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What is My Identity in Christ? (25 Traits + Free Bible Study)

Have you ever asked the question: What is my identity in Christ? Have you wondered where you belong? Maybe you’ve thought you had to be a “perfect Christian” to gain your identity in Christ. If you’ve ever wanted to know the Bible truths that show you are His, read on.

Sometimes, we think we belong to this world. We act like we belong to the world. Our driver’s license must accompany us out the door. We will even turn the car around (even if we do not need it) to grab our worldly identification, but we won’t do this for our Bible.

While it’s true that our insecurities get the best of us from time to time, they do not need to define us. Think about yourself as a “Prince” or “Princess” – someone who belongs with royalty, a person who has an unearned seat at the best table in the house. How freeing is that?

Let’s dive into the topic of identity in Christ to discover all it means for your life!

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What It Means to Say That I Have My Identity in Christ

If someone asked you who you were, you would quickly explain what the background of your parents was, where you received your education, what subject your degree is in, where you are from, where you currently live, and what your ethnic background was.

Would you say that you are the daughter of a king? Have you ever thought of yourself as a real princess? Do you explain to people that you are headed to heaven one day? When another person asks you who you are, do you say that you are a Christian?

Having your identity in Christ means that you are able to do that very thing!

Identity in Christ

25 Biblical Traits – Your Identity In Christ

If you’ve ever wondered what your identity in Christ is, here is a comprehensive list of 25 Biblical traits for you to learn about and take to heart.

1 – Complete

Have you ever felt like a piece of you was missing? Maybe you’ve thought that you were lacking in some way. Have you ever just felt incomplete? Well, in Christ, we are complete. God made us the way we are for a reason. Continue to grow in Him with the confidence you’ve been given!

2 – Holy

Often, we think of the word “holy” as being exclusive to religious leaders. According to the Blue Letter Bible, the word used here means that we were set apart to be exclusively God’s. That means that we were designated to be HIS special people. How great is that?

3 – Chosen

As mentioned in the previous point, we were made to belong to God the Father. That is quite a designation. Who wouldn’t want to belong to the One who created us all? I know it makes me feel quite special to be specifically chosen to be a part of God’s family!

4 – Gifted

As children of God, we were each given a gift to help us in our individual missions on this planet. Maybe you were gifted musically in an effort to share the Word of God through music. Others were given different gifts so that they might reach different people. How special!

5 – Precious

In looking up the origin of the word precious, I am given synonyms that make me feel goosebumps as I know how great God thinks of each of us – honored, prized, valued, dear, and more honorable. Is there anything more spectacular than knowing God sees us this way?

Identity in Christ

6 – Alive to God

In this world, we will be mocked, badmouthed, hurt, shamed, ridiculed, and made to feel that we should wish that things were different. While this world is full of ugly things, we can look forward to our future with God. We can always stand firm in our identity as being alive to God in Christ.

7 – Friends

Recently, a friend asked me who I would love to have as an imaginary friend – someone who no longer walks this planet. Of course, my first pick would be Jesus. Who wouldn’t want Jesus to give us daily advice and listen to our every complaint? We can do that now through prayer!

8 – Fully Known

Have you ever thought that no one truly knew who you really were? If so, here is a revelation for you – God has always known who you were, who you are, and who you will be in the future. It can be a sigh of relief to know we do not have to hide from our Creator. There’s really no point!

9 – Forgiven

We all mess up from time to time. Sin is inevitable. That does not mean that you should embrace it or lean toward it if you feel you are losing control of yourself. The beautiful point I am trying to make is that we are forgiven. Just repent of those sins, and God will forgive you.

10 – Treasured

If your house caught on fire, what would you grab first? Of course, you would want all of the living creatures to make it safely out, but what “thing” would you take with you? Can you believe that how you treasure your favorite “thing” is the same way God treasures us?? Amazing!

11 – Citizen of Heaven

If someone were to ask you about your residence, you’d probably list the road or drive your house is located on, the city or town where you reside, and the state or country you live in. What we have to look forward to is so much more wonderful – a place in heaven!

12 – God’s Masterpiece

While the New Living Translation does color the word “masterpiece” beautifully, even the English Standard Version’s word of workmanship tells us something – We were made by the Creator of the universe. He took the time to craft us into being based on HIS image!

13 – Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Continuing on with the idea from the last point, we were not just thrown together like a mosh pit (or pot of mixed vegetables if you are into cooking). Rather, we were carefully crafted to be the individual characters we are today. We were “knit together” in a special and extraordinary way.

14 – The Righteousness of God

On our own, we are so prone to sin that we are just not acceptable in God’s view. In other words, we are not worthy because of our sinful nature. Righteousness was given by Christ through His death and resurrection. It gives us the purity and virtue to be approved by God.

Identity in Christ

15 – Overcomers

When we were born again through Christ, we became victorious. That is room to sing! Christ came onto this planet and overcame temptation and even death. He was an overcomer. Because of what He did here, we are now overcomers as well. Celebrate that fact today!

