Rejoice in the Lord

Why Rejoice in the Lord? (Top Benefits and Free Resources You’ll Want)

Maybe you would like to know why you ought to rejoice in the Lord. Perhaps you want to have joy from the Bible, but you do not know why you need this pleasant quality. Well, this article is what you’ll want to read as we walk through why you should rejoice in the Lord and more!

Is there something more you are wondering? Maybe the “rejoice in the Lord” meaning has you going in circles. We will go over the meaning of “Rejoice in the Lord,” plus all of the reasons that you will want to try out this kind of celebration and reap those benefits. 

You could be asking, what kind of benefits do you get when you rejoice in the Lord? We will go through the many benefits that might be given to you, but really, who wouldn’t want to praise the Lord and celebrate all of the wonderful things He has done?

As we talk through the meaning of rejoicing in the Lord, why you should rejoice in the Lord, and all of the other questions flooding your mind right now, be sure to give each benefit a chance. Don’t give up before you have had a chance to check and see if one of these fits you perfectly!

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What Does It Mean to Rejoice in the Lord?

The feeling of joy is almost the same as the feeling you experience when you rejoice in the Lord, but the two feelings are not completely the same. That’s why I used the term “almost.” When we experience real joy of any kind, we are content with our circumstances.

We know what happiness feels like, but we have an innate feeling that is like a sense of joy when Christ is inside of us as Christians. So, what are the differences between happiness and joy? How can we tell them apart? Are they not the same things?

Rejoice in the Lord

The Difference Between Happiness and Joy

Happiness and joy are not the same things. Happiness is dependent on the world and how the people of this world treat you. It is often materialistic or based on the current status of all of the relationships you have. It is temporary; it’s about pleasure. In fact, it is usually selfish by nature.

Joy, on the other hand, comes when you are satisfied because your spirit is content. It does not fluctuate in the way that happiness does. It can be emotional to feel yourself inside having peace and contentment like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Also, it is lasting.

Another way to look at the difference between happiness and joy is the effects they have on you. Happiness is seen by others on the outside of you. For example, you might have won a car in a raffle and are jumping up and down about it. Your smile and demeanor show happiness.

Joy is a stable force inside of you. It’s an inner feeling. It can endure the hard times because it knows what the big picture is. This doesn’t mean that trials don’t hurt, but it means they do not make you fall apart because there is a deeper innate feeling that stabilizes you.

Rejoice in the Lord

What Does It Mean to Rejoice in the Lord Always, and what is the Rejoice in the Lord Always Verse?

Once you have joy inside of you, you will want to rejoice in the Lord at all times. This is a command of Paul in Philippians 4:4. So, how do you stay joyful in your spirit if you are crushed by an event? What if your pet or child dies suddenly? Does it mean you won’t be sad?

In one of Paul’s favorite statements, “Of course not!” You can feel sadness and even become a bit depressed even if you rejoice in the Lord and have a joyful spirit. Think about David, the author of most of the Psalms in the Bible. He certainly didn’t have an easy time.

In fact, the majority of his Psalms are laments. They are complaints expressing the sadness he feels. We are so fortunate to have his beautiful writings in the Psalms because his words are comforting and speak to us on a genuine level. 

What Does It Mean to Be Joyful At All Times?

Being joyful all the time or rejoicing in the Lord always simply means that you have an innate sense of joy – something inside of you that regulates your heart and mind. To remain joyful at all times, keep a notebook or index card with you that reminds you of why you are full of joy.

Perhaps you could try memorizing scriptures on the subject or any Bible verses that lift you up when you feel distant from God. The index card I mentioned would be a great way to carry a verse around with you throughout the day to help you remember the words in your heart.

Being joyful all the time will not come naturally to anyone. Therefore, seek to maintain this demeanor in whatever creative way you know how. If it seems unbearable, pray about it or meet with an encouraging Christian friend to talk things out. Keep living by faith, and you’ll triumph.

Why Rejoice in the Lord?

When we rejoice in the Lord, we are filled with a new song, with unconditional love from our Heavenly Father, and with a pleasure we cannot experience in any other way. During the moments when I embrace rejoicing in the Lord, I get goosebumps or feel refreshed.

Rejoice in the Lord

What are the Benefits of Finding Joy in the Lord?

While Healthline seems to confuse joy and happiness later on in the article, they do list some great health benefits to having joy inside of you. For one, it promotes a healthier lifestyle. It also boosts your immune system. 

With new cases of flu arriving all of the time, various forms of different viruses, and miscellaneous bacteria spreading, that’s a great benefit.

Additionally, the article says that joy fights pain and stress. Often, when we feel pain, it is because we are experiencing a great deal of stress in one or more areas of our lives. Prayer is a great way to relieve stress, as well. Sexual intercourse with your spouse can help, too!

Finally, one of the benefits it names for having joy is that it supports longevity. If you hope to live a long and satisfying life, this might be a benefit that is especially interesting to you!

Of course, those are just physical, mental, and emotional benefits of having joy. What about the spiritual benefits? How can we see the benefits of finding joy in the Lord? According to one source, there are several spiritual benefits to finding joy in the Lord.

A few of the benefits listed are having a healing spirit and soul (Proverbs 17:22), a continued desire to pray and seek the Lord (Job 33:26), a new spiritual strength (Nehemiah 8:10), and a victory that you receive from the Lord (2 Chronicles 20:21).

Rejoice in the Lord Scriptures

Check out these Rejoice in the Lord Scriptures for insight on what the Bible has to say about finding joy in the Lord!

Where is the Joy of the Lord Scripture or Joy in the Lord Verses?

Rejoice in the Lord

Additional Rejoice in the Lord Resources

Use these additional FREE Rejoice in the Lord resources to fill your Bible notebook or even your Bible with these pretty items!

Free Rejoice in the Lord Printable Prayer PDF

Grab this FREE Rejoice in the Lord Printable Prayer (PDF Version) created by the writers at Sharing Life and Love.

rejoice in the Lord

Free Rejoice in the Lord Coloring Sheet

Enjoy these great Free Bible Coloring Sheets for Kids & Adults!

Free Rejoice in the Lord Coloring Page

This wonderful “Rejoice in the Lord” Coloring Page on Philippians 4:4 is fun for everyone.

What are the Rejoice in the Lord Always Lyrics by Ron Hamilton?

Enjoy this Free Rejoice In The Lord by Ron Hamilton sheet music | You Can Download the PDF or print it from!

Rejoice in the Lord

Concluding Thoughts on How to Rejoice in the Lord

So, why rejoice in the Lord? Well, you’ve just learned a lot of reasons that this is a worthy endeavor to pursue. What is your favorite reason? Do you regularly rejoice in the Lord?

What is your favorite way to rejoice in the Lord? If you are unsure, stay tuned! One of our next featured articles will include all you will need to know about how to rejoice in the Lord!

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