Celebrate Recovery Lesson 10

Celebrate Recovery Lesson 10: Spiritual Inventory Part 1

Celebrate Recovery Lesson 10: Spiritual Inventory Part 1 helps you create the inventory for your entire life. Without the inventory, your recovery process would not be complete. 

Take these lessons one at a time, and try to press on, even when things become challenging! You are building a stronger relationship with God, so remember that He will get you through this if you just have faith!

If you become discouraged in writing your inventory, be sure to reach out to your accountability team – the people you have turned to for support in the last few lessons. These individuals can help encourage you and give you the motivation you need to complete your inventory.

In Celebrate Recovery lesson 10, you will continue to work on your spiritual inventory, which is impossible without the Lord! While many things are possible in this world, with God, all things are possible! You’ve got this!

Celebrate Recovery lesson ten will include all of the previous lessons on your road to recovery! 

This lesson is in line with Step 4 in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Celebrate Recovery (CR). It also goes with CR principle 4 of the Celebrate Recovery 8 Principles

Use the FREE Moral Inventory Worksheet in this lesson or the one found in the CR study guide. 

If you are starting your road to recovery, be sure to first read Celebrate Recovery Lesson 1: Denial. If you have been doing the lessons in order, go to the last lesson for more notes on completing your inventory: Celebrate Recovery Lesson 9: Inventory.

What is Celebrate Recovery Lesson 10: Spiritual Inventory Part 1?

Celebrate Recovery principle 4 is: to Openly examine and confess my faults to myself, to God, and to someone I trust. This is an enlightening process! Step 4 is: We made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves. Continue to work the steps as you write your spiritual inventory! This will be a challenge!

Happy are the pure in heart. – Matthew 5:8

Let us examine our ways and test them, and let us return to the Lord. – Lamentations 3:40

LessonPrincipleStepBible Verses
1044Matthew 5:8; Lamentations 3:40

In Celebrate Recovery lesson 10, we get the motivation to write our spiritual inventory. The free worksheet at the end of this lesson will help you write your spiritual inventory, so be sure to check it out! 

You should have built your accountability team in Celebrate Recovery Lesson 7: Sponsor and started writing your moral inventory in Celebrate Recovery Lesson 8: Moral. You continued writing your inventory in Celebrate Recovery Lesson 9: Inventory – our last lesson!

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Celebrate Recovery Lesson 10: Spiritual

What Does “Celebrate Recovery Lesson 10” Mean?

Understanding what is meant by Celebrate Recovery Lesson 10: Spiritual Inventory Part 1 is critical to your learning experience. However, if you’ve been following along, you should know these terms pretty well by now. Let’s review just in case. 

Step studies are part of the 12-step recovery program, Celebrate Recovery, where people complete the Celebrate Recovery curriculum created by John Baker and Rick Warren. You can typically sign up for step studies at your Celebrate Recovery meetings. They are intensive sessions where you complete the lessons with others in recovery! 

To understand a bit better, Celebrate Recovery is a 12-step, Christ-centered recovery program for individuals with hurts, habits, or hang-ups. Honestly, doesn’t this apply to you? After all, everyone has issues they are trying to work through!

Celebrate Recovery Lesson 10 is from John Baker’s Celebrate Recovery Participant’s Guide. This is the fourth lesson in Taking an Honest and Spiritual Inventory: Participant’s Guide 2. You should be able to buy this study guide at your Celebrate Recovery step study or meeting.

The CR leader guide might vary from the participant’s guide, but all of the teachings come from the Bible. The 8 principles are based on the Beatitudes from Matthew 5 of the New Testament, so when you study the Celebrate Recovery 8 principles, know that those are the scriptures being used.

All who are oppressed may come to Him. He is a refuge for them in their times of trouble. – Psalm 9:9 (TLB)

Celebrate Recovery Lesson Ten Highlights

Celebrate Recovery Lesson 10 Notes

If you don’t have your accountability team by now, try making friends at your next Celebrate Recovery meeting or step study. Just approach people by stepping out of your comfort zone! 

