Prayers for depression

100+ Simple Prayers for Depression, Anxiety, and Hope

If you are looking for some quick and easy prayers for depression, anxiety, and hope, you have to check out this article. It has enough prayers to last you for quite some time, which will help if you are seeking to pray on a daily basis – our recommendation.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to pray for someone else? A few tips and tricks are laid out for you in this article. Plus, there is a wide range of prayers for almost any occasion that you are welcome to pray to the Lord. 

Prayers for depression

We’ve covered prayers for depression, prayers for depression and anxiety, prayers for depression and sadness, and prayers for hope. Additionally, there are many Bible verses listed that you can pray when you are experiencing any kind of depression or hopelessness.

Let’s face it; we all get down from time to time. If you do not suffer from depression, this information could be helpful when you are praying for that friend or family member (or anyone) who does suffer from mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Let’s dive in!

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How to Pray for Someone Else – A Quick Guide

Do you have a family member or friend that you would love to pray for because they are suffering from depression, anxiety, or hopelessness? Maybe you wish you knew how to pray for others. Besides our perfect Lord, no one knows the perfect way to pray for someone else.

We all were built differently by our Creator, so what works for one person will likely not work for another. However, if you’d like a quick answer, you might want to pray the Bible. With this FREE Praying the Scriptures guide, you can just speak the verses out loud to God or silently.

Another prayer method is the ACTS prayer method. With this method, you follow a pattern of prayer – Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication. Additionally, you are welcome to check out our tutorials on how to start a prayer binder or how to start a prayer journal.

Prayers for depression

The main thing to remember when praying for someone else is that you need to speak from the heart. Find a way to connect with God so that your prayers are sincere and speak the truth. Our How to Build a Quiet Time Bible Study can be very helpful if you need a boost.

If you’d really like to be on fire in your prayer life, especially as you pray for someone else, consider creating a prayer closet – a place for you to privately pray to God about the matters on your mind. Learn more about how to pray in our beginner’s guide.

Prayers for Depression

  1. When I am feeling blue, please remind me that when I turn to You, things are always better.
  2. Lord, please help me find strong, positive Christian examples to help me get through this difficult time.
  3. Help me remember to not be afraid of anything or discouraged because You are with me at all times.
  4. As I search for joy in my pain, remind me to seek You first (Psalm 22:26) in all that I do.
  5. When I feel low, remind me of Your love. Nothing can separate me from it (Romans 8:38-39).
  6. You are the Light in my life. Help me focus on eternity!
  7. Please ease my burdens and remind me that nothing is more important than my salvation.
  8. Lord, I just ask for a grateful heart, knowing that You are always faithful and will pull me through this.
  9. Please elevate my mood and get me ready for war against the enemy.
  10. Lord, I would appreciate some wisdom when it comes to my depression. Lead me to the right resources and answers.
  11. As I struggle to find the meaning behind my hurt and pain, I just ask for You to wrap Your arms around me and never let go.
  12. Lord, when I feel down and alone, please place the right people in my path. 
  13. As I struggle with hopelessness, remind me of my blessings and all of the good things You have done in my life. Help me see my life has meaning.
  14. Please erase my fears and help me turn my frown upside down.
  15. Bring to my mind the things that bring me joy when I feel upset.
  16. When I’m discouraged, please remind me that this is the enemy trying to trick me. Let me not be fooled by his tactics. 
  17. Please set me on solid ground and never allow me to slip and fall (Psalm 55:22).
  18. Lord, help me to open my heart. When I open my heart, I know that all I need is You.
  19. When I feel lousy, remind me that I am not alone. King David felt this way, as found in Psalm 23.
  20. Please help me not slip into temptations when I feel uncomfortable. Though I feel it, help me stop the grumbling and complaining.
  21. When I am low, remind me that I have been through worse and survived. The enemy is just trying to throw me off my game!
  22. Please help me find joy in the things that make me happy.
  23. When I can’t seem to find my way, help me remember to always lean on You.
  24. Give me patience as I await Your answers. Remind me to continue praying at all times.
  25. Please do not ever give up on me as I struggle to stay “together.” I need you, Lord.

