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What Does the Bible Say About Gossip? (The Amazing Truth)

Do you struggle with gossip or know someone who does? Are you seeking Biblical answers to gossip? How can you know the right thing to do when it comes to gossip? And what does the Bible say about gossip? How can you best learn how to deal with gossip if you don’t know where to look in the Bible? You may not know this, but the Bible does talk about gossip, lies, and slandering! In fact, there are examples of gossiping in the Bible, advice on what to do if someone is talking about you behind your back, and plenty of scriptures on gossip! If you are a Christian or just wonder what God’s Word says about gossip, this article is for you. We will go through the Bible verses about gossip and how to handle gossip Biblically! So, sit back and trust the Bible and God to lead you to the answers you are seeking regarding gossip, slander, and so much more!

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