Ruth Bible Study Week 6

Free Ruth Bible Study Week 6: Being More Like Ruth

In the Ruth Bible Study Week 6, we will study Chapter 3 of the book of Ruth. Here, we see the ladies plotting a plan to win Boaz over. Well, it was really Naomi’s idea. However, in my opinion, Ruth was on board with the decision. She trusted her mother-in-law and acted obediently.

As you unfold this story, you’ll see that Boaz recognized and respected Ruth for who she really was. He did not place blame or judgment on her, even though she came from a foreign land. 

Similarly, Boaz had great character. He was calm and patient in making important decisions and in the way he treated a Moabite woman. 

Today, people rarely trust one another. They believe everyone is out for themselves and that no one has good intentions like the good ‘ol days.

In some places, this might be true. So, what are we to do? We can easily imitate Ruth by showing kindness and patience. We can allow her to shine through us in the way we trust God and His plans for our lives.

We must never give up. Rather, press on faithfully, knowing He seeks our good. This perseverance allows non-believers to see God IN us and THROUGH us!

What is one new way you can trust God this week?

Ruth Bible Study Week 6

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Day 26 – Taking a Risk in Trusting Others

Today, read Ruth 3:1-4

As we are introduced to this new story within this chapter of Ruth, we see Naomi calling Ruth her daughter. It is so nice to see Naomi appreciating her daughter-in-law after Ruth spent such a long time (during more than one harvest season) providing for the two of them. 

Ruth 3:1 shows us that Naomi wants the best for her daughter-in-law. The care and love these women shared motivated them and built the trust they would need in the future. 

In verse 2, Naomi seems a little sneaky, right? I can just picture her whispering to Ruth all of the “juicy” details and what she believes will happen as a result of this plan! This probably did not happen exactly as I imagined, but it’s good to try to relate to history.

As we venture into Ruth 3:3-4, Naomi explains what she needs Ruth to do (how to interact with Boaz). 

What do you think of Naomi’s instructions for Ruth at the beginning of Chapter 3? Is it a reasonable request? It is probably not in American culture. 

Keep in mind that Ruth was not from this precise culture and likely did not know the details that Naomi did. Therefore, Ruth likely would have thought these requests were strange!

Ruth was taking a great risk if she followed through and trusted this plan, and it went poorly. Faith and trust go hand in hand. You are not showing that you trust someone if you aren’t willing to bet big in their favor.

How and what did Christ risk it all for us?

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Ruth Bible Study Week 6

Day 27 – Acting in Complete Obedience

What do you think of when you hear the word obedience? God wants us to obey Him and seek His Will for our lives above all else. He doesn’t require blind trust because we can see Him in action through the results that we see in our lives or the changes we have inside of us.

When the disciples were called to follow Jesus, they left their old lives behind and followed Him completely. They got to experience Him firsthand! It would have been hard to leave a career or livelihood behind when that was all you knew, and they did struggle with the decision a bit.

God is by your side right now, just as He was with the disciples. Do you recognize the things in your life that are truly good – the things that come from our Lord? Or do you take credit? God gave you the gifts, talents, abilities, and people to accomplish those good things!

Ruth illustrates a beautiful sense of obedience to some bizarre-sounding tasks that we discovered yesterday – things her mother-in-law suggested she do to get Boaz to take her under his wing. 

However, we learned that this “plan” of Naomi’s was not all that strange for their customs in Judah. Read Ruth 3:5-8. How does Ruth respond? 

Her response is immediate and complete, as she did everything that she told her mother-in-law she would do.

In comparison to Ruth, are most Biblical characters this obedient? When we studied Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice Isaac (Genesis 22), we saw that he was very obedient and completely trusted in God’s ability to do right in that circumstance.

Who is chirping in your ears that you are obedient to? 

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Ruth Bible Study Week 6

Day 28 – Seeing and Recognizing Who Ruth Was

As we read on in Ruth 3:9, we see everything falling into place. Naomi relayed her plan to Ruth. Ruth faithfully carried out every detail that was asked of her. Then, we see Boaz’s reaction! He did not even recognize her, even though she had been working in his fields for months!

Let’s back it up a bit, though. After all, she did not likely look or act in the same way that she did when she was gleaning in the field with his other workers. Her mother-in-law had encouraged her to “fix herself up” and look her best before asking Boaz the “big ask.”

There were quick videos that people used to make, which showed them before and after applying what I could only guess were makeup and hair products. I’m sure plenty of touch-up work was done after the actual video was recorded. They never even looked close to the same.

Frankly, these videos worried me a bit (partly for the sake of the opposite sex), as these people are truly using a lot of products to hide or cover up what they really look like. God made us beautiful as we are. 

