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How to Encourage Someone (100 Unique & Easy Ways to Encourage Others)

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If you want to know how to encourage someone, you are in for a treat with the 100 best ways to encourage others! That’s right! This will be listing 100 things you can do to improve someone’s mood, cheer someone up, or lift someone’s spirits – whatever you need to do! In these points, we’ll cover everything from a simple smile to learning someone’s love language. 

You can encourage someone spiritually by taking them to church or a spiritual event like Celebrate Recovery. Maybe your friend just needs you to take him or her out for a drink or a good heart-to-heart conversation. Whatever they need – we’ve got some great suggestions of things you can try to encourage them

How to Encourage Someone (100 Unique & Easy Ways to Encourage Others)

How to Encourage Someone (Top 100 Ways)

#1. Smile.

According to science, not only does smiling give YOU many side effects, making you happier and more positive but a smile also scientifically has been proven to be contagious! Plus, it can lower your blood pressure, relieve stress, and improve your immune system. If that doesn’t make you grin, I’m not sure what will!

#2. Acknowledge their feelings.

When someone needs to be uplifted, it may help if you acknowledge the way they feel. If they are sad or upset, showing empathy and concern can go a long way!

#3. Call them to say hello.

I know there are many people in my life who enjoy just a phone call that has no purpose other than checking in to say hello. It’s nice to see how someone is doing with everything – just because you care. I love it when people just call, text, or send me a message without an agenda of some kind. That is a rarity to find with friends. 

#4. Send them a surprise gift card.

What a pleasant and simple way to let someone know you care and want them to be happy!

#5. Give them a pat on the back.

This would be especially appropriate for sporting events or with co-workers if you have that kind of office environment. Getting a metaphorical “pat on the back” can be equally rewarding! Just encourage another person with words instead of physical actions!

#6. Open up and share secrets.

Sometimes, people need to know you are willing to be vulnerable; they want to know you are a real person with real problems, too. Show your softer, sweeter side by opening up and sharing things that are personal in nature.

#7. Share positivity.

When you aren’t sure what to say to someone, just think about what you would want to hear and do your part by sharing that positive message. Some of the great characteristics of a solid friendship include emotional intelligence, empathy, gratefulness, honest praise, a caring attitude, and solid communication

Some examples of things you could say to your friend include: 

  • I believe in you. 
  • I know you will get through this.
  • You will overcome this.
  • You have made a difference.
  • Your efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.
  • Your suffering will get better in time.

#8. Send them a nice email.

Some people respond best to interpersonal communication. Others like it when you show you care through a simple email. You and your friend can encourage one another daily through email. 

Email is a terrific, easy, and creative way to help a friend with the right words of encouragement. You never know what kind word could mean the world to them or how you could easily make a difference by saying something like: “Don’t be afraid,” “I’m here with you in this difficult time,” or “You’ve done a good job.”

#9. Celebrate with them.

If your friend or person you are in a relationship with has achieved something, celebrate with them! Let them know you share their feeling of satisfaction and that their joy is wonderful! Take them out somewhere nice to show that you are proud of them and their accomplishments or achievements!

#10. Offer solutions.

If you have a great deal of understanding in regards to their problem or challenge, offer some solutions or answers to help them determine the right course of action or the next steps to take or even where to begin if they are at the beginning of a trial. 

#11. Be a cheerleader.

It can be hard to know what to say to encourage someone, but if you are at a loss for words when the day approaches that you must see your friend, just let them know you are happy for them in their triumphs and there for them when their chips are down! Sometimes, just having someone on your side means all the world!

#12. Encourage them to have faith.

Many people find comfort in Bible studies or prayer; celebrating the Good News that Jesus Christ died for our sins and will one day come back again can be a wonderful truth to share with a friend! Talk about the Good News!

For this is how God loved the world – He gave His one and only Son so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. – John 3:16

How to Encourage Someone (100 Unique & Easy Ways to Encourage Others)

#13. Send them a kind social media message.

Forward a funny GIF or message made of hilarious emojis if you really want to benefit your friend or co-worker. Just pass along anything supportive that you think would make them smile.

#14. Say positive affirmations.

One brilliant way to encourage someone is to tell them positive, life-affirming quotes or encouraging Bible verses

#15. Give them a gift.

There are so many gift ideas you could use to improve the life of your friend. You don’t even have to spend much money or any at all if you are crafty and creative. Just purchase them something that would lift their spirits. Think about what they would like!

If they love to exercise, what about a walking or wellness log or a new bracelet that matches their favorite running shoes?

