How to Help Animal Shelters with the Snuggles Project


Learn about the Snuggles Project, which helps animal shelters by providing homemade blankets for animals staying there. Consider sewing, quilting, knitting, or crocheting a blanket for these poor fur babies! With the Snuggles project, you can donate your homemade items to animal shelters that participate in the project and little dogs and cats waiting to be adopted will have something warm to sit on or curl up with! See how you can get involved today!

How to Help Cats and Kittens with a Cat Rescue

cat rescue tender loving cats - fiona the cat

Are you looking for a place to volunteer but can’t go to your local animal shelter to help out? Check out this kitten and cat rescue, where there are many opportunities for cat lovers to enjoy volunteering from the comfort of their own homes or help in their local community if they live in New York. In this article, we’ll take a look at Tender Loving Cats, Inc. Their mission is to reduce the community cat population through trap, neuter, return, and rehabilitation of homeless cats and kittens for adoption. Learn how you can get involved today!