Prayer Closet

How to Create a Prayer Closet (5 Simple Steps to Make Your Own)

Have you heard about prayer closets but aren’t sure what they are? Do you want to create a prayer closet but don’t know how? What are prayer closets for, and how do you make your own? Let’s answer those pressing questions that perplex the eager believer’s mind.

First of all, I’m in love with prayer closets, so I am especially excited to share this journey with you. Second, who doesn’t want to make something like this? A prayer closet is your place to connect with God in an intimate and real way, but we’ll get to that.

With the five simple steps to create a prayer closet listed here, you’ll be able to make any space your prayer closet. You’ll also make this special location somewhere that you love to be – a place you are united with the Creator in an exclusive relationship that compares with no other!

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Prayer Closet

What is a Prayer Closet for a War Room?

To be honest, a prayer closet does not technically have to be a closet. In fact, a war room or prayer closet is whatever you make that place to be. In essence, it’s a place where you meet to pray to God – an intimate setting. It’s a location for those truly fervent prayers!

What is a War Room? 

The idea of a war room became popular because of the movie War Room, which stars Priscilla Shirer. In the movie, she frequently visits her “war room” or “prayer closet” to speak to God about what is on her mind and heart – her marriage.

The war room or prayer closet is called a war room because you go to war with the enemy (the devil). As you wage “war” against this enemy, you are encouraged to fight with everything you’ve got – perhaps using the various strategies laid out in Shirer’s book Fervent.

How Do You Set Up a War Room?

Now that you have a clear idea of what a war room is, you might wonder how to set one up. Of course, you are at liberty to decorate it and outfit it in any way that is helpful to you. Some ideas for your war room include a Bible, a prayer/devotional book, writing utensils, and paper.

Many people with war rooms use war room prayer strategies. This is how I got started. So, how do you create a war room prayer strategy? Simply list the ways that you are tempted and need help fighting the enemy and how you would like God to intercede in this situation.

For example, if you are suffering from anxiety, you might say something like, “When the feeling of anxiety washes over me, I will turn to You, Lord, and I will remember that nothing is impossible for You, according to Mark 10:27. You’ve got my back!”

Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. – Matthew 26:41 (NIV)

What is a Prayer Closet?

A war room can be a prayer closet, and a prayer closet can be a war room; you can have both or neither. It all depends on what you have set up in your home or location. If you live in a full house, as most people today do, you might only have a small corner of a closet available.

If you do not have ample space for a big war room or prayer closet, that’s perfectly fine! What matters is your heart, not how much space you have. You might create a war room prayer wall or just use a massive prayer binder that contains many categories (as I do)!

So, that being said, you might wonder, what is a war room prayer wall? Basically, you can create one of these prayer walls with a cardboard project board (like your kids use for school) and decorate it in a number of ways. This can be your quiet sanctuary – a place to meet with God.

But when you pray, go into your room, close the door, and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. – Matthew 6:6 (NIV)

Why Have a Prayer Closet in Your War Room?

There are many benefits of having a war room prayer closet. If you have implemented a quiet time with the Lord, you likely have a time set aside already. This gives you the place for that meeting. So the benefit here is knowing that this special time with the Lord will change you.

If you ask someone why they love their prayer closet, they would likely explain how connected they feel to God during that time. Having this special alone time with our Lord in a prayer closet or war room gives you a chance to prosper and grow in your faith, too!

Not only will you build on your relationship with God intentionally through the use of a prayer closet, but you will also be blessed (hopefully) with some possibly newfound privacy. We often need to be alone and in silence to truly hear the Lord. What’s holding you back from trying that?

A prayer closet is the perfect place to listen to God. As you spend quality time in prayer, you will be able to take a moment to truly listen to how God needs to speak to you. Often, doing a short Bible study lesson each day readies me to ask the right questions of God.

Prayer is a powerful tool. It can lead to many other benefits, including stress relief, a spiritual awakening, and an everlasting source of strength and comfort when things are not going our way. We are also commanded to pray on a continuous basis (1 Thessalonians 5:7).

Learn more about the benefits of prayer to see how it can truly impact your life and the lives of your loved ones (or even your enemies, as we are told to pray for them also).

But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. – Matthew 5:44 (NIV)

How to Create Your Own Prayer Closet

You’ve now discovered that there are many benefits to having a prayer closet. So, how do you create a prayer closet of your very own? The following five steps will walk you through the basics of how to create your own prayer closet. Of course, adapt them to work for you!

