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How to Use a Daily Gratitude Journal with Prompts + Free Journal

Have you always wanted to know how to use a daily gratitude journal with prompts? Do you wonder what a gratitude journal is? Have you always wanted a free gratitude journal but could not find one with many journal prompts that helped you? Look no further!

In this article, we will cover what a daily gratitude journal with prompts is, why you should seriously consider using one, and how to do just that! If you are stuck in a rut and just feel a bit down, consider using the FREE gratitude journal with prompts offered on this website.

Seeking to always challenge you and help you grow, we’ve made a great little daily gratitude journal. You do not have to use it daily if that does not work best for you. Consider using it at least on a weekly basis if you would like to benefit from its usage. Let’s dive in!

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What is a Daily Gratitude Journal with Prompts?

A daily gratitude journal with prompts is similar to any gratitude journal. You need to have a heart of thanksgiving to use one. A gratitude journal is designed to write what is on your heart and get it down on paper. You can freely express who you are and what you are grateful for.

With a regular gratitude journal, you typically just list a few things you are grateful for. This could be something that is done daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly. The main point is to do whatever works best for your life and the lives of your family members.

Daily gratitude journal

Yes, gratitude journals do affect our loved ones. When we are grateful for even the smallest things in life, our attitude changes. With an attitude of gratitude, you will soon discover that the world is less gloomy and a bit more bright.

A “daily” gratitude will be a gratitude journal that you use each day. It’s a smart idea to develop a daily practice over time. Do not expect perfection in this habit, but DO try to write in your daily gratitude journal each day – to the best of your ability. Try this Daily Gratitude and Prayer Journal!

The main difference between a gratitude journal and gratitude journaling pages with prompts is the prompts. These are just questions designed to get your juices flowing. Make every effort to be honest and real when you answer these questions or come up with some that work for you!

Why Use a Daily Gratitude Journal with Prompts?

Gratitude journals are great places to just let loose. You can be yourself and record your personal reflections. Using a daily gratitude journal with prompts can make things so much easier, too. All you have to do is answer the questions or journal prompts that are given.

You are always free to just use a notebook to record your thoughts in relation to the things you are thankful for. However, a daily gratitude journal with prompts will help you when you feel yourself drawing a blank. Also, a gratitude journal is often meant for daily use if you are able.

So, what are the benefits of using a daily gratitude journal? There are many! According to Time Magazine, you have a good chance of restoring or maintaining relationships as you take better care of yourself and others. It will also be easier to keep relationships when you’re more patient.

Daily gratitude journal

One of the greatest benefits of having a daily gratitude journal is the improvement of your mood. Who wouldn’t rather enjoy life and see things a little more sunnier than being depressed or having a gloomy mood? When you feel happier, you can withstand trials a bit better, too!

Along with a brighter mood, a gratitude journal can help you see improved sleep patterns, develop other habits with ease, have less anxiety and stress, realize more humility, gain wisdom and valuable insights, and just have more satisfaction with your life.

How to Use a FREE Daily Gratitude Journal with Prompts

As you learn how to use a FREE daily gratitude journal with prompts, remember that there is no one right way to do this. While I can explain the steps required for this gratitude journal, you can easily grab a journal and jot down answers to the prompts or make your own gratitude lists.

#1. Speak from the Heart.

No one is grading you on this gratitude journal. Unless you choose to make it public or share your findings with your friends’ family, this is just for you and our Creator if you decide to pray about the things you are grateful for. In other words, this is a self-improvement exercise.

Since it is just for you (and God), you should speak from the heart. The best way to reap the many benefits of a gratitude list, as mentioned in the previous section, is to be honest. Show your true colors. If you can’t think of anything that you are grateful for, write about it!

Provided you are doing an honest assessment of your life, you will always find things to be grateful for, and you will experience some, if not all, of the benefits mentioned in this article! This can be a successful exercise you do to improve the health of your heart and your mood!

#2. Answer the Questions in the Journal.

This step is pretty self-explanatory. Just answer the questions or prompts that are given in the gratitude journal. While I am happy to list some of the questions on this particular journal, I would like to point out that the gratitude journal provided by this site is FREE of charge.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this one is rather long, and not everyone loves to write as much as I do! For this reason, you might want to print one copy and answer one or two prompts per day or print one copy and write your brief answers in a journal to save on paper.

Daily gratitude journal

Do what works for you. This journal has a date space on the top if you choose to use it daily. If you decide to answer only one or two questions or prompts per day, I would recommend placing the date next to the side of the journal entry so you can track where you left off.

Here are some of the daily gratitude journal prompts provided in the gratitude journal on Sharing Life and Love:

  • What trials that you faced today are you grateful for?
  • What unique blessings are on your heart today?
  • Who in your support system are you grateful for?
  • Why are you proud of yourself?
  • What happened today to make you appreciate life?
  • What place are you grateful for today?
  • Who are you grateful for the most?
  • What are your favorite things?
  • What are you excited about?
  • Why are you celebrating life today?
  • How have you shown love today?
  • How have others shown you love?
  • What is something great that happened today?

I don’t know about you, but that definitely gives me a lot to think about! If those prompts do not get your creative juices flowing, maybe you could try writing in a prayer journal or just finding a blank journal in which you can write freely. Record all of your thoughts for the day!

#3. Maintain This as a Habit.

While there is the belief that it takes 21 days to develop a habit, this is not always the case with developing good spiritual habits. It might take you only two weeks to have this as part of your daily morning routine. If you struggle with spiritual laziness, it could take a couple of months.

Daily gratitude journal

Do not get discouraged. You can surely find a lot of satisfaction in keeping a gratitude journal, even if you only write in it on a weekly basis. Perhaps you find it better to reflect on a monthly basis and do not have the time to devote to this practice each day. That’s perfectly fine!

You might start a practice like this as a way to let off some steam and find a more positive way to deal with stress on a daily basis. Once you’ve seen a change in your attitude, you could always reduce how often you write in your gratitude journal. It doesn’t need to be daily.

Your FREE Daily Gratitude Journal with Prompts

To grab a copy of the FREE Daily Gratitude Journal with Prompts mentioned in this article, head over to the Free Resources. You will find a number of resources there that you are welcome to use in a personal sense. All rights are reserved on the “Freebies.”

Concluding Thoughts on Gratitude Journals with Prompts

If you have ever wondered what a gratitude journal is, I hope you now have a solid idea. If you decide not to use the free daily gratitude journal with prompts offered on our website, be sure to continue to pursue this practice. There are plenty of great journals out there!

After all, writing down the things you are grateful for can really impact your health in a positive way. Will you try using gratitude journals in the future? Have you ever used a gratitude journal with success? Consider adopting this habit, if only for a day, and let us know how it goes!

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