How to Rejoice in the Lord

How To Rejoice In The Lord (25 Unique Ways)

Have you ever been curious about a word or phrase found in the Bible, like how to rejoice in the Lord? While it’s true that we might know how to rejoice, in a general sense, what does it mean to know how to rejoice “in the Lord”? How is God involved when we rejoice?

Have you ever tried a unique way to rejoice in the Lord, only to find it not working as you had hoped? If you are still looking for the perfect way to rejoice in the Lord, I cannot say that one of these 25 ways will be the perfect solution. Everyone is different and has a variety of needs.

However, if you approach this list with an open mind and stay creative in case you come up with your own ideas on how to rejoice in the Lord, you are guaranteed to at least learn something new! Are you excited to try one of these 25 unique ways to find joy in the Lord?

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How to Rejoice in the Lord (25 Unique Ways)

If you want to know how to rejoice in the Lord, I have good news. Check out the tips and tricks found in these 25 unique ways to experience a sense of joy. As you go through the list of ways to rejoice in the Lord, be sure to think creatively and come up with some of your own!

How to Rejoice in the Lord

1 – Trust in the Lord.

In the Bible, we are told to trust in the Lord. How can we trust in a Lord we’ve never seen? Well, for one thing, trusting is believing. It’s all about having faith. Also, how do you know the wind is in action? You feel the effects! That’s how it is with God. We can see His movements all around.

2 – Pray to God.

Our Lord wants a relationship with us. If you want a relationship with talking and listening, consider implementing prayer in your life. Do you know how to pray? Do you want to try a prayer journal? Have you thought about adopting a prayer binder? Have fun with prayer!

3 – Memorize Scripture.

There are many benefits to memorizing Scripture. Have you ever wished you knew an encouraging passage to share with a hurting friend? What about the times when you needed to recall a Scripture that’s helped you in the past? It’s always great to have them in your heart.

4 – Praise the Lord.

Praising the Lord is a great way to have joy. Think about the many Psalms that refer to finding joy in the Lord through praise. Why not give it a try? Lift your voice to heaven and let our Creator know how grateful you are for His many attributes.

How to Rejoice in the Lord

5 – Be grateful.

Having an attitude of gratitude will change your demeanor right away. Tell the Lord about the gratitude you feel for the various things He has done for you. In what ways are you blessed? What are some new ways you can show gratitude to the Lord? Try a gratitude journal!

6 – Fellowship with other believers.

Making Christian friends can bring a lot of joy. Have you already built a spiritual friendship? How can you nurture that relationship to be even stronger? With greater work, you can both have more joy in your life. Be sure you act as a good friend should – in the ways of Christ!

7 – Get involved in your church.

If you don’t have a church or don’t know how to go to church, consider stepping out of your comfort zone to go to church next Sunday. If you are unable to attend church because of a medical disability or something, consider hitting an online church and getting involved that way.

8 – Go to a Christian concert.

Christian music can keep you on fire for God for a longer period of time. The lyrics are often inspiring and can reach you at a deeper level. Consider going to a Christian concert of a Christian band that’s popular. You will likely walk away revived and feel brand new!

9 – Love others.

This site was founded on the principle of loving others first. Later, God revealed the need for a Christian outlook to make sure people knew what to put first – their relationship with Him! The second greatest Commandment, as brought up by Jesus, is to treat others better than yourself.

10 – Volunteer.

One great way to love others is to volunteer. Do not judge others who need help. It takes courage and humility to ask for help when you need help. You do not know their story, so approach everyone you meet with love, even the ugly ones who slander and gossip.

11 – Offer a tithe to God.

Giving 10% to God can really cleanse your soul. You will realize how He will bless you when you show humility and trust in this way. It can be very difficult at first and might even seem counterproductive when you are struggling to make ends meet, but try a small amount at first.

How to Rejoice in the Lord

12 – Demonstrate patience.

In my opinion, one of the chief signs that someone is a Christian is their amount of patience and understanding with other people, especially those who are difficult. They demonstrate such a great amount of kindness that it’s often unbelievable to witness.

13 – Listen to God.

Listening to God can truly connect you with our Creator in different ways. Consider sitting in complete silence and just breathing. If you are able, experience nature by going for a walk. Read random verses in the Bible. If you listen, you will hear our Lord. Rejoice in this!

14 – Pursue God’s will for your life.

Do you ask God each day what the will for your life is? Consider doing the Bible Study called How to Discover Your Calling. If you’d like to read an article on the subject, here are some I recommend: Your Calling, Your Purpose, and Building a Relationship with God (Part 1 of 4).

15 – Share your testimony.

Sharing your Celebrate Recovery testimony or your faith testimony is empowering and can change the lives of those you are around. Imagine just telling your story and helping bring someone to salvation – to eternal life in Heaven! What is more joyous than that?

16 – Shout for joy.