Prayer Closet

Step One – Finding the Ideal Location for Your Prayer Closet

Maybe you do not have room in your home to dedicate a closet to prayer. Perhaps all of your space is taken, or you are not utilizing it properly. What if you have too many closets? Maybe the options are just too enormous. So, how do you create a prayer closet in your home?

Think about the space you have available. If you need to set aside a small corner in your smallest closet, that’s perfectly alright. You need to work with what you have to make it a special time for you and the Lord. If you are unsure of what space to use, pray about it!

Don’t forget when we seek God in prayer, He hears us, and we will find Him and the answers we are searching for. Keep in mind that you might not hear the answers you were hoping for when buckling down in your prayer closet, but God’s answers surpass what we could hope for!

As you think about the areas you have available for a prayer closet, remember the parameters you will need for this space – a quiet, uninterrupted (if possible), and serene location where you can concentrate for more than five minutes.

What if you live somewhere that has no additional space, like a closet that you can devote to prayer? You can create a prayer closet or “area” by putting together a cardboard fold-out project board. Even a prayer binder of sorts will work for this purpose. Just make it your own!!

Hannah was praying in her heart, and her lips were moving, but her voice was not heard. – 1 Samuel 1:13 (NIV)

Step Two – Setting Boundaries for Your Prayer Closet

Now that you have found the right place for your prayer closet, you might be wondering, what makes a good prayer closet? Creating a prayer closet that is special to you and God is all about what resonates within your heart, spirit, and mind. Really think about this.

To get in touch with what moves you and helps you concentrate, you’ll want to be alone. Find a location where you can be undisturbed for anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour. Of course, if this is not possible, try to carve out at least five minutes to be alone with the Lord.

Talking to your family, friends, roommates, or anyone else that might interrupt your quiet time with God is critical. Be loving in your approach to this, as they are likely not intentionally steering you away from your faith. Just explain the importance of your quiet time with God.

It also helps to pray beforehand. Ask the Lord to reveal to you what needs to be said to these individuals so that they will understand the importance of your quiet time. Just remember that expecting perfection from your family in this way is unrealistic and unfair.

It’s important that you stay flexible in this regard without letting others walk all over you. This takes a delicate balance – one that can only be carried out by those who are walking with the Lord. Speak with love in your heart, and the right words will wash over you as you communicate. 

After he had dismissed them, he went up on a mountainside by himself to pray. Later that night, he was there alone. – Matthew 14:23 (NIV)

Step Three – Planning Your War Room Prayer Closet

Now, you’ve picked out a place for your prayer closet and have established some healthy boundaries for those in your life. How can you make this a special place for you, and what will you do in your prayer closet besides prayer? How do you begin to pray in a prayer closet?

There are a number of things you can purchase or repurpose that will make a prayer closet special. If you enjoy certain aromas, consider purchasing and lighting some candles. Thinking about all five senses in your time with God can certainly make it more meaningful.

Touch is another great sense that is often underutilized. Think about your favorite blanket, cozy chair, or even a beloved pet that brings you comfort. Invite these things into your quiet space to enhance the moments. If something helps you get closer to the Lord, see how you can use it!

You might need to get creative or check out what others do to decorate their prayer closets. Just keep in mind that comparing your space to that of another will not likely produce positive results. It’s better to see something you like, incorporate some new ideas, and make it your own.

As you plan out the items for your war room’s prayer closet, you might be wondering what to do if you do not have a closet. Setting up a war room without a closet can make having a prayer closet kind of tricky. However, it is not impossible. Find a caddy or tote and load it up!

Prayer Closet

Step Four – Decorating Your Prayer Closet or Prayer Room

You’ve now established the place where you will pray, determined the boundaries that need to happen, planned how you want the place to look, and are prepared to decorate it – probably the most exciting part! After all, you have all the elements; you just need to put them together!

Once you’ve found someone with a prayer closet you admire, you can use those ideas as the foundation for your prayer closet or war room. If you want to start from scratch, think about what colors, objects, shapes, and things inspire you. What moves you – compels you to act?

If you have identified what makes you click, start looking for things all over your house that inspire your faith in this same way. Go to a garage sale, hit a local thrift store, or shop online for even more great ideas. Likely, you can make do with what you have on hand at home.

You might wish to hang a banner that says something specific to your faith. What do you think about or need to be reminded about during your time with God? What would help you grow? Decorate your prayer room with items that really convict you and strengthen your faith.

So, where can you find more prayer corner ideas at home? Check for totes, baskets, and caddies that are not currently in use in another room in your house. Look online or in a magazine to find great ideas. Many people post beautiful options on Pinterest!