Prayers for Anxiety and Depression

  1. Lord, Please be my light and salvation as prayed in Psalm 27:1.
  2. As I feel fear for something unreasonable or unknown, please bless me with comfort and ease my fears.
  3. When I am anxious, help me not make matters worse for myself. Remind me to breathe slowly and take one thing at a time.
  4. Help me not be afraid of anything because you have my back (Isaiah 43:1-2).
  5. When I want to panic, remind me to come to You in prayer and continue to pray until the anxious feelings go away.
  6. Help me remember that no matter what I’m facing, You have me in your arms.
  7. Please remind me to hand all of my worries over to You.
  8. Stress is multiplying in my life, and I need You. Please come to my rescue.
  9. When I feel like my world is all messed up and I lack direction, calm my soul and help me focus on what You need me to do.
  10. Precious Lord, Please do not let worries fill my head. Remind me that I can have victory over this with You.
  11. I trust that You will rescue me from my anxious thoughts and fears.
  12. Please remind me of the good in my life. Shower me with love.
  13. When I have doubts and fear the worst, please remind me to breathe deeply and trust Your hand in it all.
  14. Help me know the right things to do and say; help me focus on what’s important.
  15. Lord, teach me to turn to You when times are tough and not look to the world for answers.
  16. As my anxiety increases, please wrap Your arms around me in a giant hug!
  17. When I feel down, please lead me to the best resources for my particular situation.
  18. Show me how to turn to others and open up when things are emotionally hard for me.
  19. Lead me through this; help me trust You above all.
  20. When I want to scream because of the amount of anxiety, help me slow my breathing and remember that You are in charge and can change it all in a heartbeat.
  21. As I worry and feel a great amount of fear, I just ask that You lead me to comforting passages in the Bible.
  22. Help ease my burdens and turn to You and Your Spirit.
  23. As my moods go up and down, please put something in my life that is joyous. Help me to find new ways to laugh.
  24. Please give me enormous peace right now.
  25. If it is Your Will, I ask that You please heal me from this distress.

Prayers for Sadness and Depression

  1. When I am low, please help me be productive and do good in this world.
  2. Do not let me walk in darkness, as mentioned in John 8:12.
  3. I know you are near and hear my desperate cries. I cry out to You! 
  4. Keep my delicate heart safe and free from unnecessary worries.
  5. When I feel all is lost, remind me of what I gain by being Your child.
  6. Please remove my troubles. Throw my fears away (Psalm 3:6).
  7. When hard times hit, please comfort and protect my heart.
  8. Remind me of Your grand plan and that there is a purpose in all things.
  9. Please heal my broken heart. Fill me with peace and joy as I pursue You. 
  10. Show me where to go when I am sad and lost.
  11. Help me find serenity and know what I can and cannot control.
  12. Please walk beside me on this journey to ensure I do not stray.
  13. Help me leave my worries at the cross.
  14. When I am paralyzed with depression and sadness, remind me that You are by my side.
  15. Comfort me as I struggle to just make it through the day.
  16. Remind me of what matters most.
  17. Ease my troubles with a good dose of laughter.
  18. When I feel that things are hopeless, please remind me of eternal hope.
  19. As the hard times multiply, I ask for You to bless my spirit and mind.
  20. Show me something beautiful in Your creation today.
  21. As I struggle with emotions today, please lead me to various places in Psalms.
  22. Lord, I love You, but I’m struggling. Please do not leave my side.
  23. When I am very low, please reach out Your hand and lift me up!
  24. Bring to me the people who will bless my life, not make it harder.
  25. Teach me to count my blessings and focus less on the negative aspects of life.