16 – Light

We are said to be the “light of the world.” When a light is shone in dark corners, the area is lit up! This is what we are to the rest of the world – light in their darkness. We give them the gift of eternal life when they accept the truth of the gospel, and then, they become lights to the rest!

17 – God’s Children

It is a beautiful gift to be called the children of God. We have (if we are honest) imperfect parents. You might even have parents you wish you could change for one reason or another. There is no need to dwell on that because we have a perfect parent in God!

18 – Forever Loved

We know from John 3:16 that God loved us quite a bit! He gave up His one and only Son to be our Savior and take on the debt that our sin accumulated. In Jeremiah, we are assured that God’s love is not temporary but everlasting. He will always love you!

19 – Temples of the Holy Spirit

In the Old Testament, you read that the “temple” was a physical building. Once Jesus departed and gave us His Spirit, it was no longer a physical building. Rather, it is inside every believer. That means that you can worship God and speak to Him intimately. His Spirit is INSIDE you!

20 – Adopted into God’s Family

Have you ever had a sense that you did not belong in a group? Maybe the cheerleaders asked you to have lunch with them, but you did not have on the uniform, so you felt out of place. Before Christ’s redemptive work, most of us were also outsiders. With Christ, we belong!

21 – Made New

When you move to a new city or state, you are probably sad to leave your old life behind. However, depending on the circumstances, you might think that a “fresh slate” is exactly what you need. When it comes to our spiritual lives, we all need the newness provided by Christ. 

22 – Taken Care Of

In this case, I do not refer to being “taken care of” by a mob boss or hitman. Rather, I mean that you are provided for as a child of God. Put God first, establish a relationship with Him, and grow more and more each day, and you’ll see God unleash His basket full of bountiful blessings!

23 – Accepted Through Christ

As much as I wanted to leave this point as “accepted,” I could not. We are not guaranteed to be accepted in this world. However, in Christ’s home, we are always accepted. This is where the gift of patience comes into play. Mix a little hope in there, and you’ll know true acceptance!

24 – Set Apart

Each one of us was made to be someone special. If you embrace who you were called to be and live it out while you are in this world, you will see exactly why God set you apart. You have a role to play, a place to be on this planet, and specific people you need to reach!

25 – Royal

Finally, we get to the last trait that you can graciously accept – royal! If you ever dreamed of being a prince or princess, here is the reason: you are one! You are royalty, as is our Savior! If you long for an esteemed position like this, grab ahold of your role in God’s Kingdom today!

Identity in Christ

Identity in Christ Scriptures

Use these verses about our identity in Christ to learn more about where you belong and why you belong in that area. The following verses about our identity in Christ are presented in the New International Version (NIV).

Identity in Christ Resources

Using the following identity in Christ resources, we hope and pray that you will be uplifted and filled with a new amount of knowledge and understanding of who you are in Him.

Identity in Christ Bible Studies

How to Celebrate Your Identity in Christ is a mini Bible study about being fearfully and wonderfully made. This Bible study is FREE and based on Psalm 139:14. The 4-page Bible study was written to be done in a group along with the FREE Identity in Christ Journal.

Worthy | Embracing Your Identity in Christ Study is a 4-week Bible study created by the Daily Grace Company. It is such a lovely book. I would almost be hesitant to write in it! You could always use a journal to record your answers as you work through the Bible study.

Discovering Your Identity: Understand Who You Are in God’s Eyes by Charles F. Stanley is very popular. This is just one of his many study guides. There are 12 lessons in each study guide. He is a very well-known preacher with an outstanding reputation. 

Identity in Christ Books

Identity Theft: Reclaiming the Truth of our Identity in Christ by Melissa Krugar, Jen Wilkin, and many others looks at the Biblical truths of our identity in Christ. The chapters of this captivating book cover everything from our citizenship in heaven to our comfort as God’s children.

Free at Last: Experiencing True Freedom Through Your Identity in Christ by Tony Evans explains that what we often need is just a deeper knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. That means that there are no tricks or religious acts needed; rather, gain a deeper faith in Christ.

Bonus Interactive Identity in Christ Resources

My Identity in ChristThis Interactive Bible Study, Journal, and Coloring Book – Learning to Believe and Apply God’s Truth About Myself by Sarah Roberts looks like quite the resource to check out! If you enjoy coloring, studying, or interacting in a fun way, check it out!

Princess in Progress: Pursuing and Proclaiming Your Identity in Christ – Use this devotional journal to discover who you are in Christ. Whether you use this resource or another one, find some way to connect with your identity (who you are) in Christ Jesus, our Lord.


Have you ever asked, What is my identity in Christ? Have you wondered how our Prince of Peace could lay down His life for us? It’s an amazing thing, isn’t it? We hope you gained some sense of your identity in this article or the provided resources. 

Remember that God made you who you are for a reason. If you wonder what your calling is, trust that God will provide it in His timing. His timing is always best! Trust that He will provide your purpose in time and continue to pray for His will to be done. 

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