Here are a few more ideas:

  • Coffee beans
  • T-shirt
  • Mug 
  • Stickers or washi tape
  • Cute pen
  • Wall art
  • Cookie 
  • Book 

#16. Shower them with kindness.

When someone is discouraged, it’s important to show them kindness like they’ve never felt before. Assist them in any way you can. Do random acts of kindness such as buying them a magazine subscription, walking their dog, carrying in their groceries, or sending them flowers.

#17. Listen.

True listening takes courage; it’s really an art to listen to someone and not just hear what they are saying. Fine-tune your listening skills by paying close attention, maintaining eye contact, and minimizing distractions

#18. Send them an encouraging text message.

“You have confidence like no one I’ve ever seen.” “Your ability to solve problems amazes me.” “You have touched so many lives with your kind, loving spirit.” Those are a few examples of texts you could send.

#19. Point out the positives.

Make sure you help them count their blessings. Maybe they live in a free country, have a loving family, or are skilled at doing something; whatever it is – let them know there are good things in their life.

#20. Surprise them with a mystery box.

There are hundreds of subscriptions online you could sign them up for to receive a box once a month. There are boxes all over Amazon (over 400 to choose from) that you can subscribe to, for example, or just make your own special box of goodies

#21. Ask for guidance.

Sometimes, when people know their advice is wanted and noticed, they feel like their life is worthwhile because they matter to someone. They truly make a difference!

#22. Write a letter.

Everyone loves getting real mail from a friend or family member. I suggest that you handwrite the letter to make it more personal. 

#23. Show appreciation.

Be sure to let your friend or associate know that their efforts are noticed and that you are appreciative of everything they’ve done to help you in life. Some other ways you can show appreciation include leaving them a thoughtful note and introducing them to someone new!

#24. Be generous.

You can show generosity by giving up your time and energy for someone else. Even if you give up your extra cash to buy someone a coffee, that’s showing generosity.

The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed. – Proverbs 11:25

#25. Give hugs freely.

Human touch is often needed when someone is fighting a hard battle, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and give someone a hug.

How to Encourage Someone (100 Unique & Easy Ways to Encourage Others)

#26. Make them laugh.

You can tell jokes, funny stories, or just put on a comedy fest by watching a hilarious television show or movie. 

#27. Be there.

Being present for someone is key when encouraging them. You must show them that they are your focus, the only thing you are caring about at the moment. 

#28. Send them a surprise.

Most people love surprises! I don’t get flowers very often, but I was surprised with them the other day when I was feeling down, and they really cheered me up!

#29. Take them to a funny movie.

Go with your friend to a comedy! Laughter can often be the best medicine for encouraging someone! Rolling Stone has a great list of the funniest movies of all time, which includes Caddyshack, There’s Something About Mary, and Airplane!

#30. Say hello for no reason.

You never know when someone is having a bad day and really needs to hear the voice of someone who cares. Ask how they are and show concern if they seem down.

#31. Invite them to dinner.

Many people long for the company of others. It’s okay to make plans with someone you don’t know very well. You may end up having a best friend out of the deal! You won’t know unless you give it a shot.

#32. Explain how they’ve helped you.

Often, people just need to know they have made a difference in the world. If you can convince them that they’ve had an impact on your world, that’s even better because you can give them specific examples.

#33. Pass joy on.

Did you know that joy is actually contagious? If you are cheerful and positive, perhaps you will pass on this mood to others. 

Always be joyful. – 1 Thessalonians 5:16

#34. Be social.

You may not feel up to going out in public, but if your friend is down in the dumps, you should take him or her out and try your best to have a fun time!

#35. Help them with some gardening.

While to some this seems like a chore, it can really brighten the spirits of others. Join in with your friend or take the initiative to do it yourself.

#36. Remind them of their blessings.

As mentioned, when you encourage someone spiritually, you should point out the many blessings they have in their life. Remind them that they always can turn to God when they are feeling down and depressed. He is always there to listen.

#37. Build rapport.

According to Mind Tools, you can connect with others by creating shared experiences, practicing good communication, finding common ground, and mirroring. Mirroring is when you copy the expressions and actions of the person you are trying to communicate with.

#38. Make quality time for them.

This can be the hardest thing to give someone, but it can also be the most valuable gift you can give. Make sure there are no distractions or interruptions when you spend quality time with this person.

#39. Send them a care package.

A care package can be filled with whatever cheers a person up. If someone is sick, you could include some over-the-counter medication, juice, lemon-lime soda, and good old-fashioned chicken noodle soup! Get creative and think of what might help them and lift their spirits. 

#40. Talk about good times.

