Letter to my future husband

How to Write a Letter to My Future Husband (5 Cool Ways)

If you want to know how to write a letter to my future husband, check out one of these nifty ways! They will surely put you on the right track when it comes to sending out that love letter to someone you will love forever!! True, you might not “send” it, but it sure is fun to write!

Using one of the ways listed in this article, you can write a letter to your future man and have an enjoyable time activity to do in the meantime. Even if you have not yet met Mr. Right, you can participate in one of these ways.

The reason we have included many ways to write this letter is that we are all different. After all, what works for one person doesn’t always do the same for another, but you will never know until you give it a try!!

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How to Write a Letter to My Future Husband (5 Cool Ways)

#1. Write in a journal or diary.

Oh, how I love filling up planners and journals! I find it so much fun to do this, but I am a Bible nerd who used to be an organized geeky accountant. It is true that I never carried a pocket protector around, but I carried the title in my job description just the same!

If you love journaling like me, you should consider purchasing a refillable journal. A refillable journal is one that you can add (and subtract) paper to (and from)! They make them quite affordable and super pretty now – for those who are feminine and for men, too!

As you write a letter to your future husband, you might find it helpful to add stickers, washi tape, poetry, or pieces of scrapbook paper if you have access to such. It can be quite enjoyable to think about your future man and be crafty at the same time!

Get creative in your letters to your future husband, and really have fun!

#2. Type up an old-fashioned letter.

Letter to my future husband

If you wish, you can save your hands from possible future arthritis or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by typing up your letter rather than handwriting it. When you write by hand, it also takes longer, and you can, therefore, not write nearly as much in as little time!

Be sure to place the date at the top of your letters so that you will always remember when you wrote this letter to your future husband. One day, he might look back and remember where he was at that exact moment and how the two of you were surely meant to be!

#3. Handwrite a letter to your future husband.

I love writing letters by hand. In my opinion, it is much more meaningful to do it this way, but it can take a toll on your hands if you write a little oddly as I do or if you plan to write many, MANY letters to your future husband! 

You can always add a little glitter or stickers for a special personalized touch! Granted, you are not likely to send the letter anywhere, but it still makes it extra special to add those little touches! Spray your favorite perfume for a scent you will never forget!

I used to fill up journals, as I mentioned, with letters to my future husband. My husband, Bryan, now still has not had a chance to read them all, but it is nice to know that the old me was able to find a therapeutic outlet in letter writing to my future husband!

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#4. Create an audio version by saying the words out loud!

If you’d really like to be efficient, consider recording your thoughts and feelings in an audio diary of some kind. There are many portable electronic devices you can use for this, or you can just record an audio version of your letter to your future husband on your phone. 

Keep in mind that any means you use to record letters to your future husband will take up space – whether that is on your phone or in a journal. If you plan to write many letters, you might consider typing them up and having them stored on an external hard drive!

#5. Pray the letter to my future husband.

A final way I would write a letter to my future husband would be through the use of prayer. If you do not know how to pray, we have many resources for you! We have FREE prayer journals you can use if you’d like to write out your prayers (as I do), or grab a jumbo notebook and write!

If you are just learning how to pray, you might be intimidated by the thought of praying a letter to someone. We have a bunch of FREE prayer cards in the Shop for you to use to make this extra easy! Consider creating your own prayer cards on blank index cards to use in prayer!

Another tip when praying is just to speak from the heart. You do not need a formal degree to talk to God. Jesus gives us the basic outline for prayer in the Lord’s Prayer, but even more encouraging is His example of just taking some alone time to pray! Make time for God!

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Tips for Writing a Letter to Your Future Husband

Use the following tips when you write a letter to your future husband! They will enhance the experience of writing to your soulmate – the man you wish you spend your life with! Why not give this therapeutic weapon a try??

Pray about it!

If you do not know how to pray, no problem! Just speak to God from the heart. Although He knows what’s going on with you, He would like to hear it from you Himself – like a father wishes to hear from his child! You ARE God’s child, so just speak to Him – at any time!

On the other hand, maybe you are a prayer warrior who needs no practice praying! In that case, be sure to talk to God about how you are feeling in regard to writing a letter to your future mister! Pour your heart out and express your emotions about the process!

Another method for praying to God is praying the scriptures directly to our Lord. Speaking His words back to Him is a powerful thing to do. If you do not know how to do this, have no fear because the Holy Spirit will guide you to the right passages. Just open up that Bible!

In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. – Romans 8:26 (NIV)

Be honest, and pour your heart out!

As mentioned, it is always best to pour out your heart, especially in prayer. God wants you to be genuine and not just say rote prayers because it’s that time of day. Instead, keep a continual conversation going with our Lord (1 Thessalonians 5:17 advises to NEVER stop praying!).

As part of my prayer journal, I keep one tab for an honest conversation with God – a place to tell Him exactly what’s going on in my heart. This allows me to be accountable for anything that is blocking my relationship with God. Having an open prayer journal is a totally freeing process!

You can totally put this all into practice when writing a letter to your future husband. Think about what is speaking most dearly to your heart, and write it out on paper! This will give you newfound freedom when writing and expressing yourself in other creative ways!

Don’t worry TOO much about the future.

The future will be there whether you write a letter to your future husband or not. When I was single, I remember thinking that life would all fit together like a perfect puzzle if I could just meet the man of my dreams. I prayed over and over again for a future husband!

In today’s society, we are never fully satisfied, unfortunately. Although God DID finally answer my prayer request for a husband, that did not stop my need for prayer. Now, I just want different things. My priorities have shifted, but God knew it would all turn out this way!

