses have you heard from others or had in the past? 
  2. How could you refute them?
  3. How has God spoken to you through His Word about your calling?

Day 23 – Knowing the Holy Spirit is Always Present

In 1 Samuel 11:6, we see the Spirit come over Saul. Galatians 2:19-21 and Romans 8:1-17 reveal how we receive and walk in the Holy Spirit. Understand how the Spirit produces fruit in your life (Galatians 5:22-26) and address any area that needs improvement. 

Day 23 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: 1 Samuel 10:6; 1 Samuel 11:6; Galatians 2:19-21; Galatians 5:22-26; Romans 8:1-17; 1 John 1:9

Answer these questions:

  1. What did you learn about the Holy Spirit today?
  2. When have you experienced the Holy Spirit working in your life? 
  3. What happened in that experience?

Day 24 – Understanding the Value of Reflection 

In reading 1 Samuel 15, we see that God rejected Saul as king. Read 1 Samuel 16:1-13 for the introduction to David. We see probably the most famous story of David in 1 Samuel 17. Faith in God was the weapon David had on his side that day. God’s abilities are limitless.

Day 24 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: 1 Samuel 13; 1 Samuel 15; 1 Samuel 16:1-13, 7; Mark 10:27

Answer these questions:

  1. What did you learn from the reflection of these kings?
  2. What has God done in your life? 
  3. In what new ways are you seeing Him act now?

Day 25 – Listening to Revelations From God 

It’s important to see the evidence of God in your life. Look at David – someone we just met in 1 Samuel. David was a true example of someone with a heart for the Lord. Read Psalms 3-11, Psalm 23, and Psalm 34. Where do you think David learned to have such faith? Do you?

Day 25 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: Psalm 3-11; Psalm 23; Psalm 34; Ruth 4

Answer these questions:

  1. What did you learn this week about David?
  2. What are you allowing to impact your path? 
  3. What insights have you gained regarding God’s plan for your life?

Week 6 – How to Return to God’s Will or Start Over – David

With David, we see he suffered many setbacks, as things never went as planned. We see sin and loss in the story of Bathsheba and an unbeatable, loving friendship with Jonathan. As you embark on the last chapter of this voyage, watch for God’s plans for you. 

Meditate on Matthew 25:14-30

Day 26 – Moving Forward After Setbacks

Having setbacks, falling away, and even missing the mark completely are things that happen to the best of us. Moving forward after such things is often as simple as just being okay with what happened. Admit that things did not go as planned because God’s purpose for you is great!

Day 26 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: 1 Samuel 17; Matthew 25:14-30

Answer these questions:

  1. How did David use his strengths as a shepherd to defeat Goliath? 
  2. How did he convince Saul that he was the right man for the job?
  3. What gifts or talents did you once have or currently have that you are not using?

Day 27 – Making the Decision to Change

David was far from perfect. After all, he had an affair with Bathsheba and had her husband killed. However, he felt guilty and did repent of his sins to the Lord. Read 2 Samuel 11. In 2 Samuel 12:1-25, we learn about the results of David’s sins. Act out in love today.

Day 27 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: 2 Samuel 11; 2 Samuel 12:1-25

Answer these questions:

  1. Do you feel you are growing closer to God or further away from Him?
  2. Have you repented of all your sins? 
  3. What areas in your life need to change in order to follow God’s Will for your calling? 

Day 28 – Having a Slow Start or Restarting

Read 1 Samuel 18:1-29 and Psalm 68. That is just one story of a hard time that David went through. If you faced such opposition, how would you proceed? If you are having a slow start or trouble restarting a mission for God, consider what David went through. You are not alone!

Day 28 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: 1 Samuel 18:1-29; 1 Samuel 24; Psalm 68

Answer these questions:

  1. According to 1 Samuel 18, why was Saul so angry? 
  2. Was his anger valid?
  3. How can you press on through difficult circumstances?

Day 29 – Remembering Your Purpose

Read Psalm 138. When we shed our worries and realize that God’s plans will turn out as they are meant to, it can be like a sigh of relief. Do you feel it? Read James 4:8 carefully. When we come near to God, what does He do? In what new ways can you submit yourself to God?

Day 29 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: Psalm 138; Psalm 139; James 4:1-10

Answer these questions:

  1. When have you experienced the feeling of being all alone? 
  2. When have you felt closest to God?
  3. What are a few things you could do today to be closer to Him and/or follow His Will for your life?

Day 30 – Finding Joy in Your Role

Be prepared. As you read and study the Bible, your heart will change. As that happens, your mood and expression will likely soften as joy enters your soul. Much joy is seen through David. Read Psalm 30. Can you feel a sense of joy as you read about how he felt? 

Day 30 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: Nehemiah 8:10; Psalm 30; Luke 15:3-7

Answer these questions:

  1. When have you experienced real joy?
  2. What role will you be playing in God’s Kingdom?
  3. How will you stay motivated?

Now, go forth and do something impactful with your many talents!

Congratulations on completing this journey!!

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