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Should I Write a Love Letter to My Future Husband? (How To Start)

Maybe you are thinking about starting a love letter to a future spouse. Perhaps you wonder if such a thing is even a smart move. You might have tons of questions flooding your mind. Should I write a love letter to my future husband? Will he even read it? How do I get started??

In this article, you will learn the benefits of writing a love letter to your future husband. Discover my secrets and why I decided to write a love letter to my future husband, and exactly how I did just that. Plus, you’ll learn what he thought about the whole experience!

Understand the benefits of writing a love letter to a future spouse, and delight in the fun you will have in learning how to write a love letter to your future husband. You’ll discover three useful ways to get these love letters written so that you can reap the many benefits of writing them!

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Should I Write a Love Letter to My Future Husband?

My first instinct is to advise you that what you say in your letter is up to you, but that’s kind of a simple way of avoiding the subject. So, I will say that it is very beneficial to write letters to your future husband. It worked wonders for me when I was single. I would write a love letter to my future husband nearly every day!

While that might sound a bit sad, it really wasn’t. It was my way of saying that I hadn’t lost hope in finding the man of my dreams and that I trusted God to hear my prayers for a future husband. I know God does hear our prayers, as is mentioned in 1 John 5:14-15! He might not always answer them in the time frame we wish, but He does hear them and replies! Just listen for Him!

If it makes you depressed or sad to write a love letter to your future husband, don’t do it! You’ve got to do what works best for your mental and emotional health, but there are many benefits to writing letters to a future spouse! 

It can be quite therapeutic, which we’ll talk about more in this article! Understanding the pros and cons of writing a love letter to a future husband will help you in deciding what to do next.

This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of Him. – 1 John 5:14-15 (NIV)

Songs of Solomon 1:2

Why Did I Write a Love Letter to My Future Husband?

To be honest, I believe I saw someone else recommend doing this in a movie or television show. I thought it was a pretty genius way of dealing with the fact that I was still single and longing to be married one day! However, that is not why I continued writing a love letter to my future husband every day!

I wrote a love letter to my future husband often because I found it to be very therapeutic. It’s like recording prayers in a prayer journal. It might not impact anyone else (except God), but it can drastically change your life! You might be thinking, if I write a love letter to my future husband, how in the world will that impact my life in a positive and drastic way?

What Were the Reasons I Decided to Write a Love Letter to My Future Husband?

First of all, you will begin to feel more hopeful because of the newfound strength you have from writing love letters to your future husband. Second, you’ll likely not be so needy when you are in romantic relationships because you are releasing your craziness in your journals or letters! At least, that is how it worked for me when I wrote a love letter to my future husband.

Finally, I thought writing a love letter to my future husband would be beneficial when I got married. I knew he would want to read my love letters to see how I felt and what I thought about long ago. Admittedly, I wasn’t wrong, as he thinks they are very sweet. However, my husband is more concerned with how I feel today than in the past! That’s not a bad thing, though!

Having a wonderful marriage today has totally made me a believer in writing these love letters! Maybe your future husband will want to know all about your past and your feelings for him before the two of you have ever met! He might really enjoy the gift of reading old love letters to him!

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth—for your love is more delightful than wine. – Songs of Solomon 1:2 (NIV)

The Benefits of Writing a Love Letter to My Future Husband

You might wonder, what are the benefits of writing a letter to my future husband? Why record the longings of my heart? Will he ever even read these letters? Maybe. Maybe not. He might be so busy loving you that he does not have time to read about your past woes or yearnings!

That doesn’t mean you should not write that all down! There are many therapeutic reasons for writing letters to a future husband. The benefits, in fact, are numerous! For example, you could take the time to thank your future spouse for the blessing he will one day be in your life!

Psalm 37:4

Benefit #1. This IS a productive use of your time.

There are SO many things you can do with your time and be successful, but are there really therapeutic things that you can do every day? Are these things you are currently doing? Do you spend your time indulging in unhealthy habits or have problems with addiction?

Sometimes, if you think of what you COULD be doing or what others are doing, you realize that this is not such a bad idea after all! Writing a letter to my future husband is much smarter than stalking him, getting drunk at the bar where he hangs out, or throwing myself at the wrong guys!

Benefit #2. Writing a letter could make a great wedding gift one day.

Think about it. When I used to want to write a letter to my future husband (before I met him), I would fill up journals and diaries with beautiful stories of what I dreamed our life would be like and how I could not wait to meet him one day (if I had not already).

Before long, I had a stack of pretty journals! Sure, they were not perfect; the pages were worn out, and the ink was smeared from days where I wrote by hand as I cried, but they were straight from the heart. I knew one day, when I met him, all of my worries and concerns would dissipate!

Granted, after nearly a decade of marriage, my husband has not gotten through all of them. However, he has said that he found my journals to be moving and thought the gift of them was very sweet indeed!

Benefit #3. There are many health benefits to writing letters.

Writing out your thoughts in a letter to your future husband can help you tremendously! Sorting out those feelings does not always come easily, but if you do it on paper, you will always have a record of the trials and triumphs that you went through at that time.

Also, when I used to frequently write a letter to my future husband, I found it to be an incredible stress-relieving strategy! It was better than something prescribed, and I used to believe heavily that prescription relief for stress was the only way to go!

Benefit #4. Discover your own therapeutic answers this way!

Writing a letter to your future husband can reveal things that a therapist may not see! If you do see a qualified counselor, consider bringing your journal or handwritten letters with you to your next session. They might be able to help you find answers in your musings!

Benefit #5. Keep the longings of your heart private.