Ruth had a beautiful countenance, as we have studied so far. She didn’t need to “pretend,” right? So, why did she do it? 

For one, her mother-in-law said so, and Ruth had followed her this far, so why wouldn’t she continue to trust her? 

Secondly, her “hard-working” appearance in the field, as she gleaned, was probably a bit messy. 

Third, she was previously in mourning, which was probably much different than what her “everyday look” would be like outside of this state.

She would need Boaz to understand that she was ready to move on before he would act as a “kinsman redeemer,” a term we will look at more in-depth later.

How are you being recognized?

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Ruth Bible Study Week 6

Day 29 – It’s All About Inner Character

Today, we will move on and read Ruth 3:10-15. Wow! There is just so much here. We started the chapter by seeing Naomi’s plan. Yesterday, we read that Ruth carried out this plan in complete obedience, as bizarre as it might have seemed to her. Now, we see Boaz’s reaction.

Through Boaz’s lenses, here is Ruth—a Moabite widow who was apparently much younger than he was (something we gather from his reply and the numerous times he calls her “daughter” – a precious term). He speaks to her with such gentleness; it’s really beautiful.

What’s interesting here is that both Boaz and Ruth spoke with so much respect for one another. You can just see their inner character as they leap across the pages of the Bible! Boaz needed to explain how he would settle the matter with the other relative, but he did so with such respect.

Boaz was a shining example of a man who held onto his beliefs and showed them through his words and actions. Real strength is seen here. Do you remember what the name Boaz means? It means, “In him is strength.” It’s quite fitting, wouldn’t you say?

Often, we cannot change our circumstances or the actions of those around us, but we can learn from our experiences and control our responses to various situations. Boaz delivers strength as he speaks to Ruth about what he will do for her and why.

Did you notice the care he took in securing her reputation? In what ways does he explain his flattery? It’s quite refreshing to meet a character in the Old Testament who has the Lord in his heart and follows the honorable path. 

Do you speak to other believers with respect and gentleness?

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Ruth Bible Study Week 6

Day 30 – Being a Patient Daughter

As you read Ruth 3:16-18, notice Naomi’s reaction to everything. Naomi trusted Boaz. She knew of his character and reputation and that he would keep his word, so she calmly told Ruth to be patient until they heard more.

Isn’t this a different attitude than the one from Ruth 1:20-21? In that chapter, she was bitter about her circumstances. She placed the “blame” for her disadvantages in life on God.

Now, we see a hopeful Naomi – someone calm and peaceful. Her heart went from having bitter resentment to being truly lovely. 

Our true colors often shine the most when we are in a bad situation or during a period of great trials. We tend to think that the grass is greener somewhere else (when it rarely is).

It’s always wise to aim for steadfastness, especially around new Christians. Consistency shows a lot about a person’s character. Don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t; instead, make sure your true self is one of godly character.

Read James 1:2-18. James explains trials can be joyful because they test our faith, which builds endurance. So, how does this work exactly?

When you bite into a sour fruit for the first time, it’s bitter. It will probably make you scrunch up your face as you smack your lips. 

It will still be sour the second time, but since your first experience, you now know what to expect. You’ve built up a little bit of tolerance. Over time, you might even appreciate the experience (as James suggests).

This is similar to trials and how they impact your faith. Allow them to shape you and build your character.

Find the good in difficult times and appreciate it, as God can do wonders with a cheerful heart and positive attitude!

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Ruth Bible Study Week 6

Ruth Bible Study Week 6: Days 26-30 Biblework

For Ruth Bible study week 6, each day’s Biblework gives you the Scriptures from that day’s lesson to read. Be sure to read those. Also, there are “additional reading” Scriptures that you should aim to do each day. 

Please note: Some questions might come from both today’s verses and the additional verses you read.

Day 26 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: Ruth 3:1-4 

Read the following additional verse(s): Deuteronomy 6:1-3; 2 Samuel 12:20; Psalm 28:6-8

Answer these questions: 

  1. What tasks did Naomi ask Ruth to do to prepare herself for Boaz?
  2. Why do you think he would be on the threshing floor?
  3. Why might Naomi have wanted Ruth to wait until he finished eating and drinking?
  4. When have you seen someone take a big risk for someone else? How did they show trust?
  5. How are you risking your life for Christ (This could mean your time, energy, money, or something else)?