As you build friendships, you will find greater success while you are in recovery. These people will provide you with encouragement as you walk on the road to recovery. This will be something you need as the road can be a bit rocky from time to time!

There are two lessons that address your spiritual inventory. Both lessons have plenty of questions to keep you on your toes! We will go over the questions found in the study guide, so you will have that information. 

How Do I Start My Spiritual Inventory?

As you begin making your spiritual inventory, you might notice things, such as sin, that are blocking your way. These things are preventing God from working productively in your life.

Search your heart to determine what sin is keeping you from God. The points in this lesson will help you identify some of these things, so you can deal with them properly.

Work on building your relationship with Christ Jesus. Invite the Lord into your heart as you create your spiritual inventory! Remember that all we do is meant to glorify our Savior!

Search me, O God, and know my heart; test my thoughts. Point out anything you find in me that makes you sad,and lead me along the path of everlasting life. – Psalm 139:23-24 (TLB)

Your Relationship with Others

Think about your relationship with others. Ponder who has hurt you, who you’ve held resentment toward, or even who you have sought revenge against – if you have such a person! If you are jealous of someone, think about them during this time. 

If you used the Inventory Worksheet from the last lesson, you will be referring to the people from Column 1. These are the people that have impacted your life – for good or bad!

Think about those who you have hurt, criticized, or gossiped about. Do you blame others for your bad attitude? Do you claim the wrong in your life as their fault?

Even if the wrong in your life has been caused by others, you should think on your part in the matter. Look toward the future, and think about what you can do to change things – going forward. Dwelling on the past will get you nowhere.

The people who you have impacted or influenced will go in Column 5 of the Inventory Worksheet. The difference here is that one set of individuals did something to you, while the other set is individuals you did something to.

Forgive us our sins, just as we have forgiven those who have sinned against us. Don’t bring us into temptation but deliver us from the Evil One. – Matthew 6:12-13 (TLB)

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Celebrate Recovery Lesson 10: Spiritual

The Priorities in Your Life

As we’ve talked about, it’s time to put God first. That means making your time with God an important part of your life – a real priority! Think about what areas of your life you are still putting before God.

Some examples of things that might be interfering with your relationship with God could be your career, hobbies, pleasures, ambition, money, personal goals, or your friendships.

As you spend time with God, here are a few Bibles and reference books to help you focus on spending one-on-one time with God. 

Also, there’s a Celebrate Recovery Study Bible that you can buy online along with a 365-Day Celebrate Recovery Devotional Book for additional encouragement!

He will give them to you if you give Him first place in your life and live as He wants you to. – Matthew 6:33 (TLB)

Your Attitude

Your attitude is everything, as it affects everything and everyone around you. Consider the many ways you are affected by the negativity of others. It truly impacts you, right? It’s time for you to think about how you act around other people.

Answering a few questions might help with this process. 

  • Do you frequently complain about your circumstances?
  • How do you show an ungrateful attitude?
  • Do you easily get angry and blow up?
  • Are you sarcastic a lot?
  • Do you frequently exaggerate?
  • How is your past causing you fear and anxiety?

Get rid of all bitterness, passion, and anger. No more shouting or insults. No more hateful feelings of any sort. – Ephesians 4:31 (GNB)

Your Integrity

It’s important to think about your integrity – what you are made of. If you had poor integrity in the past, it’s time to change things and shape up! There’s no reason to continue acting sinfully if you can change your ways and become a shining example of Christ.

Answer a few questions to determine your integrity.

  • In what ways have you previously been dishonest?
  • Did you steal?
  • Did you exaggerate to make yourself look better than you are?
  • When have you used false humility?
  • Have you acted one way in front of Christian friends while acting another way at home or at the office?

Celebrate Recovery suggests that you memorize Isaiah 1:18 to help you face your past in front of God. Having a heart-to-heart conversation with God will help you get closer to Him, and you will see Him grow closer to you, as well!