Often, the best way to lift someone’s spirits is to remind them of the fun they’ve had in the past. Sometimes, remembering those times can really make them feel better

#41. Remind them who is always on their side.

God is always there; Jesus will listen to them – day or night. Remind them that they ARE important and what matters to them, matters to God. Encourage them to pray and share their problems with the Lord. Sometimes, sharing God’s Word can inspire love and help a friend by giving them a sense of purpose!

He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us. – 2 Corinthians 1:4

#42. Set a good example.

Always try to remember that people are watching and listening to everything you say and do. If you want to be perceived in a particular way, make sure you always show the right characteristics.

#43. Give them a handmade gift.

You could knit a scarf, bake a cake, or create a homemade card for someone. Use your creative juices to come up with gifts that would cheer someone up.

How to Encourage Someone (100 Unique & Easy Ways to Encourage Others)

#44. Talk about their strengths.

If you accentuate the positives of a person, they often see themselves in a new light! Remind them of all the good qualities they have, and perhaps they will focus on those rather than on the negative situation they are in.

#45. Show love.

Love is made up of kindness, joy, compassion, hope, peace, and much more! Read 1 Corinthians 13 for a complete definition of love.

#46. Send them flowers.

I have rarely received flowers from someone, but it was such a nice surprise. They just had no idea what a splendid impact they’d made in my life by such a sweet gesture!

#47. Be patient.

Patience requires special skills, but if you set your mind to it, even if you are an impatient person, you can show patience. Just be still and know that even though your mind is racing, this person needs your full attention and focus right now. 

#48. Pray for them.

This is an unspoken thing you can do for someone; I think it’s great to do this as much as possible. If you aren’t big on prayer, you can learn to embrace it in your life with a prayer journal that has prompts to guide you so that you will know what to say.

#49. Give them a candle.

This simple gesture could really make someone’s day! Just let them know you were thinking of them!

#50. Send them a thank-you card.

Thank you notes are a must-have for an encourager! Send them freely and show everyone that you have noticed the efforts they have made to impact your life and what a difference they have made.

#51. Offer practical help.

Assist in any way that you can. Offer free babysitting or pet sitting if they need it – whatever will help them during this time of need. They might just appreciate you being there for them and helping them with the dishes or laundry.

#52. Lend them something big.

I’ve never received this gesture, but I’ve heard of people loaning out their boats or vacation homes to cheer someone up. It’s a brilliant idea!

#53. Send them a letter in the mail.

Everyone loves personal mail! If you need some help knowing what to say to encourage someone, check out my post on what to say in a letter to an inmate or an encouraging letter to a soldier. These articles are jam-packed full of great quotes, Bible verses, and sayings you can use to write your letter. 

#54. Talk about the good in the world.

While there are negatives in the world, you should focus on the positives when you try to encourage your friend. Like joy and smiling, positivity is contagious!

My friends, be glad, even if you have a lot of trouble. – James 1:2

#55. Be agreeable.

You don’t have to support an opinion you disagree with, but you can avoid being argumentative. People who are agreeable look for ways to connect with other people rather than ways to be an opposing force. Instead of seeing all the ways you and the other person conflict, find ways to get along and agree!

#56. Acknowledge their pain.

Many times, people don’t want advice or solutions to their problems. They just want someone to acknowledge they are suffering and care about their feelings

A person with a great deal of emotional intelligence (EQ) is able to not only control and manage his or her own emotions but he or she can also recognize the emotions in others and respond accordingly. What an amazing thing! This doesn’t happen overnight; it takes practice!

#57. Show empathy.

You could demonstrate empathy by sharing your feelings, listening, showing interest, and being supportive. 

#58. Pray with them.

I’ve heard it said by many people that they don’t mind praying FOR someone but that praying with them is not something they are comfortable doing. I guess I don’t totally understand this point of view, but I encourage you to pray WITH your friend if possible. 

This may be a little hard at first if you don’t really know how to pray, but with practice, you can do it well. Prayer can greatly improve your life and the lives of those you pray for! People who aren’t religious may be hesitant to allow you to pray for them at first, but what harm can it do to them?

It could be a little uncomfortable in the beginning, but give it time. It could truly bless the life of the person you are praying with, and you never know how your praying could impact their spiritual life. You don’t have to pray a long, drawn-out prayer with big words. Keep it simple and speak from the heart. 

#59. Pay them compliments.

Tell them how great they are and all of the wonderful qualities you have noticed in them. I have a friend who often has guy problems, but she is so outgoing and social. I envy those qualities in her, so I always tell her when she has trouble with a boyfriend that she will find someone new soon because she is so incredibly outgoing. 

