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encouraging words for someone in jail - open Bible

Encouraging Words for Someone in Jail | Share Your Faith

Learn how to share your faith with prison inmates, what to say, how to address your envelopes, and general guidelines when writing a prisoner. Plus, we’ll cover inspiring words of encouragement for someone in jail and lots of encouraging Bible verses for you to share! This way, you will know exactly what to say when you craft your amazing letters of encouragement for someone in jail!

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scottish rite for children cover

Scottish Rite for Children | How to Help Children Today

Do you wonder how you can help children have strong and healthy bones? Have you heard of Scottish Rite for Children but are not sure what it is? If you have a passion for helping youth that may have been born with a bone deformity, orthopedic condition, or related neurological and learning disorders. In that case, Scottish Rite may be the “right” charity for you! Learn what Scottish Rite for Children is, the treatments offered at its facilities, how it is changing the lives of children, and how you can get involved. This year, the hospital is celebrating its 100th anniversary. That’s a century! The hospital still proudly helps children live without limits today! Getting involved with Scottish Rite for Children is incredibly easy! There are many options, from monetary donations to volunteer opportunities!

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How to send a care package

How to Send a Care Package | Your Complete Guide

Have you ever wanted to send a care package to someone but didn’t know where to begin? A care package is a perfect way to show your love to someone far away, but it can be overwhelming if you’ve never made one before! If you are lost when it comes to care packages or find them overwhelming to create, you’ll find the solutions in this article, as it will break down how to send a care package, the correct shipping instructions, the different types that you can make, and more! It’s important to understand what a care package is and who usually gets them so that you’ll know what to send. This article will take you on a step-by-step journey through the process, sparking your creativity and providing you with essential information so that you can send the perfect care package!

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Declutter for a Cause | How to Find the Motivation to Declutter

Declutter for a Cause | How to Find the Motivation to Declutter

Learn how to find the motivation to declutter in this value-packed article! Join the efforts of Declutter for a Cause, a non-profit organization that will help you donate your decluttered items. In this article, you will read about Declutter for a Cause, the benefits of decluttering, explore my secret formula on how to declutter, and discover the top 10 ways to get moving and decluttering your home! If you are stuck because you are overwhelmed or stressed about the mess in your home, this article is perfect for you!

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16 - how to write a letter to someone in jail (2) CROPPED

How to Write a Letter to Someone in Jail

Learn how to write a letter to someone in jail so that you can bless the lives of inmates with your encouraging words. It can be overwhelming if you don’t know what to say. This article will walk you through the encouraging words you can write to prison inmates! Plus, there are tons of tips included on how to communicate best with inmates, inspirational quotes to include in your letters, Bible verses you don’t want to miss out on, and suggestions on exactly what you can say! You have everything you need to get going!

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15---letters-of-encouragement-to-prisoners CROPPED

Letters of Encouragement to Prisoners (How to Write One)

You can write letters of encouragement to prisoners. Just read about my story and how I began this ministry. Plus, I let you read the letters I send to inmates, so you’ll know exactly what to say. Included in this article are tips for writing your letters of encouragement for prisoners, where to send your letters, and positive, inspirational quotes to include in your letters! What else could you need to get started?

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12 - how-to-make-christian-friends-sharing-life-and-love-2 (2) CROPPED

How to Make Christian Friends | Benefits of Having Friends

Learn how to make Christian friends today to receive blessings that will far exceed your expectations. Real friends are there for you when you need them, people you can rely on during the highs and lows, and the ones you share those precious moments with. Learn what a Christian friend is like, how to make a new friend (a step-by-step process), tips on how to be a good friend, Christian friendship quotes, and Bible verses relating to friendship.

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11 - declutter for a cause - cover (3) CROPPED

Declutter for a Cause | How to Get Started (Free Download)

Join the effort to declutter for a cause where you can declutter and give back! Learn all about the art and fun of decluttering, and experience a whole new atmosphere at home and work with a simple view. In this article, we’ll cover decluttering the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, toys, closets, and more! Plus, we’ll talk about where to donate your belongings and answers to some awesome questions about decluttering! Also, there’s a big bonus – a free download checklist for you to use while cleaning and organizing!! What are you waiting for?

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9 - how to write a soldier-cover-sharing-life-and-love (2) CROPPED

How to Write a Soldier a Letter of Encouragement

This article will show you how to write a soldier a letter of encouragement. This way, you can write awesome cards and support letters to those who don’t get mail! This is a wonderful cause that will bring you rewards you never dreamed possible. You might even find your calling in volunteer work by learning what I have to say on the subject – Bible verses, sayings you can use in your letters, and so much more!

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7 - knitting hats for charity 2 (2) CROPPED

Knitting Hats for Charity | Your How-To Guide

Are you interested in knitting hats for charity? Make a difference with a worthy cause and find the right volunteer opportunity for you to use your knitting or crocheting skills today! This article has everything you need to know – where to donate knitted hats to, military charities that accept knitted hats, free knitting hat patterns, and instructions on how to knit in case you are a beginner! Also, there’s a freebie list of other knitting charities you should consider knitting for. Crafts are so much fun!

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6 - how to find the right volunteer opportunity - sharing life and love (2) CROPPED

How to Find the Right Volunteer Opportunity

Are you looking for a way to match your skills and talents with the right volunteer opportunity? This is how you can do that today! This cool matching website is like magic. It finds your particular skills and talents and identifies the perfect volunteer job for you – from home, from anywhere! It’s sensational – don’t miss learning about this! It could change your life for the better in so many beautiful ways! Why not take a chance and read about it?

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3 - writing to soldiers (2) CROPPED

How to Start Writing to Soldiers (My Story)

Learn how to get started doing this charity work and how you can make a difference in the lives of the members of our military who are stationed overseas by sending support letters or even care packages. You can even read what I wrote to soldiers, so you can include my words in your letters if you wish to. It’s a very simple way to give back to those who need to hear positive words of encouragement from those of us who support the troops!

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How to Volunteer and Be an Elf All Year

You may think that you do enough volunteer work, but did you know you can easily do more? Check out some of the ways you can be an elf all year today! Get involved in the right volunteer opportunity for you! They are everywhere! Find out how you can give back today! With the cool ideas that I’m going to tell you about, you can find just about any job imaginable as a volunteer job! You wouldn’t believe how you could help from home!

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cat rescue tender loving cats - fiona the cat

How to Help Cats and Kittens with a Cat Rescue

Are you looking for a place to volunteer but can’t go to your local animal shelter to help out? Check out this kitten and cat rescue, where there are many opportunities for cat lovers to enjoy volunteering from the comfort of their own homes or help in their local community if they live in New York. In this article, we’ll take a look at Tender Loving Cats, Inc. Their mission is to reduce the community cat population through trap, neuter, return, and rehabilitation of homeless cats and kittens for adoption. Learn how you can get involved today!

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