“Come, let’s talk this over!” Says the Lord, “no matter how deep the stain of your sins, I can take it out and make you as clean as freshly fallen snow. Even if you are stained as red as crimson, I can make you white as wool!” – Isaiah 1:18 (TLB)

For some great memorization techniques that have helped me in the past, check out Celebrate Recovery Serenity Prayer. In that article, I explain how to memorize that prayer along with anything else you need to memorize (hint: Isaiah 1:18)!

Do not lie to each other. You have left your old sinful life and the things you did before. – Colossians 3:9 (NCV)

Celebrate Recovery Lesson 10 Questions 

These questions will help you with your Moral Inventory Worksheet. Go through them as slowly as you need to. Take breaks and answer them honestly and with your Celebrate Recovery group to get the most out of this experience!

Note: These questions come from Taking an Honest and Spiritual Inventory: Participant’s Guide 2 – the Celebrate Recovery study guide for this lesson. Some have been slightly reworded, but the message is the same. Take your time in filling this section out!

Your Relationship with Others

With these questions, you’ll think about your relationship with others. Think about whether or not you have more healthy relationships than unhealthy ones. Consider what you need to change in your life to have a healthier balance.

  • Who has hurt you, and how did they specifically hurt you?
  • Are you holding a grudge against someone? Who?
  • Are you jealous of anyone? If so, why?
  • Who have you hurt, and how did you hurt them?
  • Have you been gossiping about someone? Why?
  • Are you critical of others? Why?
  • How have you tried to place the blame on others? Be specific.
  • What are some new healthy relationships that you have developed in recovery?

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Celebrate Recovery Lesson 10: Spiritual

The Priorities of Your Life

Now is the time to think about the priorities of your life. Where does God fit in? He should be your top priority, so in answering these questions, decide how you will make Him a greater priority in your life. Consider which things you need to adjust in your life.

Go through the following questions and instructions for the priorities of your life.

  • What areas of your life have you turned over to the Higher Power, Jesus Christ?
  • In what areas of your life are you still not putting God as the top priority? What can you do to change this?
  • What part of your past is keeping you from pursuing and following God’s will for your life?
  • List your personal goals for the next 90 days. Keep the list simple.
  • Number the following list in order of your priorities.
    • Family
    • Career
    • Christ
    • Church
    • Friendships
    • Money
    • Recovery
    • Ministry

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Your Attitude

Be honest in the assessment of your attitude. It can affect the world around you. Plus, your attitude will make or break you. 

If you are positive, your outlook will affect your circumstances in a positive way. Look for the ways you need to change your attitude.

Answer the following questions as honestly as you can.

  • In what areas of your life are you thankful?
  • In the past, where have you been ungrateful when you should have been grateful?
  • What things cause you to lose your temper?
  • Give examples of times when you have been sarcastic.
  • What do you worry about the most?
  • How has your attitude changed since you’ve joined recovery?

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Your Integrity

Your integrity makes up who you are. Honesty and integrity can mean the difference between a positive outcome and a negative one. If you are not honest in this section, your recovery will suffer. You need to examine yourself to determine what areas of your life need to be changed. 

Answer the following questions about your integrity.

  • When in the past have you exaggerated to make yourself look better?
  • Does your Christian walk match your talk? Are your actions and behavior the same at church as they are at home?
  • When in the past have you used false humility to impress others?
  • Have your business dealings been dishonest in the past?
  • Have you ever stolen anything?
  • List the many ways you have stepped out of denial and into God’s truth.

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More Valuable Celebrate Recovery Lesson 10 Resources

A CR Video – Celebrate Recovery Lesson 10: Spiritual Inventory Part 1

Free Recovery Lesson 10 Inventory Worksheet

As we have walked through various parts of the Inventory Worksheet, we wanted to provide you with a free printable worksheet to use in this lesson. This is the same worksheet introduced in the last lesson – CR Lesson 9 – Moral Inventory. Enjoy!

Recovery Moral Inventory Worksheet

My Story – Celebrate Recovery Lesson Ten

Hello! I’m Michele and am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ. I celebrate recovery from addictions and alcoholism, and I still struggle with perfectionism and social anxiety. 

In reviewing Celebrate Recovery Lesson 10: Spiritual Inventory Part 1, I was thinking about priorities. Is it not of the utmost importance that we make God the top priority in our lives?

