Prayer binder setup

Create a Prayer Notebook (5+ Awesome Prayer Binder Setup Ideas)

Do you want to create a prayer notebook? Do you wonder how to start? With these prayer binder setup ideas, you will be all set in no time! Included are the exact sections I use in my prayer binder. You are welcome to use the recommended sections or create your own.

In this article, we’ll look at what a prayer notebook or a prayer binder is. I’ll also walk you through the steps to create your very own prayer binder or prayer notebook – whatever you decide will work for you! Included is a list of supplies and many prayer binder setup ideas.

Creating a system like this does take time. You might evolve the prayer notebook system you start with over time. This can be very effective and productive. Just remember that the most important thing is to connect with God on a daily basis!

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What is a Prayer Notebook or Prayer Binder?

A prayer notebook or prayer binder is a place to record your prayers. With a prayer notebook, it is easy to list the people to pray for or write out long prayers that you wish to remain private. A prayer binder is often a bit more flexible since you can add and remove pages from the binder.

With a prayer binder, you can add dividers and name them different categories for your prayer life. You can also do this with a prayer notebook, but you will likely need to add tabs to different areas of your notebook. This can be a challenge because, eventually, you’ll fill each section up.

Prayer binder setup

Whether you decide to use a prayer notebook or prayer binder, the important thing is that you are communicating with God and building your quiet time with Him for each day. You just need to find out which prayer method works best for your specific needs!

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A connection to God is essential if you wish to develop an intimate, lasting relationship!

How to Make a Prayer Binder (Prayer Binder Setup Steps)

If you wish to know some awesome prayer binder setup ideas or how to make your very own prayer binder, here are the recommended steps

1. Grab your prayer binder setup supplies.

I would highly recommend the following supplies, but you might wish to use whatever you have on hand to start with. You don’t want to spend a lot of money if you create a prayer system that you are not going to use! Check garage sales and thrift shops, too!

  • A prayer notebook – I like to use these notebooks that are divided and have pockets. That way, you can add little prayer cards in the pockets and decorate the folders in whatever “theme” you wish to make your prayer notebook. Find many types of prayer cards to use in your prayer binder setup FREE in our Shop!
  • A prayer binder – This is my favorite binder to use for my personal prayer needs. I find the D-Ring to be the easiest to use on a daily basis. When you have an old-fashioned binder, it can be a challenge to turn the pages each day.
  • An already-made prayer spiral notebook – This particular prayer notebook is pretty awesome looking! I have not yet tried it, but it is definitely on my wish list! There are many prayer journals like this that you can find on Amazon (if this one is unavailable, as it is VERY popular)!
  • My favorite pens for writing all the time – I have tried almost every type of pen, and I will admit that these pens are not the best for the Bible since they do bleed through, but they write every time (unless they are out of ink)! For reliability and minimal bleed-thru, grab them! I notice the BLUE color is not as transparent.
  • Highlighters to add color – I enjoy Sharpie fat highlighters, but nothing really beats the color selection that you can find with the Zebra Mildliners. I really love them! The lighter colors are often best when marking in your Bible.
  • Paper or prayer printables – Be sure to check online for awesome prayer printables or see my free resources and shop (full of free printables) for many free printables you can use in your next prayer binder setup idea!
  • Dividers – If you love to be organized, this prayer binder setup tip is going to rock your world! These dividers work pretty well, but they can get pricey if you plan on creating tons of tabs in your prayer binder. I found these dividers to be a bit more affordable, and with my label maker, you cannot really tell the difference!
  • Stickers and decorations – Some of my favorite washi tape and stickers have come from garage sales and craft supply shops. I have found a few on Amazon, but I do try to limit this form of creativity, as it can get quite expensive, especially when you are using a prayer binder setup idea for the first time!
  • More Supplies: Grab more supply ideas in the How to Build Your Bible Library article or the document in the Free Resources regarding my favorite letter-writing supplies. When you get passionate about your prayer binder setup idea, consider these supplies to spice things up!

2. Put it together.

Now that you have all of your supplies gathered, it is time to put them together to create your personalized prayer system – a prayer binder setup that is perfect for you!

You might decorate the cover using a piece of artwork you find online or, if you are very creative, draw and color your own cover image.

As mentioned, you can also decorate the dividers that you add, add stickers, create unique pages with washi tape, or use any other supplies you have on hand. It can be expensive if you put too much decor in your prayer journal or prayer binder. 

You might find it helpful to buy a few items at a time slowly. Rather than purchasing everything upfront, if you are buying prayer binder setup supplies, consider buying the essentials first and later adding the pretty decorations.

3. Use it as you see fit.

As you use your prayer binder or prayer notebook, you will see ways that work better for you. You might set it up one way, but notice that another method works better for your prayer needs. Consider this as a chance to be more flexible and go with the flow!

Prayer binder setup

One example of prayer needs changing is praying for your children. If you have three children, for example, you might want to have three tabs – one for each child. If you have more children at a later date or when you become a grandparent, add another divider!