#60. Give them hope.

Tiny Buddha has some great tips on how to give hope to someone who is struggling. For example, if they say they aren’t hungry or don’t want to eat, you can prepare a meal for them anyway and suggest they eat something. Show them there are people who care for their well-being. 

#61. Learn their love language.

There are five love languages. Learn what your friend’s love language is so that you can encourage him or her in the right way. For example, if they prefer quality time to gifts, make time to spend quality time with them. That means ditching the cell phone and giving them your full attention. 

#62. Talk about their passions.

Many people enjoy talking about the things they love the most. Even if you’ve heard enough on the topic, be patient and ask questions about the things they are most passionate about. 

#63. Be genuine.

Always be yourself and be honest. You can tell white lies, but don’t be deceitful. 

#64. Make time for a video chat.

Some people need to see a friend live in order to feel comforted and blessed by their friendship. 

#65. Share some encouraging Bible verses.

There’s no reason you can’t read the Word of God to your friend and share some encouraging Bible verses with your friend. You never know how they might bless his or her life. 

But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint. – Isaiah 10:31

#66. Recognize the good they’ve done.

Showing them praise and recognition is a great way to show encouragement. Talk about the accomplishments and achievements in their life. Discuss a time when they made a difference in the life of someone else. Talk about how they’ve improved your life. 

#67. Praise them.

According to a study of 3,000 executives done by Scott Mautz, 93% of people need more praise, credit, appreciation, and encouragement. People who received more recognition performed better and were happier.

#68. Encourage counseling.

Depending on what your friend is going through, it might be a good idea to suggest that they see a qualified therapist or counselor. You could even offer to take them and go to the sessions with them if they don’t want to be alone. 

#69. Share struggles with them.

People love it when others adapt the conversation to include what they are going through. Don’t you love it when you are included in a big group talk rather than excluded? Talk about what you’ve overcome in life, too; don’t make them be the only person talking. 

#70. Do something fun they would enjoy.

The important point here is to do something THEY would enjoy, not you. You might hate golf but if that is their comfort zone, their passion in life, take them to a putting green or driving range. Do what they would enjoy doing to cheer them up!

#71. Give them a Bible.

My husband said that he lost his backpack one time, and when it was returned to his work, there was a Bible in it. He said he was so touched by the person that left that. 

He still has the Bible today. How sweet and inspirational is that? You can touch the life of someone else by doing something simple like giving them a Bible.

#72. Do acts of service on their behalf.

You could donate to a worthy cause in their name or do something else with your time and/or money on your friend’s behalf. I bet they would really appreciate it!

#73. Invite them to volunteer with you.

According to the New York Times, there are some great ways you can connect with someone by doing this. You could work on a community garden together or join forces at a church committee. This is one way to make someone feel respected and cared for. Plus, how great is it to work on a volunteer project with someone else?

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them. – Romans 8:28

#74. Take them out for some fun.

Sometimes, you just need to let loose and have a blast! Go out dancing or hit a hot new sushi bar! Find a way to have fun with your friend, and they will enjoy your company.

#75. Follow up with them.

Whatever way you decide to go in encouraging others, you should follow up later on with your friend or acquaintance. Make sure they are okay and coping alright with the aftermath of whatever they were going through. Don’t just allow encouragement to be a one-time chore. Instead, keep checking on your friend.

25 More Ways to Encourage Others

Looking for more ways to encourage someone? Check out these ways for more ideas!

  • Do a random act of kindness.
  • Offer free babysitting.
  • Remind them of their accomplishments.
  • Say “thank you.”
  • Encourage them to pursue their dreams.
  • Pass them a note of encouragement.
  • Send them a food basket.
  • Tell them you love them.
  • Make them a positive sign.
  • Send them a singing telegram.
  • Be life-affirming.
  • Be selfless.
  • Take them for a nice walk.
  • Throw them a party.
  • Say something positive about them on social media.
  • Provide them with validation.
  • Comfort them.
  • Take them for a fun drive.
  • Play uplifting music.
  • Read them positive quotes.
  • Commend them.
  • Take them out for coffee.
  • Leave post-it notes for them to find.
  • Pass on positive life lessons.
  • Tell them how they’ve encouraged you.

More Encouraging Resources

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Do you know how to encourage someone now? Which ways to encourage others will you try? Who needs encouragement in your life?

I’d love to hear what encouragement strategies have worked for you in the past! Please comment and share this article on social media! If you’ve found it to be helpful, I’d love it if you’d read more of my articles and let me know what you think! Your opinion matters!

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