You might be thinking, “Yes, I know this, Michele, but practicing it is not as easy as all that.” I know you can “fake it till you make it,” but I also know that you can make changes in your life!

We have the ability to improve our lives every day and with every decision we make. As you think about the aspects of your life (job, hobbies, passions, church, goals), how could you intertwine these things with your faith?

Think about your friendships. Why not build friendships with other believers rather than those people who led you into recovery in the first place? Surrounding yourself with positive people with the same values as you ensures success!

Think about your personal goals. Consider reworking those goals to be spiritual goals. You can really make any goal a spiritual goal if you consider your ultimate purpose!

Personally, I get caught up with my personal goals too much. I think my to-do list or daily checklist is the most important thing on my calendar, and I tend to make that my top priority. Granted, I have included God in most of my plans, but not always.

We must make our Lord our top priority. He is the most important priority! Look at some examples of spiritual goals to help you rework your circumstances to include God more in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 12 steps in Celebrate Recovery?

The Celebrate Recovery 12 Steps are as follows. Please note these are the same steps as the ones in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

  1. We admitted we were powerless over our addictions and compulsive behaviors, that our lives had become unmanageable.
  2. We came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.
  3. We decided to turn our lives and our wills over to the care of God.
  4. We made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.
  5. We admitted to God, ourselves, and another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.
  6. We were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.
  7. We humbly asked Him to remove all our shortcomings.
  8. We made a list of all persons we had harmed and became willing to make amends to them all.
  9. We made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.
  10. We continued to take personal inventory and, when we were wrong, promptly admitted it.
  11. We sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.
  12. Having a spiritual experience resulting from these steps, we try to carry this message to others and practice these principles in all our affairs.
Celebrate Recovery Lesson 10: Spiritual

What is a Celebrate Recovery step study?

A Celebrate Recovery step study is when a group of people in recovery meet together to go through the lessons found in the Celebrate Recovery curriculum. Typically, this group meets weekly for several months, but this can vary depending on the preferences of the group!

What are 8 principles of Celebrate Recovery?

The 8 principles of Celebrate Recovery are the following: 

  1. Realize I’m not God. I admit that I am powerless to control my tendency to do the wrong thing and that my life is unmanageable.
  2. Earnestly believe that God exists, that I matter to Him, and that He has the power to help me recover.
  3. Consciously choose to commit all my life and will to Christ’s care and control.
  4. Openly examine and confess my faults to me, to God, and to someone I trust.
  5. Voluntarily submit to every change God wants to make in my life and humbly ask Him to remove my character defects.
  6. Evaluate all my relationships. Offer forgiveness to those who have hurt me and make amends for harm I’ve done to others, except when to do so would harm them or others.
  7. Reserve a daily time with God for self-examination, Bible reading, and prayer to know God and His will for my life and to gain the power to follow His will.
  8. Yield myself to God to be used to bring this Good News to others, both by my example and by my words.

Is Celebrate Recovery free?

Yes! Celebrate Recovery operates on a budget established by the church that is sponsoring it, typically. This may vary. The program also depends on the donations made by the people in the program. Of course, not everyone can afford to give, so it is free for everyone!

What is the Celebrate Recovery Serenity Prayer?

The Celebrate Recovery Serenity Prayer is: God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Print a copy of the Serenity Prayer to put in a frame or carry with you throughout the day!


This article has covered a lot to help you on your road to recovery! We have discussed the following:

  • What is Celebrate Recovery Lesson 10: Spiritual Inventory Part 1?
  • The Basics of Celebrate Recovery
  • Notes from Celebrate Recovery Lesson 10
  • Questions from the Celebrate Recovery Lesson 10 Study Guide
  • The FREE Recovery Lesson 9 Inventory Worksheet
  • My Story in Relation to Celebrate Recovery Lesson 10
  • & More!

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The next article will be Celebrate Recovery Lesson 11: Spiritual Inventory Part 2! We’ll dive into your mind, your body, your family, and your church! That sounds pretty interesting!

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