Remember, the Lord knows all – including what you will need in the future. He has grand plans for everyone (Jeremiah 29:11) but will still listen when you pray (1 John 5:14-15). 

We just have an awesome God who will do that for us!! So, don’t get too hung up on the future; it’ll be here soon enough!

Aim to meet your future husband at the right places.

If you enjoy staying indoors all of the time and are not meeting Mr. Right, it could be that you need to get out there a bit more! However, you should choose your outings wisely. Ask God for wisdom in this faucet of your life; He freely gives wisdom to those who ask (James 1:5)!

Where can you go to meet your future husband? Consider the type of man you are looking for, and that will tell you where he is likely to be. If you are on a Christian dating website or attend a church regularly and participate in many activities, you’re likely to meet a Christian!

As a note of caution, be careful of online dating because people are not always the way they portray themselves to be! Attending church activities or even just going to church regularly will likely yield the best results, but don’t attend church ONLY to meet the right guys!

Another great option is going to Celebrate Recovery – a place where everyone is welcome!!

Should you send it?

Letter to my future husband

Maybe you have already met the man of your dreams. Perhaps he is your fiance already or boyfriend. Remember, you wrote letters to your future husband at a different time in your life. Are you truly ready to share all of that with your boyfriend or fiance?

If you do feel ready to share your future husband’s letter with a man, be sure to explain that you were in a different state of mind at that time in your life and that he is free to decline the offer to read these letters. After all, the last thing you want to do is to push away a great guy!

In reality, these letters to a future husband should be a personal and private thing – depending on what you write, of course. They do not need to be shared. Most guys just do not have the time in the day to read your diaries or letters of a previous time in your life! 

Don’t feel bad about this, because there are many benefits in writing these letters even if they are never sent! It is such a great release to tell your problems to someone even if they never get a chance to read them; they’ll know you cared in spirit, right? Plus, the thought counts!

A Letter to My Future Husband – What to Say

So, maybe you wonder what to say in a letter to a future husband. Perhaps you are considering writing a bunch of letters but don’t know where to start or what to write. Always remember to speak from the heart; that is the best way to heal from any hurt you are experiencing!

Being honest and speaking from the heart are the only ways to reap the rewards of writing to your future husband!

Tell him how you really feel!

There really is no point in doing this exercise if you are not honest with yourself and your future husband. Pour your heart out, and give him the details of what is going on with you! Explain how your heart is aching to meet him – or marry him – whatever your situation may be!

Include a prayer for your future husband!

If you enjoy praying, you should consider writing out prayers for your future husband. Think of everything you wish for him right now. Do you want him to be prosperous at work? Would you like him to build on his relationship with the Lord? Are you hoping to meet him soon?

Maybe you would like children one day. Think of the type of father you want for your future kids. Imagine your husband wherever he is right now. Now, picture him gaining the traits he would need to be a wonderful father to your children. You can absolutely pray on all those things!

Prayer is a personal conversation between you and God, but it is for everyone. It could be so beautiful one day to present a box of letters to your future husband that includes all of the prayers you prayed for him over the months or years. 

He could possibly even provide the answers God gave him during those periods of time in his life! Maybe he was having difficulty with a job transition, and you were praying for his wisdom in making career decisions! Wouldn’t it be great to see how God impacted that time in his life?

Keep your letters private.

So, most of the advice in this article is centered around being yourself. I totally support this, BUT, and I say this “but” with reservation, if you have children or other people in your life who are likely to read what you write, you might want to put a lock on that diary, girl!

I mean, if you are talking about your sex life or what you think you want in a future mate, you might not want the world to know what you have to say! Some things are best left in private (at least UNTIL you meet the man of your dreams)! In other words, don’t start a blog!

Of course, I still recommend you speak from your soul and say whatever is on your mind! You should not filter your thoughts, or this exercise in writing a letter to your future husband will not be effective. Just make sure you put your journals or jump drive in a private location!

A Letter to MY Future Husband: How I Did It

The thought of what to write in a letter to your future spouse can almost make a person nervous! After all, you might not end up married one day – by choice! What if you feel ashamed of what you are currently going through and do not wish your future husband to know the details?

You’ve been given some basic guidelines, but if you are still not confident in how to start a letter to your future husband, you can follow my example. It is nothing more than putting pen to paper and, of course, trusting the Lord to guide my heart as I write a love letter to my future husband!

Letter to my future husband

How I Wrote a Letter to My Future Husband (and What He Thinks)

Do you want me to be completely honest with you? When I wrote a letter to my future husband, it was more therapeutic for me than it was something special for him. My husband has enjoyed getting to know me over the past decade – for who I am today, not who I was in the past!

I did give him all the letters I wrote in a journal or two (or maybe a few dozen – ha), but he has not read them all. I think the experience helped me a great deal when I was single, and that is the key takeaway here. Do it for you, not for the man you will one day marry!

After all, he might never read them!! That is okay. It is great to get it all out on paper! I find that writing my letters in a journal by hand is the most beneficial way to express myself. That is just what worked for me and my particular situation!

Things don’t always work out as planned, but they do work out the way they are meant to be!


Did you like the story of how I used to write a letter to my future husband? How will you proceed? Which way will you try?? We’d love to hear all about it! Be sure to leave a comment.

Whatever method you choose, remember the many benefits of writing a letter to a future spouse and have fun with it. It’s all beneficial to you. My only caution is to just make sure you keep it private – especially if you have a lot of prying eyes in your personal life!! Best of luck to you!

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