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Celebrate Recovery Lesson 2: Powerless

Celebrate Recovery Lesson 2: Powerless (Free Study Guide)

A crucial part of recovery happens in Celebrate Recovery Lesson 2 Powerless because you learn that you are not alone on this journey toward recovery. Once you learn that you are not in control of everything, you can move forward on your road to recovery. If you feel distant from God or lack the motivation to trust Him with your life, try reading the Bible more (listening to what God wants to tell you) and praying consistently (talking to God). This kind of communication is essential in making positive steps toward recovery. Celebrate Recovery lesson two is a necessary lesson because it allows you to put your faith in the Lord – the key to ending worry, anxiety, and many of your fears! Get started on your road to recovery today to reap the many benefits of Celebrate Recovery!

Celebrate-Recovery-Lesson-1-Denial - Bible

Celebrate Recovery Lesson 1: Denial (Free Study Guide)

The most important step toward recovery happens in Celebrate Recovery lesson 1 because it encourages you to step out of denial. Without this step, you cannot accomplish any of the other steps that are necessary for your recovery. You won’t be ready to move forward until you admit what you are in denial about. If you feel stuck in your recovery or faith, the answers to get you started on the right track can be found in this article, as it completely guides you through the first steps – regardless of where you are in your journey! Get started with us today as we begin discussing the great road to recovery!

How to Start a Prayer Journal

How to Start a Prayer Journal (With a Free Download)

Learn all the details you need to know on how to start a prayer journal today! This article is packed full of value with journaling ideas, journal prompts, and ways to make your time with God more special. We look at the benefits of having a prayer journal and how to enjoy prayer more! Plus, we’ll talk about two downloads you can get – the Prayer Journal Planner and the Daily Prayer Journal – and all the details that come with each one. Grab a freebie today and get started journaling to God now!