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. – Philippians 4:6 (NIV)

Step Five – Enjoying Your Prayer Closet

Yes, we’ve finally hit the fun part – or the most fun part – enjoying your prayer closet. Maybe you used a partition board to make a portable prayer closet or created a prayer binder to hold all the aspects of your prayer. You could use a combination like this to make your prayer time unique.

The real question is, what do you do in a prayer closet? The most obvious answer is to pray, but you are not limited to speaking to God. Sometimes, we need to listen to God and keep our mouths shut. Other times, we just need to sit in silence and praise the Lord for who He is.

Remember, it’s not all about you and your desires or the things you want God to accomplish on your behalf in this world. Granted, we often see prayer as this, but we need to spend more time praising Him, showing gratitude, and a number of other things!

As you learn to pray more intently or more fervently, as the book Fervent suggests, your time with God will go by fast. You’ll possibly even want to expand your thirty minutes to an hour. My encouragement for you is this: stretch yourself as you are going through this growth phase.

This is a time that you will one day look back on and maybe miss. It’s like maturing to adulthood. It’s awesome to be able to do what you want and all, but you also miss not having so many responsibilities from time to time. Make the most of your time with our Creator. Savor it!

Prayer Closet

Prayer Closet Resources – Free War Room Printables

You might wish to have beautiful art, prayer cards, Bible verses, which will be covered in the next section, and anything else that makes the room special to you. While this might differ based on your choices, the intent should remain the same – to show God glory and praise!

There are free printable prayer resources all over the internet. You can do a quick search to find some great additions to your prayer space. If you’d like to add some free war room printables to the great things you have in your prayer closet, consider one of the following items.

All of these printables are FREE in the Sharing Life and Love Shop or under Free Resources!

  • The Serenity Prayer – This would make a great thing to hang on the wall of your prayer closet. I try to say the Serenity Prayer every day during my prayer time, and I find it to be very helpful! Give it a try!
  • A 12-Month Bible Reading Plan – This Bible reading plan can be started at any time of the year. You can also use it by topic, as each of the 12 months has a different topic. You can always study the Bible as you also pray!
  • Spiritual Goal Setting Worksheet – Use a goal-setting worksheet to track your spiritual goals. An example might be the amount of time you spend in your prayer closet or the number of people you wholeheartedly pray for.
  • Attributes of God PDF Printable – The Attributes of God printable goes great with the attributes of God article, as you can use this as a way to praise God!
  • Printable Prayer Cards – You can use blank prayer cards or index cards to pray for others. If you wish to pray for your husband, we have a set, especially for that purpose.
  • The Daily Prayer Journal or Prayer Journal Planner would go great in your prayer journal or prayer binder/notebook.
  • A Prayer Tracker is a great addition to one of the organized systems mentioned above. This way, you can track your prayers – those you need to pray for, when, and why.
  • Praying the Scriptures eBook – This eBook will help you as you search for the best Bible verses to pray to the Lord.
Prayer Closet

Prayer Room Ideas You Don’t Want to Miss

If you have an adventurous spirit, you will love these prayer room ideas. They give you a chance to be productive and effective. No matter how you decorate or what products or tools you use, always keep your eyes fixed on the Lord! He will NEVER leave your side!

There are many scriptures that you can pray during your quiet time with God. One way that you can design your prayer room or prayer closet is to write out these verses on pieces of paper or good sticky notes. Then, you can put or paste them up on a corkboard or wall.

Posting your prayers in this manner is another popular option when building your prayer closet. In the same way that you write down your memory verses, put your prayers on prayer cards or sticky notes. You can easily create a prayer closet without spending any money.

Find pictures of loved ones or print them off. Use these images when you pray for those particular people and what their specific needs are. If you don’t know, give them a call or hit them up on social media, asking, “How can I pray for you today?” Specific prayers are best!

You might also want a notebook that has several subjects in it. If the number of your prayer topics or prayer categories goes beyond the number of subjects in your notebook, add tabs, labeling them according to purpose. This will help you keep your prayer life organized.

And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight. – Philippians 1:9 (NIV)

Concluding Thoughts on Prayer Closets

Will you be now creating a war room prayer closet? Are you going to be following the steps to creating a prayer closet mentioned in this article? We’d love to hear any steps that you have taken to make your own prayer closet or war room!

If you are still struggling to make your own prayer closet or war room, what is holding you back? In what area do you need the most help? Be sure to get in touch with us, as we love encouraging our readers to stretch themselves and live more for Christ!!

God Bless You!

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