Day 27 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: Genesis 22:1-19; Ruth 3:5-8 

Read the following additional verse(s): Proverbs 1:8; Ephesians 6:1; Colossians 3:20

Answer these questions: 

  1. When was the last time you told someone you would do everything they asked?
  2. Do you think Ruth understood what was being asked of her? Explain.
  3. Obedience implies having a readiness to act. Are you ready for what God has called you to do?
  4. In what ways have you obeyed God? When have you let an opportunity pass you by? Explain.
  5. How does Ruth’s immediate obedience encourage you to follow the Lord more readily? What changes will you make?

Day 28 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: Ruth 3:9 

Read the following additional verse(s): Proverbs 31:30; 1 Timothy 2:9-10; 1 Peter 3:3-5; 1 John 2:15-17

Answer these questions: 

  1. In 1 Peter 3:4, where are we to find beauty? 
  2. According to 1 Peter 3:5, how can women make themselves beautiful?
  3. What are we to love and not love, according to 1 John 2:15-17?
  4. Why do you think Ruth wanted to get “fixed up” for Boaz?
  5. In what ways do you rely on beauty, or how have you done this in the past?

Day 29 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: Ruth 3:10-15 

Read the following additional verse(s): Exodus 20:1-17; Proverbs 12:4; Proverbs 31:10; Matthew 22:23-40; Romans 5:1-5; Philippians 4:5

Answer these questions: 

  1. In what ways was Boaz respectful to Ruth in today’s reading?
  2. What arguments did Boaz make regarding why he was lucky to be given a chance to redeem Ruth? In what ways would Ruth be fortunate in this arrangement?
  3. How was Ruth once again obedient? What did she do or not do?
  4. When you’ve had to do things against the grain, were they ever easy? Explain.
  5. According to Philippians 4:5, why should we show gentleness or reasonableness?

Day 30 – Biblework

Today’s Verses: Ruth 1:20-21; Ruth 3:16-18; James 1:2-18

Read the following additional verse(s): 1 Corinthians 9:24-27; Galatians 6:9-10; 2 Thessalonians 3:13; Hebrews 12:1-2; James 5:7-12

Answer these questions: 

  1. Naomi tells Ruth to be patient. What were they waiting for? Why did they need to be patient?
  2. According to James 5, what must we do when we wait patiently?
  3. What did Boaz do in these verses to show his generous spirit?
  4. How are you generous with those who are less fortunate?
  5. What is something you are waiting for? What can you start doing to show an attitude of gratitude while you wait?
Ruth Bible Study Week 6

Ruth Bible Study Week 6: Digging Deeper Days 26-30

The Digging Deeper section gives you an additional activity to take a deeper look at the day’s lesson, viewing it in a new way. While optional, it’s beneficial to take part in all of the assigned activities. 

Day 26 – Digging Deeper

In Psalms, there are a number of verses that speak of trusting the Lord. Make a chart with each of these verses on one side and what they mean to you on the other side. Read Psalms 4:5, 9:10, 10:14, 11:1, 13:5, 22:4-9, 25:2-3, 28:7, 32:10, 33:4, 37:5, and 40:4. Continue this list!

Day 27 – Digging Deeper

In Ruth 3:6, it says she did all that was commanded of her (ESV). As you do a word study here, you’ll see the word also being used in Genesis 2:16. Was this a suggestion or idea from God? Why might Ruth have wanted to comply if this was a command rather than a suggestion?

Day 28 – Digging Deeper

In 1 Timothy 2:9, the word modesty is used (ESV). Do a word study of this word and list the synonyms and definitions given. Does this line up with your idea of what modesty is? Do you need to adjust your appearance, wardrobe, or another area of your life to be more modest?

Day 29 – Digging Deeper

In Matthew 22, you read that Jesus was being challenged with a question. At the end of His response, He clarifies what is truly important – the Greatest Commandment. What is that, and how does it relate to the laws of the Old Testament (the 10 Commandments)?

Day 30 – Digging Deeper

In Chapter 2, we saw Ruth take grain home to Naomi so that they would have food. In Chapter 3, Boaz gives Ruth additional barley to take home to Naomi. How much barley is given? How long would that much barley last? What would this ample supply indicate to Naomi and Ruth?

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Mildliner Highlighters – I recommend the pastel colors as they are light enough not to bleed through the pages, but always test a page in the back of your Bible before using.

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Ruth Bible Study Week 6: Conclusion

In Ruth Bible study week 6, you see the value of trusting the Lord and fellow believers. You also see how Ruth was an obedient person. As we close this week, be sure to think about how you can apply the lessons you learned to your own walk. 

How will you let what you’ve learned change you? In what areas do you need to pay more attention? How can you be more like Ruth – with a humble, servant attitude? Where are you thriving?

Ruth Bible Study Week 6

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