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Celebrate Recovery Step 6 | Success with Step 6 in Recovery

Celebrate Recovery Step 6 is one of the steps that you’ll walk through while doing a 12-step recovery program. Step 5 in recovery is a step that you will only take when you are ready for God to make some changes in your life. This can take an enormous amount of courage!

The 12-step recovery programs Celebrate Recovery (CR) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) use the 12 steps as part of their curriculum for those going through the recovery process. While each will have a “Step 6,” we’ll focus on Celebrate Recovery in this article.

If you have not done so already, please read Celebrate Recovery Step One! That is the first article in this series about the 12 steps of recovery. To review the previous article, check out Celebrate Recovery Step 5 – Admit and Confess.

While the Celebrate Recovery Numbers can be a bit mind-boggling at times, do not get discouraged. Learning about all this takes time. This article on Celebrate Recovery Step 6 is likely to change your life for the better, so enjoy the resources and advice presented here. 

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What is Celebrate Recovery Step 6?

Celebrate Recovery Step 6 states: We were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character. Celebrate Recovery Step 6 corresponds with Celebrate Recovery Principle 5 of the 8 Celebrate Recovery Principles.

celebrate recovery step 6

Celebrate Recovery Principle 5 states: Voluntarily submit to every change God wants to make in my life and humbly ask Him to remove my character defects. The Bible verse that goes with it is Matthew 5:6, stating, “Happy are those whose greatest desire is to do what God requires.”

If you’re new to Celebrate Recovery, be sure to read this article  – What is Celebrate Recovery? Celebrate Recovery is for everyone; we all have hurts, habits, and hang-ups. The definition of “everyone” includes you and those you love!

What Is “Celebrate Recovery Step 6” About?

In Celebrate Recovery step 5, we focused on how to admit your wrongdoings and confess them to someone else. Having a strong group of Christian friends or accountability partners in Celebrate Recovery will prove to be helpful here. A sponsor is also a good idea.

Celebrate Recovery Step 6 will occur once you have finished confessing and admitting your wrongdoings. You will ready yourself for the changes that God wants to make in your life. If you’d like the free article and resources that correspond with this step, read CR Lesson 14.

With each lesson on this website, you will find a FREE Celebrate Recovery resource – often, this is a free study guide for your road to recovery. Additionally, you can find free printable resources in the Shop or as a Free Resource. These are meant to help you succeed!

How to Achieve Success with Celebrate Recovery Step 6

On the last step in recovery, you admitted your wrongdoings and confessed everything to a trusted sponsor or accountability partner. Are you ready to submit yourself to the changes that God wants to make in your life? Do not say YES unless you mean it!

To prepare yourself for the removal of the character defects you have, realize that a relationship with God is not a one-way street. You cannot sit back and just expect God to do all the work. He loves you and wants you to long to be close to Him.

celebrate recovery step 6

We must do our part to be intimate with God. In our series on how to build a relationship with God (links below), we walk through the spiritual disciplines and ways you can grow closer to God. Let’s examine them a bit closer to see where you might need help or are thriving.

For more information on how to build your quiet time with the Lord, check out our Psalms Bible Study!

How to Build a Relationship with God – Part 1

In this article, we look at ways to read the Bible, how to study the Bible, how to enjoy a relationship through nature, how to claim your own journey and not compare yourself to others, and all about being like Christ. Read Colossians 3 for further insight on that last one.

One of the smartest things you can do when going through this step of recovery is to replace your previous negative actions with new positive ones. For example, if you previously had trouble letting go of a gambling addiction, pick up your Bible instead.

You might not suddenly feel satisfied by picking up the Word of God when you feel anxious and want to gamble, but with a prayerful attitude and a willing and eager spirit, you can learn to love the Bible as much as you used to love your unhealthy addiction.

How to Build a Relationship with God – Part 2

In this article, we look at how to praise and worship the Lord, the various ways to listen to God, how to just spend time in His presence, how to be grateful and show thanksgiving, and the unique ways to welcome the Holy Spirit in your life.

celebrate recovery step 6

All of these things can be used to glorify God. Isn’t that why we were put on Earth? It certainly was not to indulge in the things we love the most. It was to glorify the Creator of everything. When you spend time in awe of our Lord, you will experience peace and hope like no other.

When you feel the urge to indulge your instincts or pick up an unhealthy habit or two, turn to the Lord. He will draw near to you if you aim to draw near to Him. Appreciate all the blessings in your life, and your anxiety will slowly melt away. Do a Bible study on James 4:8.