Prayers for Hope

  1. Please give me hope and refuge through my Bible study and prayer time.
  2. When I’m at my lowest, help me have no fear. You are always with me and comfort my heart.
  3. Please give me the comfort that only You can provide. I trust You.
  4. When I feel all alone or down, remind me that You are holding me up. You hold my hand when I am afraid.
  5. Move me toward gratitude. Help me count my many blessings. You have showered me fully.
  6. Please ease my fears (Isaiah 41:10). I have massive strength in You.
  7. When I feel helpless or hopeless, remind me that You have never left my side.
  8. I can be sure that whether I see torture, death, the blues, a bad day, severe depression, or just a sad moment, You are right by my side.
  9. If I feel things could not be worse, remind me of Your love and faithfulness.
  10. Please do not let me wallow in sorrow.
  11. Give me hope and a future with You (Jeremiah 29:11).
  12. Please bless me with peace and comfort right now.
  13. Help me remember that I can find refuge in You.
  14. As I lean on You right now, please help me feel the comfort of my faith.
  15. Hold me steady with Your victorious hand. Help me to patiently wait on You.
  16. Lord, I am suffering. Please help me bounce back to a happy place.
  17. When I feel hopeless, remind me to turn to Your Word (the Bible) and prayer.
  18. Please show me if I am on the wrong path. I feel low and am questioning my decisions. I need You.
  19. When fear plagues my spirit, remind me that when I follow You and Your Will, I can do anything.
  20. Please bless me with love, assurance, and comfort during this dark time.
  21. Remind me that You have a purpose for me.
  22. Help me always follow the path that You have set out for me.
  23. When I feel empty, please intervene. Give me the inspiration and motivation to press on.
  24. Help me fill my life with You!
  25. Bless my life with everlasting wisdom.
  26. Please renew my spirit today and help me live for You.

Help for Depression, Anxiety, and More

The following Bible verses can help you as you pray prayers for depression, anxiety, or hope. You can say the verses out loud, or you can write each Scripture in a journal. I do Scripture writing each day as part of my Bible reading routine. Developing strong spiritual habits helps!

Prayers for depression

Additionally, if you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts and are in the United States, please call 988. Additional suicide hotlines, chats, and more are available online. Always reach out to someone if you have concerning thoughts!

Bible Verses to Pray Prayers for Depression and Anxiety

Frequently Asked Questions on Prayer

Here are some frequently asked questions on prayer. If you have additional questions on prayers for depression, anxiety or need hope, please contact a local minister or leader. You are also welcome to contact us, as we can try to connect you to the best prayer resource.

What is the most powerful prayer for depression?

While there is no perfect prayer for depression, Psalm 23 will definitely boost your mood if you really take a look at all that David says in that short psalm. Truthfully, praying from the heart is the best way to go. You can complain to God, and He will hear you (1 John 5:14-15).

What does God say about dealing with depression?

Repeatedly, God says to be strong and courageous. We need to lean on Him when we are dealing with depression. This is not to say that some situations do not need intervention by a medical professional, but do not forget that there is much power in prayer!

Prayers for depression

How can I battle depression with prayer?

You can start a prayer notebook, also referred to as a war binder. In a prayer binder or notebook, you can easily list out your concerns about your depression. Continue writing until your hand hurts, and watch what God does in response! But be patient, as His timing is always best!

What is a powerful prayer for mental health?

I have found that the Serenity Prayer is very powerful against mental health problems. If you are praying for someone else (something we addressed in this article), consider printing them a copy of the Serenity Prayer. You can download a FREE copy in our Shop.

What should I read in the Bible when depressed?

Often, when we read tragic stories, we feel comfort. This happens when our circumstances are not as bad as the ones we are reading about. Job in the Bible experienced much hardship, as he lost much of his family and suffered serious blows. Consider reading the book of Job.

Concluding Thoughts on Prayers for Depression

So, what did you think of these powerful prayers for depression, anxiety, and hope? Is there anything we could add to this article to offer those with depression further mental health resources? If you battle depression, have you considered Celebrate Recovery?

If you are struggling with mental health issues, what prayers do you use? We’d love to hear all about it. Always turn to the Lord – no matter what you feel inside. Additionally, you can contact mental health professionals online or in your area if you have severe concerns.

Remember, if you are having suicidal thoughts and are in the United States, call 988. 

God bless you!

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