5+ Prayer Notebook or Prayer Binder Setup Ideas

One of the easiest ways to create a prayer notebook or prayer binder is to purchase one that is already made. This can be pretty awesome and convenient! 

Another idea is to make your own prayer notebook with a steno notebook and some divider tabs (like Bible tabs).

Additionally, you can make your own prayer binder using supplies that you already own. I recommend using dividers to separate your prayer sections, which is something I will outline below.

If you prefer the spiral notebook look, consider purchasing a spiral notebook (a fat one) that has many subjects, as recommended above. That typically means that there are pockets available for any storage needs you might have.

My first prayer journal was created based on an inexpensive journal I found on Amazon. It had a ringed binder look, but it was small. I thought it was so beautiful!! 

Later, I purchased dividers for the small prayer journal, which made it easier to divide my prayer system into categories.

Devote yourselves to prayer. – Colossians 4:2

Prayer Notebook or Prayer Binder Sections

You are welcome to adopt the prayer binder sections that I have. I only ask that you do so for personal use. Also, this is, of course, just an idea of how to do this. You can come up with your own method, and I hope you are able to find what works for you! This is just how I did mine.

My Prayer Binder

While each person will need to use the prayer notebook or prayer binder sections that fit in their life, I will share some of mine. As a side note, I used to be a nerdy accountant, so I tend to be very organized for fun. I love making lists, and organizing stuff is a passion of mine!

This method will likely not work for most people, as I tend to go overboard with stuff like this. Rather than using the same tabs or dividers that I use, I would suggest using the ones that you find most helpful. Which tabs do you think you would like to pray on each day?

My system was built over the course of a year. It took time to figure out exactly what I would use each day and which items I would pray on weekly rather than daily. I started with a small journal with dividers, which worked well for a while. This binder has worked better, though.

Prayer binder setup

Much of my system was based on the Hour that Changes the World – if you wish to check that method out. Typically, I pray for 30 minutes to one hour. If you do not have that kind of time to devote to prayer, my suggestion is a trial-and-error approach to see what you can fit in!

My Prayer Binder Sections

Here are the prayer binder sections that I use in my prayer binder (I will try to create a flip-thru of some of my pages in a future article):

  • A Starting Prayer
  • Praise
  • Waiting on the Holy Spirit
  • Confession
  • Scripture Reading and Prayer
  • Watching Out for the Enemy
  • Additional Prayer Requests
  • Prayers for My Husband
  • Monday Prayers
  • Tuesday Prayers
  • Wednesday Prayers
  • Thursday Prayers
  • Friday Prayers
  • Saturday Prayers
  • Sunday Prayers
  • Prayers for Myself
  • Gratitude
  • Singing to the Lord
  • Meditation
  • Listening to God
  • Pouring My Heart Out
  • Application
  • A Final Prayer (Amen)

Pray continually. – 1 Thessalonians 5:16

Frequently Asked Questions on Prayer Setup Ideas

These are frequently asked questions about prayer notebooks or prayer binders. If you have additional questions or suggestions, consider leaving a comment or contacting us with the information!

What is a War Room?

A war room is a place where you can pray. You might want to decorate your prayer closet (war room) with a cross and include your Bible in your supplies. If you have decided to use a war room, here are some war room prayers you can add to the mix! That article has over 75 prayers for you to use.

How Do You Find New Prayer Binder Setup Ideas?

One quick and effective way to find new prayer binder setup ideas is to browse the Internet or social media. Pinterest has awesome ideas for things like this. You can also just search online and find images that inspire you. See how others have done things, and tweak it to be just the way you need!

What is the Difference Between a Prayer Binder and a Prayer Notebook?

A prayer binder is a bit more adaptable because you are using a binder to house all your prayer journal pages or notebook paper. A prayer notebook or prayer journal is often something you can make or purchase already made. Customize it to be just right for you!

How Do You Use a Prayer Journal?

I have a couple of prayer journals I use at different times. When I go to “war” with the enemy over an issue, I use an Interleaved Bible to write out my prayers and read related Bible verses. When I do this, I am pretty focused on the matter at hand, so I categorize my prayers for easier access in the future.

Prayer binder setup

How Do You Make a Prayer Notebook?

Wanting to know how to make a prayer notebook is a bit tricky. You can purchase machines that will punch the paper just right and buy the binding for the type of system you are using. My husband has done this, and it has proven to be helpful. Also, just use an old spiral-bound notebook for a quick and easy solution!

But I trust in Your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in Your salvation. – Psalm 13:5

Conclusion on Prayer Systems

Are you going to create a prayer notebook? Will you try one of the prayer binder setup ideas listed in this post?

If you are still on the fence about which prayer system to adopt, I would suggest purchasing or finding a free prayer journal – whatever you need to just pray each day to God. 

After you’ve tried a few things, you’ll have a better idea of whether you want to buy something already made or create your own prayer system based on your needs. I look forward to learning what you’ve created! Be sure to reach out with pictures of your prayer system!!

If you found this prayer article helpful, please share it with someone today! It’s never too late to join God’s Kingdom or encourage someone else to do so through the creativity of your prayer notebook or prayer binder! Sharing is caring!!

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