How to Build a Relationship with God – Part 3

In this article, we look at how to trust in God’s plan for your life, how to utilize prayer to communicate with God, the various ways that you can serve others, the benefits of and ways you can attend church, and how to establish friendships through fellowship with Christians.

celebrate recovery step 6

When you truly embrace the elements above, you will be a busy bee! Trusting God’s plan for your life may just take an attitude adjustment, depending on how close you are to God and how willing you are to accept what He has in store for your life.

However, praying, serving others, attending church, and spending time with other Christians will definitely keep you busy. The busier you are, the less time you have for your old bad habits. Consider adopting healthy spiritual habits that incorporate these elements.

How to Build a Relationship with God – Part 4

In this article, how to obey God, how to worship Him in new ways, how to get to know the Lord, how to serve God over the world, and how to honor Him with the utmost respect are covered. If any of these concepts are new to you, consider reading the article fully for the most benefit.

Regardless of the spiritual discipline you adopt or the habit you embrace, showing the fear of the Lord is critical. The “fear” that is meant by many references in the Bible is not a scary feeling where you have nightmares at night.

celebrate recovery step 6

Rather, the “fear” spoken of in the Bible is usually meant as respect or reverence. In other words, whether you are praying or attending church, you should do it with a fear of the Lord – an AWE of who He is and how He affects your life. Take a moment to appreciate Him right now.

Bonus Tips for Celebrate Recovery Step 6

When trying to achieve Celebrate Recovery Step 6, it’s a good idea to incorporate many possible solutions. That way, if one of these tips doesn’t fit your situation, you can try a different one!

  • Go to a Celebrate Recovery meeting and share your troubles in a small group. Check out the 30 benefits of going to a meeting! If you are unable to travel, consider an online support group or a support group that meets within walking distance of your location.
  • Build your relationship with God! Since your eternal life is what matters most, concentrating on a growing relationship with our Creator should be a top priority! Learn about His promises in the Bible, get creative color-coding your Bible, or just dig in!
  • To make lasting friendships as you go through recovery, you will want to join a Celebrate Recovery Step Study! The general meetings are great starts as you take your first steps in recovery, but to truly grow and bond with others in recovery, join a step study!
  • The Holy Spirit will bring to mind those verses you have memorized during those times of temptation, so be sure to memorize scripture! That way, the Spirit can bring to mind verses of the Bible that you need, depending on the circumstances you find yourself in.
  • Memorize the Serenity Prayer for additional strength during those hard moments or times when temptation is knocking on your door. Start with the first two lines, and repeat them over and again until you can say them backward as you stand upside down!
  • Do not give up! Do not become discouraged! Celebrate Recovery works for you if you work it – and you are worth it! In other words, you must put forth some effort if you want to see some results. If you want strong results, you’ll have to put forth a strong effort.

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Grab the Celebrate Recovery Study Guide 3 for even more details on Celebrate Recovery Step 6!

Additional Celebrate Recovery Step 6 Resources

These additional Celebrate Recovery Step 6 resources will help your journey in recovery as you pass through each of the 12 steps.

A Celebrate Recovery Step 6 Video

Celebrate Recovery Step 6 Video

Celebrate Recovery Step 6 Resources

  • The Celebrate Recovery NIV Study Bible is handy when you face difficulty. It is ideal for anyone in recovery!! 
  • The Celebrate Recovery 365 Devotional Book is a fabulous resource that can jumpstart your day, improve your spiritual walk, or ignite your road to recovery!
  • The Celebrate Recovery Blog Series – In our many Celebrate Recovery articles, you’ll get a chance to walk through the lessons and discover how to succeed in recovery. 
  • Most of the Celebrate Recovery articles on Sharing Life and Love have FREE worksheets and/or FREE study guides that you can grab in the Shop
  • If you are unsure as to where to start, be sure to read the first article – What is Celebrate Recovery? It explains what Celebrate Recovery is and what it definitely is NOT!
  • If you don’t have the third study guide in Celebrate Recovery, you might add it to your wishlist so that you can have even more questions and study materials on hand.

Concluding Thoughts: Celebrate Recovery Step 6

You should now understand how to achieve success with step 6 in recovery. Celebrate Recovery Step 6 requires an open heart and a willing spirit. Do you feel that you are ready for what God has in store for you? Will you submit to your calling?

As you walk through the many articles about Celebrate Recovery on our website, enjoy the many lessons, free study guides or worksheets, and printables that relate to Celebrate Recovery Step 6!

If you have submitted yourself to God, please leave a comment! We’d love to hear all about it! Continue working through the 12 steps. As you do, make sure that you trust the process and trust the Lord so that you will truly see success!

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