When you are seeking joy, what better way to gain it than to praise the Lord, shouting for joy? The Bible mentions shouting for joy in the Lord in many places. These are just a few of the verses – Psalm 98:4; Psalm 66:1-2; Joshua 6:20; Ezra 3:11; Psalm 5:11; Isaiah 12:6.

17 – Count your blessings.

Often, when we live life without remembering what God has done, we get depressed. Things that might make us grateful are the very things that we find fault in. Rather than forgetting God’s goodness, celebrate it by counting your blessings when you feel a sense of negativity!

18 – Dance.

Put on some praise and worship music, set your time for about 30 minutes, and dance your heart out as you sing and worship our great God. In the Old Testament of the Bible, David was so excited about what the Lord was doing that he began dancing! (His wife did not approve).

How to Rejoice in the Lord

19 – Watch the Chosen.

When you need a spiritual pick-me-up, there is a great show called The Chosen. It is based on the life of Jesus and how He chose His apostles (and who they were). It’s a great way to get in touch with your faith and see things more clearly. Connect with the Lord with joy in your heart.

20 – Have a good cry.

Life can be overwhelming and even unbearable for some. If you feel frustrated because your life didn’t turn out the way you’d hoped, look up! Look to God to see where He is in all your turmoil and what He may be trying to teach you from your experiences. Have a good cry about it.

21 – Forgive others.

It’s hard to believe that humbling yourself in an often-uncomfortable way by forgiving others can bring you joy in the Lord. Remember, you have plenty of sins and flaws. God forgave you through the sacrifice of His only Son – Jesus. Are you feeling a bit more joyous now??

22 – Enjoy nature.

Enjoying nature, studying the Bible, and praying outside can help you connect with God. Have a picnic or just take a walk-in nature. Thank the Lord for each blessing that you encounter as you observe and rejoice in God’s Creation. Take a few deep breaths and meditate on the Bible.

23 – Study the Bible.

When we’re not in the habit of staying in the Word, we will forget what we previously learned. It might draw us away from the Lord and toward things like sin, temptation, and influencing others in the wrong way. We have jobs to do in the world. It’s hard to do them if we aren’t in the Word.

24 – Have time alone with God.

If you don’t start your day with God, you are certainly missing out. Spending time with the Lord is a crucial part of your walk. If you don’t know how to build a quiet time with God, we suggest checking out our Bible study on the topic. It will help you get things started today!

25 – Look at answered prayers.

This is the prayer book I am using in 2024, along with a few others. I have enjoyed the experiences I’ve adopted based on this book. Looking back to see what my old prayers were, tracking my prayers, and seeing which and how God has answered those prayers is great!

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Rejoice in the Lord

Gain answers to all of your frequently asked questions on how to rejoice in the Lord here. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us or leave a comment!

What Does It Mean to Rejoice in the Lord?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary says that rejoicing in the Lord is giving of yourself, feeling joy, or having great delight. When this happens, you’ll be happy when serving others (showing love as Jesus did). Rejoicing in the Lord can also involve praise, worship, and new strength.

Does the Bible Command Us to Rejoice?

It’s really not a negotiable command, so the consensus is that God wants us to rejoice in our blessings from Him. Over and over in the Bible, God tells us to “rejoice in the Lord.” He wants our relationship with Him to be a source of joyful fulfillment in our lives.

What is the meaning of Philippians 4:4?

Did you know that a popular song was written about this verse? It was written by Tommy Walker. It’s certainly worth checking out! Paul (the author of Philippians) wanted people to rejoice at all times. He and Silas certainly found ways to rejoice even in the worst conditions!

What Does Philippians 4:8 Mean?

Philippians 4:8 is a great verse to memorize. That way, when things are unclear in your mind, you can turn to this verse and feel a sense of clarity as you focus on different things. When we think about honorable things, we will improve our thoughts and thwart any darts from Satan!

How Can I Rejoice in the Lord Always?

It takes time and practice. Many Christians do not rejoice at all times because they are in the “growth” stage of their walk. If you always want to rejoice in the Lord, you might have to work at it. There are times when your demeanor may change instantly, and you’ll never look back!

Free Resources on How to Rejoice in the Lord

Use the following free resources to enlighten your life and strengthen your faith. There is no greater way to learn how to rejoice in the Lord than to trust Him and embrace your belief in Him.

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The following Bible studies on Philippians and the subject of joy are excellent ways to learn how to rejoice in the Lord. They are all free, and I have first-hand experience with the first three. I’ve heard the last one is also excellent.

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This Rejoice in the Lord Bible Study looks intriguing. I have yet to go through this study, but it is definitely on my wishlist. It also has video access as part of the study. If you’ve done this one, be sure to provide us with your feedback!

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Concluding Thoughts on How to Rejoice in the Lord

Do you now know how to rejoice in the Lord? Which one of the life-changing ways resonated with you the most? Let your soul rest and find peace as you love the Lord our God and grow in your faith. Allow peace and calmness to fill your soul from now on.

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