There are far too many cases where we gossip or complain to family members and friends about the trials we experience in our love lives. It’s not a problem to do it every now and then, but we all have that one friend who does not know when to stop sharing!

I will confess that I fit the bill as a girl who could never shut up about her boyfriend woes when I was not married! That’s why I found out that when I would write a letter to my future husband, I had answers and did not need to complain or grumble to family and friends!

If you can sort out your problems on your own with pen and paper, more power to you! Wouldn’t you rather keep your groanings to yourself than make your family members and friends not want to hang out with you for fear of listening to yet another tragic love story?

But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. – Matthew 6:33 (NIV)

How to Write a Love Letter to My Future Husband

My number one tip is to be yourself. Writing a letter to a future spouse is only therapeutic if you express your true feelings. Let’s explore some other ways you can do this effectively!

Psalm 16:11

#1. Write an Old-Fashioned Love Letter.

Using the resources listed in this article, you could totally write an old-fashioned love letter to your future husband and make it truly a beautiful experience! 

While women enjoy going all out to be romantic and sweet in love letters, many men just want to see the meat and potatoes (the bare bones of it all)!

If that is the case, or if you believe that will be the case when you meet your future spouse, you might try one of the methods listed below!

#2. Type Your Love Letters!

Typing up your love letters is a pretty smart idea because your future husband could just have them at any time and not have to worry about spilling a drink on them or messing up the love letters somehow. 

Also, this saves on space!! It likely will truly save your hands from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, as well. This is especially helpful if you write a lot – as I do!

#3. Use a Journal!

A journal is a compact place to store all of your love letters for your future husband! This is how I approached writing love letters to my future spouse. I added the date I was writing so that we would both always know during what period of our lives these words were being written. It’s very helpful and strategic to use journals for love letters.

If you plan to write things in your love letters that you do not wish others to see, grab a journal or diary with a lock on it! Make it difficult for others to read your love letters! You might wish for that information to be stored in private.

How I Wrote a Love Letter to My Future Husband

When I wrote a love letter to my future husband, I poured my heart out about what was going on in my life. I told my future husband about all of my current woes. Regrettably, I did not focus on him and pray for things that might be weighing heavily on his heart. That would have been smart.

Today, if I were to write a love letter to my future husband, I would let him know what I hoped for him and how I prayed for him (and what my prayers were about). That way, he could look back and reflect to see if that period of time matched up with a specific moment in his life – something he had going on. I would make it less about me and more about him.

When writing a love letter to my future husband, I would still pour my heart out, but I would talk about my exes quite a bit less and talk about my future husband more. He doesn’t really want or need to hear about my current relationship problems. That is how I would do things differently if I were to write a love letter to my future husband today.

Resources For Writing a Love Letter to My Future Husband

Matthew 6:33

Use these resources for writing letters to a future spouse! Many of these I’ve personally purchased to write letters, and if I were to write a love letter to my future husband, I’d totally purchase the rest of these items!! I am in LOVE with these items! Could they be any cuter?

A Pretty Butterfly Journal

Grab a gorgeous journal or two like this to record the love letters to your future husband! I have many of these journals and have given them as gifts to friends. 

A Leather, Handmade, Keepsake Journal

A leather journal is especially nice if you are planning to keep your love letters for your future mister one day!!

Beautiful Stationery Kit

If you want to have beautiful paper to add your letters to your future husband, this kit is perfect! It is a vintage set that has wax sticks to seal the envelopes – perfect for your future guy!!

Wooden Decorative Memory Box

This is a great idea! Just put all of your letters in one place for a keepsake for your future husband. What a sweet wedding gift this would be! This Love You Memory Box is to die for!

Recommended Books for Writing a Love Letter to Your Future Husband

NLT Thrive Journaling Bible

This has to be my go-to Bible. I love the wide margins, and is it not just the prettiest with the hardcover and gold accents? The Inspire Bible is probably the best for coloring, with over 400 designs! Learn more about which Bible I’d recommend in my Bible Library Recommendations!

Date or Soulmate? How to Know If Someone is Worth Pursuing in 2 Dates or Less

Confession: This book changed my life. It’s written by Neil Clark Warren – the founder of eHarmony. He basically walks you through everything you need to know when single!!

Who Has Your Heart? A Single Woman’s Pursuit of Godliness

This is another life-changer for the single woman in pursuit of her destiny! It is HIGHLY recommended by me as it truly helped me see the value of my faith as a single one!

Get Creative When You Write A Love Letter to Your Future Husband

260-Piece Scrapbook Paper and Sticker Pack

This adorable 260-piece scrapbook pack is full of nature! It has everything you could need to decorate your love letter to your future husband – butterflies, flowers, and adorable critters!

3-Piece Gold and Heart Washi Tape Collection

If you really want to get creative with your love letter to a future husband, try using washi tape! This collection is perfect for a romantic love letter to your future mister! For a huge pack, try a collection of 24 floral rolls!

120-Piece Sticker Collection

No creative would dare attempt a love letter project without adding stickers, right? This collection has 120 beautiful floral stickers for your journal or love letter with 60 designs!!

1 john 4:7-8

To Sum It All Up

The hope is that you now have fewer questions regarding writing love letters to a future husband. The question of whether I should write a love letter to my future husband should be a bit clearer to answer, at least. You might want to write multiple love letters as I did!

In future articles, expect to read more about how to write these love letters, what to say, and even how I would write a promise letter to my future husband – declaring sexual purity to him!! This is an awesome promise you can make to a future spouse and to the Lord!

You make known to me the path of life; You will fill me with joy in Your presence, with eternal pleasures at Your right hand. – Psalm 16:11 (NIV)

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