62 - celebrate recovery lesson 4 sanity and the power of God - man with crosses

Celebrate Recovery Lesson 4: Sanity (Free Study Guide)

A wondrous part of recovery begins in Celebrate Recovery Lesson 4 Sanity because you stop repeating your disastrous habits and behaviors. You learn to turn your fears over to God and trust that your life is safe with God. Celebrate Recovery lesson four is important because you now show your trust in God through faith. In this lesson, you find comfort as you stop being afraid. In Celebrate Recovery lesson four: Sanity, we continue to go through Step 2 in Alcoholics Anonymous and Celebrate Recovery; we also continue through Celebrate Recovery’s principle 2. Remember, as you go through this lesson, you have already stepped out of denial, realized your powerlessness, and learned to hope in God. (You did these things in the previous lessons). I’m excited to help you on your road to recovery with this Celebrate Recovery lesson!

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